bleeding after miscarriage
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llane - September 11

Hi all!

Im new to this but i need some advice. I found out i was pregnant on Aug62007 i was 5wks and on Aug9 i went to the dr cause of bad cramping. she gave me a vaginal u/s and told me i was having a miscarriage. 1 week later she gave me a pill to take to start my miscarriage because i didnt bleed on my own and didnt want d/c if didnt need it. i took that on Aug16 and started bleeding imediately. went to dr on Sept4 and my pregnancy test was positive, but my Hcg level was only 15.7 . i started bleeding again for 5days and stopped now im spotting again. i despertly want to get pregnant again what can i do?


bdantonio - September 11

well after a m/c you need to wait 3 mths before trying again. Iam sorry to tell you that. However if you need to talk im here. I have had 5 m/c's i have a daughter who is 2 1/2yrs old and i am 17 weeks now. However if you dont give your body the chance to heal you have a better chance of losing another. You want your body to heal to be able to have another if i can help in anyway or u just need to vent go ahead.


keisha - September 14

beth is right def. wait and take your folic acid if you got the same pill i did when i had m/c it will take all the folic acid out of your body m/c are awfull ive had at least 3 in the past year but the first one was the worse my levels went up then fell then shot back up even though id been bleeding for weeks heavy and doc finally gave me the pill which caused me to hurt all over but levels finally went down we were so dissapointed and scared to try again but we are still trying the main thing right now is take care of yourself !!!


keisha - September 14

i take that back after i thought about it a min they gave me a shot of methotrexate which may not be what they gave you since it was a pill but regardless if your dr says wait there is a reason for it .


eraven111 - September 30

I began spotting on the 12th of this month and was told that i am having threatened miscarriage. I have been bleeding heavily since the 15th of september my HCG levels never got above 80. They have gone down to 60. I go back on Monday for another HCG level testing.



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