Did I miscarry or can I still hold out hope?
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frostybabygurl - June 11

So here's my story ladies...
My last period was April 6th, I bled for 5 days and then spotted for 2 weeks, my next period was due May 12, no period, actually up until June 6th, I was late and my breasts were extremely sore, I was tired, I had gained 2 lbs even though I was following weight watchers to a tee, headaches everyday, breasts leaking a small amount of clearish liquid and an odd heavy/pulling feeling in my lower abdomen. On June 6th I started spotting pink, by June 7th I was bleeding moderately - heavy, soaking a tampon in less than 3-4 hrs. I passed 2 small red clots (not too much bigger than you would normally pass during a regular period, roughly an inch in size), I had cramping (felt like my regular period cramping) and i continued to bleed almost like a regular period. As of today my bleeding has pretty much stopped, it's the slightest pink/clear discharge when I wipe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm still pregnant, my fiance believes that I still am, he says that he just has a feeling, I'm not sure what to think. I had a miscarriage last Sept and it was nothing like this, when I miscarried that time I bled for 2-3 weeks straight, had quite a few clots and the bleeding was heavy the whole time.
I was wondering if anyone else has experianced this? Is there any point in holding out hope for a healthy pregnancy? Any and all answer's would be very much appreciated.


Frisbee Girl - July 31

HI, Frosty! Did you see a doctor? What's been the outcome? I was thinking maybe you had a subchorionic hematoma? Here's more info on that: http://www.angelfire.com/home/joeynrobi

you're ok!


bdantonio - August 10

frosty unforttuanitly that sounds like my 4 m/c thought it was a preiod at first and with all my m/c i only bleed for less then 4 days. let me know



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