high hcg after m/c and x2 D and C's
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TOOTSIE1 - August 9


i am new to this group so hello and i hope you can help.
i had a miscarriage on july 17th at 6 1/2 weeks. i had a d and c on the 18th. for the next 2 weeks i didn't feel well and still felt pregnant. i went for hcg levels checked last wed and they came back at 22,232! had to go back on the friday for repeat bloods and scan. bloods came back at 20,221 and scan showed baby still they!! ( dead) and lots of clots. doctors couldn't understand how it was still there after first d andc . not a twin preg either, therefore i had a second d and c last friday and had my levels checked again on monday and another scan. levels are dropping but not low enough docs concerned again as levels now 12,000. scan also showed some remianing fluid. i am worried it is a partial molar preganacy. i saw my GP last night and he also thought it could mean a molar pregnancy. i go back to the hospital on friday for another scan and bloodwork. any advice/ info would be great. i'm just so fed up , i just want things to start getting back to normal. i still feel pregnant- sore breats, nausea, tirdness.


bdantonio - August 10

to me it soulnd like they didnt do a good dnc the first time but also that you were pegnante with mulitples. and that you sound like you were further along. I have had 5 m/c and i know you want to get back to normal quickly, however stay positive and get this all cleared up so that you can be healthy. Did the do a chromesome test on either dnc to see why u m/c cause if they did it the first time and it tested that there was a baby and the second time tested the same i would samy multiples. Check into


TOOTSIE1 - August 11


thanks for the reply. i don't think it was a multiple birth doctors have never said that anyway and i know i couldn't of been further along as i was having fertility treatment so i know my cycles and day of conception acuratley. got my results yesterday of repeat bloods they are dropping but slowly now 10,000. nurse still seemed worried. the products have been sent to the lab as urgent and i have a appt with my consultant next tuesday and for repeat bloods so hopefully lab results will be back and we will have some more answers. i have no idea if the after the first d and c anything got sent away, that was from a different hospital .
thanks again


bdantonio - August 11

that seems way to high i lost babies at week 12 and my levels dropped faster then that and i m/c naturally



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