Any insights? 5th miscarriage
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alhastin - July 5

MEEMEE-I am so sorry for your loss!! I went through the same thing with my first m/c...I went in at 9weeks for our first u/s and baby measured hb...went back in a week later...still no hb...waited 1 more week and had a d and c...never once spotted or had cramps...I have since been diagnosed with blood clotting disorders and a unicornuate I think it was the clotting disorder that contributed to this first m/c...however I think the uu contributed to the ectopic...I would suggest getting blood work done for you and many cases woman with clotting disorders don't know it and have successful pregnancies...

TIFFANY-I wanted to touch base with you and let you know, I have been there too!! Not with the same disorder...but as I said before I have a unicornuate of the few mullerian duct abnormalities. Sadly mine cannot be helped with surgery...but you will be happy to know that I think the medical term for what you have is a septate uterus...and its one of the more common mullerian duct abnormalities and is easily fixed with the surgery you are getting!! I am gonna post a link below that may give you a little insight on it...There is another forum on yahoo that is just for mullerian abnormalities with tons of success stories!!! Good Luck with your surgery and don't hesitate to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer them!!!
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meemee - July 6


Sorry about your loss also.
Its so exciting to get a BFP only to end up with a loss.
Thats what is so great about these forums .We all been there and know how it feels .
This last pg I was adviced to take baby asprin . I was taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins before i became pg.As soon as i found out I was pg I began taking baby asprin everyday.

What kind of tests should I be asking for?
I have been readng in other forums about lavenox and progesterone.
Should I have been tested if I needed lavenox and progesterone?
Why hasnt my gyno tested me for that?
I was waiting to have a lap.hysterscopy,dye studies and d&c before i found out i was pg .
If I do fall pg naturaly why would I need all these done?
I am so confused.
I think my age is a factor(44).I have had succesfull pregnancies and healthy grown children.Youngest is 10.
I never thought I would have a problem having more children. My dh doesnt have children of his own.
I feel my time clock is ticking .I want to be able to have another child to make it complete .
When I read forums and how younger women are struggling to have children.I feel selfish because I have been preg and have children.But my dh doesnt .He is a great man and wonderful to my children as if they were his own .But every man deserves to be a biological father .I want to give him that so much .

Congrats on you BFP.
I pray healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby for you .
God Bless


alhastin - July 6

Meemee-I have not had any help with getting pregnant yet...getting pregnant although harder cause I only have one functioning ovary...has never been the problem...its been staying pregnant. My gyno referred me to a fertility specialist...and my insurance coverd the tests cause it was researching pregnancy I recommend that...I had an HSG (the dye test I think you are speaking of), ultrasound, and blood work. The tests that are going to show if you need lovenox is blood work. The HSG will show if your tubes are clear, I would wait till after the first tests before I would schedule a lap...I did not need one of these and they are much more invasive. I also recommend dh getting his guys tested...that was also one of the first things we did.
Before we got pregnant I was on a prenatal, folic acid, calcium, and a baby aspirin...I recommed all four if your doc told you a baby aspirin was okay to take. Once I got pregnant I got put on lovenox and prometrium...I recommend asking to have your progesterone tested when you are in early pregnancy...I think its supposed to be over 20...if it is then you don't need progesteron.

Okay, so this has gotten quite long. Let me know if you have any questions!! I would definitely recommend blood work and a semen analysis.

Good Luck with everything!!!


bdantonio - July 6

meemee, I know the fuetration way to well. I have had 5 m/c's all together. I had 3 prior to my eldest child and 2 inbetween my eldest and my last. I delivered my last on 2/8/08. All but one of my m/c's were 10-15weeks. I had every test that everyon is speaking of several times. Which i do recommend and if your lucky they will have a reason for you. I unfortuinitly never got one. I did takle lovenox, prenatal, folic acid, and baby asprin with my last child but not the other one. I was not diagnosed with a clotting disorder i was put on lovenox as a precaution. I also went through an RE though. Not only for infertility but for loss prevention. I lost 2 prior to seeing an RE therefore i got lucky and my insurance did cover it. I also have a copy of all my records and have had 2nd and 3rd oppions and tests ran many times and they have never found anythin. I have unexpained loss and unexplained infertility. If there is anything i can help you eith or any questions i can answer im here.


bdantonio - July 22

tiffany where are you whats going on


faithlovehope - August 4

Hi Everyone, I'm new to sharedjourney. I'm glad I found it and wanted to get advice from anyone who thinks my RE is missing something. Here's our story:

-7 miscarriages, no problems getting pregnant
-1 @ 20wks, 6 were between 9-12 wks -- last 3: heartbeats were seen starting at 6wks & good growth (almost to the day) every week until 10wks, this when baby stops growing for unknown reason.
We've had multiple test, all have come back negative, including a saline ultrasound and chromosomal testing. We've tried:
1) baby aspirin
2) lovenox
3) progesterone supplements

Does anybody know of anyone who's tried IVIG? Our RE says it's controversial & has not been proven to be successful. I have found mixed research on the internet.

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and my heart goes out to all of you.


Zippy - August 5

Hi FaithLoveHope (FLH)!

I have just complete a cycle with iVIG. It's horribly expensive at $10,000 a month! The blood test itself to see if you need this blood transfusion is $1500! And you have to have the iVIG transfusion every month to keep the pregnancy going until you are in your third trimester, turns out. They couple it with Lovenox (70 mgs daily) as well as Prednisone (20 mg daily) to combat all NK cell activity as well.

This last miscarriage is my 5th, all of which I have lost right at 5.5 weeks. I think that's when the heart starts pumping. But, back to iVIG, I know that it does help because this last cycle is the healthiest my HcG numbers have ever been as well as the actual farthest we actually got (right at 6 weeks). I spontaneously miscarried with a gush of blood, so something was up with the embryo, I think. Maybe it was a dud. Who knows. All my other ones weren't miscarriages in the sense that my body rejected them; they just grew to a certain point and then stopped.

The only thing that's controversial with iVIG is that half the studies say one thing, half the studies say another. If you ask an RE who "doesn't believe" in the hooplah regarding iVIG, he'll tell you the statistics are poor and inconclusive. If you ask an RE who does believe in it, he'll tell you that it has helped 75% of the cases where all hope was lost. But know one thing: there is NO HARM in getting iVIG. It's totally safe. They come to your home, stick a portable IV in you, and you're free to work, walk about, play in your home for the next four hours while they monitor your blood pressure and vitals. The moment they take it out of you, you are free to do anything you want. It's just clean plasma. It was described to me as this: "Think of your autoimmune system as if it's in Iraq, constantly fighting forces, constantly at enemy lines, day in and day out. Well, iVIG is like a fresh backup enforcement flown in from Hawaii, where they have been previously spending hours on the beach laying in the sun, and they tap your tired autoimmune system on the shoulder and say, 'Hey, go sit under the shade tree for a little while and catch your breath; were here to do the work for you while you rest." So, your autoimmune system, then, goes a bit dormant and rests, doesn't work so hard, while the fresh iVIG autoimmunities go to work battling anything that needs to be battled... just not the baby or anything unnecessary like your autoimmune system was over-doing. It just lets it rest and not work so hard to kill everything in sight.

In our case, I think we have a bad batch of embryos that we are plowing through: we started with 12, transferred 2 and froze the rest, and each one has great starting HcG levels, but they either don't double right or they don't keep doubling through week 5. This last cycle they did double nicely up to around 9,100... then something *poof* happened which leads people to believe it was a bad embryo, not my body miscarrying for no good reason. We've gone through 6, have 6 to do.

Hope that helps! Good luck to you!


bdantonio - August 5

I say if they think it will work go for it.. I have been pg 7 times i lost 5 and had 2. I have all kinds of testing they never found a reason either.


faithlovehope - August 5

Zippy, thanks for the info and for sharing your experience!
My RE is 1 that does not believe in IVIG, but I was considering finding 1 that does. still not sure though.


bdantonio - August 6

if you feel a different doctor can give you the care u need then u should go there


Tiffany F - September 2


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I have been going through it. I was depressed because my surgery was canceled last month 2 days before I was to have the procedure. My blood pressure has been elevated, so my Dr had to cancel it. She said I can not be put to sleep with elevated pressure! So now it's been set for this friday the 5th, I will go in on the 3rd for the post surgery apt, I pray everything will be okay so I can get this taken care of. How long were you on bed rest again? My Dr said whatever she sees during the surgery she will remove and correct. I have been on b/c pills for 4 months, I think I stop taken them after the surgery. How long did you have to wait to try an conceive after the surgery? And how long after did you get p/g? I hope all goes well Wednesday so I can go in Friday morning. I will keep you updated on whats goin on. :)


Tiffany F - September 9


Finally had the procedure done on Friday, I have had alot of shoulder pain and bad gas pains under my ribs. I was also left with a uterine stent in. Did you have one of these? It has to stay in until Sept 19th. I hate the way it feels.


bdantonio - September 11

no i didnt have one of them.. So what did they find anything? Also on the conception thing.. I had my suregery april 19,2007 and i had my iui on may 28, 2007 and became pregnate with angelina so the very next cycle.


Tiffany F - September 12

I guess you and I had the same repairs done to our uterus, it was cut flatened and repaired. I also had alot of scar tissue, I had one pollup on my uterus as well. Since you don't have a problem getting p/g why did you have an IUI? I was told not to have sex for 6 weeks, So I'm not sure when I'll be able to start conceiving. I was not told I would have this uterine stent, I hate it. I is so uncomfortable and I'm not able to clean well, I cant take a bath for 2 weeks either! I guess it helps with the process of the healing of my uterus. Did you take estrace 2mg 2x aday for 6 weeks?


bdantonio - September 14

no i didnt take that med either. I had an iui cause i dont ovulate normally. I dont have regular cycles i can go anywhere from 28-100 days between periods so they give me clomid to induce ovulation. With my first child i made her the old fashion way with drug assistance. however after my lap surgery and they found massive fibroids and since me not have a period is what makes them grow they wanted to make sure i got pg as quick as possible before they grew back and made me m/c again.


lcorona - January 3

Hi everyone, new to this forum. But like most of you, had multiple mc. 1st-mc, 2nd-mc, 3rd, baby born 36 weeks, weighed 3.8, was on progesterone first trimester. 4th stillborn, 35 weeks(?) weighed 3.7, on progesterone first trimester, given steroids for baby's lungs to mature, 4 days later no heart beat. 5th, chosen abortion (don't know if I wanted to go thru that again. 6th-mc (twins) 7th-mc (chromosone testing, dna, all was normal. 8th-mc D&C, 9th-mc naturally expulsed (no d&c)10th-mc, able to see heartbeat, on lovenox, baby aspirin, prenatal vitamins and progesterone 2x-day. All mc's did not reach 3 months.
Have had many blood work done, I'm A- type, Rh negative factor, need Rhogam vaccine after mc's. Last 4 pregnancies were with same man, love him and would love to give him a child. My son is 17 with no apparent problem feeding (joke). Seriously, infertility Dr. found NK cell activity level at 25. Said he can guarantee me getting pregnant but not going to full term, told him, I can do the same on my own. Got a second opinion, and that specialist said my body is just not made to bear. Told him to explain my son's birth and walked out.
I don't seem to have a problem getting pregnant, it is keeping them. (Although the 9th pregnancy was back in "04) I'm seriously considering IVIG, and at 42, feel like I'm maybe too old for this. This last mc was last week, so I still have the bruises from the lovenox, plus the pain that doesn't show on the outside. This forum is great for me, you guys have lifted my spirits and are helping me thru. So please, someone respond.
And if anyone knows, Does IVIG have to be done with in-vitro fertilization?



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