Any insights? 5th miscarriage
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bdantonio - May 14

no cramping but they pump you up wit that gas and that is what makes you the most uncomfortable. I was told bed rest for 4 days i dont know why it could of been from the repairs that they did.


Tiffany F - May 14

So the day that you had the procedure done that saw what was wrong and corrected it at the same time? If so that would be good to have everything done at one time! What did they do for your heart shaped uterus? I probably have scar tissue from ALL MY M/C's and 2 c-sections. No dr has ever checked that. I was seeing a high risk ob gyn for over 10 years and he just keep telling me to keep trying that one day one would make it. My family finally made me wake up to see that he was crazy and if I continued being treated by him I would have to be crazy. He did no test at all except a test to see if I had lupus. I was young and finally moved on to more professional Dr's.


bdantonio - May 14

they cut my uterus at the top and took a piece out and made it flat like its suppose to be. And yes they did all the repair and all the same day


Tiffany F - May 15

I'm excited to see my RE next Tuesday to get things goin! Thanks for all the information, I have wrote alot of things down so I can mention them to my Dr in case she does'nt mention them...


bdantonio - May 17

well keep me upated let me know what happend next tuesday


bdantonio - May 21

tiffany how did ur apt go???


Tiffany F - May 22

Everything went okay. I'm just waiting now to get my period so I can have the HSG and the Hyeteroscopy done. She also started me on birth control pills yesterday as well. I always thought you started birth control right after your period? Well she told me to start them yesterday and I did. I'm still taking pre-natal,81 mg of aspirin,b vitamins, folic acid and metformin. Hopefully she will get down to the bottom of what's goin on within a couple months. Did you have a m/c after you had the lap and the hyeteroscopy?


bdantonio - May 22

no i got pg the very next month after it and carried the child to term. I was never pt on birth control though during fertility treatments i refused to go on them.


Tiffany F - May 22

Why did you choose not to take bc pills? I no my RE does not want for me to get pregnant until she gets to the bottom of things. Sometimes I dont no what's worst not being able to get p/g or having m/cs!!!!


bdantonio - May 23

Well hers the beginning of my ordeal. I went on the pill originally do tomy periods being crazy i would hae two in a month then skip mths and all as a teen so they put me on the pill at age 15 then i got off it 1 mth before i turned 20 i never got a periodagain without drug assistance. So i refuse totake them


Tiffany F - May 23

I totally don't blame you for not using the pill! I have always had a normal period from age 12 up until now at 35. It comes ever 28-30 days like clock, and I could get p/g like every month if we try but I keep having m/cs. It's like a blessing and a curse at the same time. I hope these bc pills dont give me headaches, I used them for years and I had headaches off and on from all different brands. I also used the depo- provera patch and it made me loss alot of I understand what you mean about bc pills!


bdantonio - May 23

yeah i think that drs put kds on bc pills to easily and too young


Tiffany F - June 11


Just keeping you updated, I got my period friday and I went yesterday for some testing. They took like 5 viles of blood and urine. I go on June 16th for the HSG and the 25th for the Hysteroscopy! So I will keep you updated on whats goin on. Have you heard of women that have suffered from m/cs being put on a med called Metformin? I think it has something to do with blood sugar and also helping to prevent m/cs.


bdantonio - June 11

Why cant they do the surgeries on the same day mine was. Yeah i have heardof it i kno if u have roblems m/c's can go along with it.


Tiffany F - June 12

I'm going to e-mail my Dr and ask her if they find something abnormal will they do surgery the same day! I have been taking the Metformin for a little over a month now, it has helped me to lose weight and from what my dr says it's suppose to also help prevent m/cs. Most of the info that I've read says it's like for women with PCOS and woman that are diabetic and also who need to lose weight. Oh yeah and for women who have suffered from repeated m/cs.


bdantonio - June 13

huh never wa on that one but i know i dont have pcos



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