Hcg levels going down slow after miscarriage
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Mizzjay - April 14

Hello to all..im new to the site..just had a few questions. Ok me and my husband our ttc our third baby..found out we was pregnant in 11/09 had my m/c 12/23/09 (first m/c) I believe I was about 8 to 9 wks along..stopped having bleeding around the 13th of Jan 2010 had intercourse 15, 26, 30 of Jan. Im not sure if i ever had a period in between Dec & Jan but i took 2 Hpt on 02/15 and both came out positive..went to the doctors 03/06 and they did a Blood Test and my Hcg Levels were 59 so they said that I might not be Pregnant and that it maybe from my M/C..so every week they checked my Hcg levels and they continued to go down but they started going down really slow..last three weeks my Hcg levels went from 59, 38, and last test 36. I still feel pregnant..morning sickness, extremely tired, hungry seems like 24/7, breast sore at times (went up almost 2 cups sizes) gaining weight, nails are growing like crazy, NO PERIOD YET? using the bathroom alot, etc all the signs that I stop having before I realized I was having a M/C..finally talk to the Doctor 04/12 cause something just isnt right and i was told because my levels arent falling the way they should have already fallen and there not rasing for it to be a new pregnancy so the Doctor thinks im pregnant in my tubes. Has any one else gone threw the samething..I need help cause im so confused at this point..if in fact I am pregnant in my tubes I should be either 3 months or almost 3 months shouldnt i be having bad pains? I mean I have slight cramping but not hurting to bad..and i forgot to say I had very very very light spotting on 04/03 that lasted maybe a day..what is going on? Im trying not to freak out cause I dont want to start thinking about the fact that I could be losing another baby but I dont want to be just told anything and something bad goes wrong as well..please help Im open to any infomation...(sorry for the long book lol) Thanx



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