Any insights? 5th miscarriage
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lcorona - January 3

Hi everyone, new to this forum. But like most of you, had multiple mc. 1st-mc, 2nd-mc, 3rd, baby born 36 weeks, weighed 3.8, was on progesterone first trimester. 4th stillborn, 35 weeks(?) weighed 3.7, on progesterone first trimester, given steroids for baby's lungs to mature, 4 days later no heart beat. 5th, chosen abortion (don't know if I wanted to go thru that again. 6th-mc (twins) 7th-mc (chromosone testing, dna, all was normal. 8th-mc D&C, 9th-mc naturally expulsed (no d&c)10th-mc, able to see heartbeat, on lovenox, baby aspirin, prenatal vitamins and progesterone 2x-day. All mc's did not reach 3 months.
Have had many blood work done, I'm A- type, Rh negative factor, need Rhogam vaccine after mc's. Last 4 pregnancies were with same man, love him and would love to give him a child. My son is 17 with no apparent problem feeding (joke). Seriously, infertility Dr. found NK cell activity level at 25. Said he can guarantee me getting pregnant but not going to full term, told him, I can do the same on my own. Got a second opinion, and that specialist said my body is just not made to bear. Told him to explain my son's birth and walked out.
I don't seem to have a problem getting pregnant, it is keeping them. (Although the 9th pregnancy was back in "04) I'm seriously considering IVIG, and at 42, feel like I'm maybe too old for this. This last mc was last week, so I still have the bruises from the lovenox, plus the pain that doesn't show on the outside. This forum is great for me, you guys have lifted my spirits and are helping me thru. So please, someone respond.
And if anyone knows, Does IVIG have to be done with in-vitro fertilization?


bdantonio - January 6

im not sure what ivig is. i have had 5 m/c's with 6 babies 1 set of twins. I had 1 first trimester and all the rest were 2nd trimester losses i know it sux. if i can help let me know you can email me


lcorona - January 8

thank you so much for responding, and I'm sorry for all your losses. IVIG is a blood transfusion. Like an IV, when one's in the hospital, you should do some research on this, it's very interesting. I can send you some sites. Anyways, what this does is it suppresses the immune system. With a high NK cell activity, it's suggested to do IVIG, which can be very expensive, and many insurance companies do NOT cover it. My question was more that if I have this IVIG treatment done, I have to know that I"m pregnant, and to make sure that I'm pregnant, I would have to have in-vitro done. I just wanted to know if the two went together. I usually lose my pregnancies before reaching 3 months. In some cases, they find no heartbeat, and the growth is minimal, and this time, because the Doctors are always calculating your pregnancy from your last menstrual period, they were estimating mine at 7 weeks. I told them I didn't get pregnant then. This last time, I got pregnant two weeks before Thanksgiving. The only symptom I got was a slight nausea feeling in my mouth, but that's as far as that went, and since I'm 42, I didn't expect this, since the last time I got pregnant was 4 years ago. I am not on any contraceptives, and we are not avoiding, just doing it and if I get pregnant, OK, but I can't give myself that luxury, I guess I have to prepare myself to become pregnant. I really thought I was infertile. Period. I thought I was not going to be able to get pregnant on my own again. But I did, and I got happy when they found a heartbeat, but they did tell me it was a little low, like 97.68, something like that. They said they like to see somewhere between 100 and 110 (bpm). Also, my progesterone level was low, at 7, and the next test was at 6, so that was going down. The gave me progesterone, lovenox, baby aspirin and pre-natal vitamins. Just yesterday I was at the Doctor's office to make sure everything had come out, and it hadn't, he had to perform a D&C, (which hurt), he's sending it to pathology, results in 6 weeks, and he said all the normal blood work came back negative; I said, Doctor, why are you testing me like a was a normal person? With all these miscarriages, test me for other things. These NK cells are really not helping me, I'm thinking of contacting a cancer research center to see if I can help them with these cells, seriously, they are harmful in my system, but helpful for people who do have cancer.



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