Any insights? 5th miscarriage
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bdantonio - June 13

huh never wa on that one but i know i dont have pcos


Tiffany F - June 17

I had the HSG done today, I had one in 2005. The Dr said the procedure takes 5 mins, it took mine like 10-12 mins. He said usually the catheter is put straight into the uterus. Well he said mine had to be put in at a different angle and that my uterus is small. So now I will wait until the 25th to see my Dr so she can do the other procedure. Is the Hysterscope more painful then the HSG? The HSG was just very uncomfortable!


bdantonio - June 18

are you having the laperoscopy or te hysteroscopy? the hystroscpy if the scop through the vagina into the uterus to look (no cutting) the lap they do there insicion and put a scope in


Tiffany F - June 19

I'll be having the Hysteroscopy done next week on Wednesday!


bdantonio - June 19

well see i was asleep during it are you going to be asleep or awake i was asleep i dont know if it was cause i had them done at the same time or not


Tiffany F - June 19

No my Dr did'nt say anything about me being put to sleep. I already have the prescriptions I need to take an hour before the procedure, four antibiotics, one valium and one 800 mg of motrin. It's actually the same things I took before the HSG I had Monday.


bdantonio - June 19

oh well i had the lap done at the same time and thats surgery with 3 different insisions


Tiffany F - June 27

I had the Hysterscope procedure done yesterday. It was a little uncomfortable, she took pictures and gave us a copy. Of course I did'nt really understand looking at the pics, but the way she explained she said something like on the surface between my tubes it should be flat, I guess that's where the implantion usually occurs, but mine dips down! It's not flat the way it should be. She would have to cut that surface I guess to flaten it! I go in next Thursday to sign the papers to have both the hysterscope and the lap done. I will be put to sleep.


bdantonio - June 30

thats what i had its also called a heart chaped uterus after i had it fixed i carried my last daughter.. see im glad i had it all done the same time see they did my hysteroscopy and i had signed the papers for them to do the lap if they found anything to fix it and had the lap done the same day.


meemee - July 2

Hi everyone

I am not new here.In ormaly used to post on the ovulex and bfp stories .
I began reading this forum today.

We have been trying for 2 years. msc 7 wks 06. 3 chemical in the last year .Currently 10 weeks pregnant.
I had a vg ultrasound yesterday which showed baby 6.3 wks and no heart beat . Devistated :( . the ultrasound tech suggested i go back in a week or 2 for another ultrasound incase i have my dates wrong . I kow i dont have my dates wrong .My last Af was 26/4/08.
My dr has given me paperwork to have D&C .
a close friend has been researching online and has urged me to wait because ultrasound can be wrong .
That gets my hopes up high .
I have n ot had any spotting .
My last msc i was spotting from the start .
I have chosen to wait a week and have another ultrasound done .I dont have much hope but I will wait it out.
I have healthy children from prev marraige.
My husband does not have children of his own .
I feel like my time clock is ticking (44) .
I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive .
I got preg this time when i stopped trying .
I dont know if i can go through this anymore .
This is going to be a very long week for me .


lili246 - July 2

I am sorry to hear about this and I feel your pain and your frustration.
Since your last af was on 4-26-08 it shows that you may have conceived on May10th and you might be 9 weeks pregnant but if you conceived somewhere in the middle of may then you are about 6 to 7 weeks. I know it is hard and I would recommend waiting 1 more week and then do the u/s again. I would of done the same thing wait because if you have not been spotting then you just want to make sure that the baby is not alive for sure.
I didn't wait after I found out there was no heartbeat and had the d&c right away but now I think about it and I would of waited aswell.
I have read that girls in this forum have had the same problems and when they had the other u/s there was a heartbeat so hey you want to be sure before deciding anything.
I am here for you and please let me know if you have any questions, keep us posted on how it goes I will pray for that baby.

Love Lili


bdantonio - July 2

I know the feeling i went through the same thing before my last child. I was 8 weeks when they sent me for a high tech u/s and they said the baby was measuring 6 weeks well i kept going back every week and it kept growing and the heart did start beating however unfortunitly at 15 weeks, when i wnet back it stoped beatingi had to get a dnc. The baby had a heart defect. So i believe waiting is the best you never know. Im glad i waited even though it did eventually end. I have been pg 7 times with two success stories... I unfortunitly have lost 5 so i know its hard.


Tiffany F - July 3


I met with my Re today. I go in on July 28th to the pre-surgery appointment, to meet with the Anesthesiologist. And I have the procedures done on Aug 1st. My dr did another vaginal ultrasound today and she said I have a spilt in my uterus. So it sounds like I will have alot of repairs and possibly other things done if she finds endo, fibroids..etc...etc...I guess you and I probably have alot of the same conditions. My husband does'nt want me put to sleep. But I told him this is something that has to be done, so we just have to pray and we know God will work it all out! I had to pick up like 5 prescriptions to be used before and after surgery. I also had to get 2 bottles of magnesium citrate to drink the day before surgery. Did you have to drink this? My dr said it's to flush out my bowels?


bdantonio - July 4

no i didnt i just couldnt eat for 12 hrs prior. Yeah i had fibroids also. They cut and fixed my uterus removed fibroids, and fixed a ligament that was attched in a weird place.. I just wanted to tell you if you want to talk you can call my cell phone 302-229-1862 i just ask that you call either after 9pm or weekends so its free cause i know it may be a long conversation.. I was so scared about being put under and actually refused surgery for a a while then finally decided and im now glad i did


meemee - July 5

Hi again

I had another ultrasound which confirmed no gowth and missed misc.Public system sucks.I got a referel from my gyno to to have D&C .Went to outpatients PH .Was told I was not a priority to go home and let it happen eventhough i wasnt bleeding or spotting.I couldnt bare to go through the slow process.Misc in 06 was only 7 weeks but a very slow and painful process.Luckily I have basic health insurance .$700 later ( co payment ) had D&C done in private hospital same night.

I dont know if I can go through this anymore.
Thank you for your support .
God Bless


alhastin - July 5

MEEMEE-I am so sorry for your loss!! I went through the same thing with my first m/c...I went in at 9weeks for our first u/s and baby measured hb...went back in a week later...still no hb...waited 1 more week and had a d and c...never once spotted or had cramps...I have since been diagnosed with blood clotting disorders and a unicornuate I think it was the clotting disorder that contributed to this first m/c...however I think the uu contributed to the ectopic...I would suggest getting blood work done for you and many cases woman with clotting disorders don't know it and have successful pregnancies...

TIFFANY-I wanted to touch base with you and let you know, I have been there too!! Not with the same disorder...but as I said before I have a unicornuate of the few mullerian duct abnormalities. Sadly mine cannot be helped with surgery...but you will be happy to know that I think the medical term for what you have is a septate uterus...and its one of the more common mullerian duct abnormalities and is easily fixed with the surgery you are getting!! I am gonna post a link below that may give you a little insight on it...There is another forum on yahoo that is just for mullerian abnormalities with tons of success stories!!! Good Luck with your surgery and don't hesitate to ask any questions, I will do my best to answer them!!!
root%20folder/mullerian_eng.htm >



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