Do not know what happened?!
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tia020405 - December 23

Friday Dec. 16th I took 2 hpt that were both positive, I had felt like I had the flu two days prior to this. I didnt believe the tests from the start. I even was a little upset because I felt like something was wrong, i just didnt feel right. All weekend I had cramps and Sunday th 18th I spotted a little bit, 30 minutes later it was full fledged bleeding. I went to the emergency room, the first blood test came up neg. they said the labs got mixed so they did another that came up neg. Me and my husband desperatly want a child. was I pregnant? did I miscarry?


melanie - December 25

tia- I have had that happen and you probably were pregnant, but it didnt' hold. I tested postivie before and then my cycle started and the doctor said alot of woman become pregnant and miscarry and didnt' even know they were pregnant because it happens so early. The only other thing that it would be is the test was wrong. I wish you the best!!


babycasey - June 21

I do not know what happened? on Mothers Day I started bleeding. I went to the ER they did test did an ultra sound saw baby and heartbeat. They said I wasnt as far along as my doctor said I was(I was out of state when this happened.) But wouldnt give me and ideal of just how far along I was. They treated as a threatened misscarriage. It scared me sooo much. They restricted me from lifting and straining myself and nothing inserted vaginaly. Well all was going well than I started spotting and since I wasnt cramping and just spotting, my doctor told me it was not unusual for this to happen. Then on 6/13/06 I woke up to blood in the bed.(mean while I just had a sonogram on the 6/10/06 and everything looked good and said that I was about 13 weeks along) I was cramping and I called prenatal they said come in. They did an exam and said my cervix/uteris??? was closed and that was a good thing. We even listened to baby's heartbeat. Told me go home lay down and relax for next 2 days-they wanted to see me again. Later that evening I was still bleeding and cramping then I had this sudden urge to have to go to the bathroom and I started peeing then I felt something come out of me and thought it was another golf sized clot like I had had earler that morning, but it was a little baby body, head, arms, legs. They said I had a choice to either have my baby sent to a lab and there would be nothing left or they could hold it till I called a funeral home to come for baby. I held that little tiny baby and just couldn't let a lab disect my little miracle. I had a miscarriage 14yrs ago I was 17 and my Father and StepMother stressed me yelled at me constintely. and I had a miscarriage at 8-10weeks. I thought it was cause of the stress, but am told it had nothing to do with it. That miscarriage I looked at as a blessing from the Lord above cause I was so young. This miscarriage is hitting me like a ton of bricks!!!!!! I have been happy with the same man for 9yrs. 7 of those not using protection in hopes of becoming pregnant. We will be married 3yrs in July. I cant begin to tell u how happy we where when we found out I was pregnant. There is a lot of saddness but it, in a strange way has brought us even closer. I know my little miracle is with Jesus. And it does comfort me, but sometimes I wonder what went wrong???????


liz - June 21


I am so very sorry to hear about you loss. Your story touched my heart. Reading your story I see your faith is extremely strong and I am very glad to hear you have that to lean on as well as your husband.

Miscarriage the most horrible feeling a mother to be can feel. Having gone through what you did I can understand how you are feeling like you are hit with a ton of bricks. I too have felt this way. I have always tried to take it one day at a time. (Often easier said then done) I also know you will have many ok days and many bad days. Your heart will never forget your little miracle and they will always hold a very special part of you.

I wish you the best of luck and will pray for you and your dh.



brownide - November 9

Hey tia, I'm just as confused as you! I found out I was pg last thursday nov 2 from a hpt. My husband's in the army and he's deployed right now. They do things a little differently, well, a LOT differently. I started to spot on tuesday and called the nurse. She couldn't tell me anything but if you're miscarrying, you're miscarrying. There's nothing we can do about it. I did some bedrest. Come yesterday, wednesday morning, I'm in the ER because noone else would see me and I'm bleeding heavily. Now I'm starting to question whether or not I was pg in the first place and just had a late period. I'm vocalizing this to the physician's assistant who was attending me as she's doing an internal exam (I didn't see an obgyn once now mind you), and she says to me, no I think you WERE pregnant. This was my 4th pregnancy and I've never miscarried before. I had a battery of tests done and was pricked poked and prodded, crying the whole time. And everyone kept asking me, "Why are you crying???" I had an u/s done and tried to get answers from the tech only to be told that she wasn't allowed to tell me anything . I start to cry again. Was asked again "Why are you crying?" In the end the PA tells me that I had a complete miscarraige. I think I'm in shock because it doesn't feel real. And I STILL don't know what happened!



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