Another m/c, thought it would be different as now on asprin
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smart - January 9

Hi everybody, im new to this forum with this being my first post.
I have had several m/c's now over the past 18months and am so very desperate for a pregnancy to work. I have now started on asprin and assumed that would make it work but sadly it did'nt. I am due to go back to the consultant in Feb where i think they might suggest i try heparin aswell as the asprin. Are any of you on heparin?
Best wishes


bdantonio - January 9

smart i lost 5 myself. Keep thinking positive i know its hard but i had 3m/c's then a daughter then 2m/c's an now im 34 weeks. With this pregnancy i took lovenox and asprin in the first triemester but thats it i didnt like the side effects so i took myself off, even though my re was against it. Do you have a blood clotting disprder or are they doing it as a precaution. Mine was as a precaution. If you need to talk or just vent or anything im here im on bedres so im always here.


smart - January 9

Hi bdantonio,
thanks for your reply. Congratualtions at being this far pregnant, not long to go now!
It has been thought by my consultant that i have Hughes sndrome (APS) so think i have to go on to heparin next (dont know what the differences are between lovenox/fragmin /heparin!, do you?) Usually i wait a cycle before trying again but am so desperate i just cant wait this time and am going straight for it again (fingers crossed it works for me this time).
Best wishes and be sure to rest!


bdantonio - January 10

lovenox is just a norm for pregnancy its suppose to be less painful to give. However you would be switched to heprin in the 8ths month due to it being more surery friendly. With lovenox you can not get an epidural you can with heprin.


jbmiller06 - January 23

I've had 2 chemical pregnancy's in the last 6 mos. My doc said to just keep trying, and I wanted to do more. I just read today about the taking of baby asprin- and of course I started right away. How long did you wait before talking to your doc about lovenox or heprin? I just can't bear the thought of having another one!


lyly14 - January 23

Smart- I also have APS and I have the MTHFR mutation (two copies) After my last miscarriage I was told I would be put on the lovenox with my next pregnancy, but have not been able to get pg since. So now we are doing IVF. I do know Heprin and lovenox are basically the same thing, a blood thinner, except that the lovenox is low molecular weight. Basically is stays in your system longer and is a once daily injection. Yeah! The heparin has a shorter life and needs to be given 2 times a day to be effective. They use the lovenox until the last few weeks of pregnancy about 36 weeks and then switch you to heparin. You cannot get an epidural or c-section while on any type of blood thinner and since the heparin is so short they can easily take you off and you will be safe. With the lovenox it takes too long to clear your system.

jbmiller6- To be quite honest with you if you have not been tested for blood clotting disorders, that should be your first move. Chemical pregnancies are quite common, unfortunately, and aren't usually indicative of these problems that would warrant use of blood thinners. There are major risks in using them and many doctors aren't so willing to give them out unless you need them. And those that are so quick to give them are questionable. Multiple late first trimester (after 10 weeks) miscarriage and 2nd, and 3rd trimester loss are more indicative of these types of problems and they may use them as a precaution without testing positive for these disorders. My advice to you is to get checked to see what is going on. Get a full thrombophelic profile done. If you do have any of these problems then you can talk to your dr. about the baby asprin and lovenox. Good luck!


bdantonio - January 23

jbmiller i took lovenox with this pregancy during the first trimester as a precaustion to not m/c. I do not have any disorders. I have had 5 previous m/c's.


lyly14 - January 23

bdantonio- They do use it as a precaution on people who have no known problems but have had multiple m/c. Chemical pregnancies are a bit different, not emotionally though. Blood thinners are suppossed to help with preventing clotting of the placenta which results in fetal loss. I do not know what your dr. had you do but most dr's wont start them until about 6 weeks of pregnancy when it is confirmed. So this will not help with a chemical pregnancy. Taking blood thinners can also be dangerous for both mom and baby. I was advised agaisnt it because of the risks and I lost my last baby at 11 weeks. I now wish I had pushed for it with my history. I was told I would be on it with my next one, but still get conflicting views about it. I am so glad it helped you with your pg and things turned out well. I have had 2 m/c's myself and one chemical pregnancy and they are all so difficult to deal with. My heart goes out to you for all your losses. I don't know how you did it, but you managed to persevere. I am not sure I could endure that many m/c's and continue. My dh was devestated after the last one and was so afraid to try again, but we are. I guess you just have to move foward and keep trying. It looks like you are very close. Best wishes for a happy healthy baby.


bdantonio - January 23

I go through fertility to get pregnat therefore i know that i am pregnate 14 days after conception. I concieved this child on 5/28/07 and was confirmed pregnate and started lovenox on 6/10/07. I have m/c anywhere from 4weeks to 14weeks. No matter how far along it is, its hard. Now if it was up to my re i would of taken lovenox through the whole pregnancy, however i refused i did it only through the 1st trimester. I also didn't know if you knew but if you go under the female infertility pae on here there is a lovenox and pregnancy page.


lyly14 - January 23

By confirmed I mean visible on a sonogram, not by blood test.


bdantonio - January 23

no they start me on lovenox with a blood test and ihad a u/s on 6/18/07 and saw the yok and sak which would only make me 3weeks.

Do you go through fertility? Cause lovenox is actually one of the treatments that they now do if you have lost multiples and they start you as soon as you have a positive test along with usually progestrone, and a baby asprin. If you dont have a disorder the re and ob will prescribe it for you as a precaustionary they dont even send you to a hemotologist. However like i said i refused to take it all the way through my pregnancy i only took it until the 2nd trimester.


lyly14 - January 23

bdantonio- All 4 of my pregnancies were conceived naturally, but my last m/c was almost 2yrs ago and we have not been able to get pg since. I have 1 dd who is 9 from a previous relationship. We have been going through infertility treatments for about 1 yr now. We have done 4 rounds of clomid and 1 cycle of gonal-f with timed intercourse, but discovered dh has sperm issues. So we have moved on to IVF with ICSI. I am about to have my first ER sometime possibly by the end of the weekend. I am high risk for m/c due to antiphospholipid syndrome and MTHFR defect, but my RE is against me going on Lovenox, because of the potential risks. I personally would prefer not to be on it either. I am on 4mg of folic acid and baby asprin which he feels is sufficient. Before I went to see the RE, the high risk obgyn said when I became pregnant again he would start me on lovenox at 6 weeks with an u/s showing a fetal pole. The use of lovenox as a precaution for those without identified disorders is controversial, but seems to work for some. Whatever helps right? You mentioned you have had 2nd trimester loss (14 weeks)why did you refuse to stay on it past the 1st trimester with this pregnancy?


bdantonio - January 24

WEll the first thing was i did not take it with my 3 yr old. Also i did not like how it made me feel. I felt disoriented ( drunk like) after the shot. For about a half hour past each shot i couldnt even walk to the bathroom without bumping into things. I had dizzy spells and fainted twice, I became afraid that i would hit my head or something and no one would be around and bleed to death since it is a blood thinner and i have no reason for it. I wasnt too happy to go on it in the first place. I also ended up with Hyperemsis with this pregnancy and was very ill. I just couldnt take it all. My husband and i had decided when we di this last iui that no matter the outcome bfp or bfn we were done trying. We also decided even if i lost it i was done. I didnt want my children seperated in age too much nor did i think that i could physically and mentally do it anymore. We talked about me going off the lovenox and we knew the risk that if i needed the drug then i could possibly lose the baby, but we decieded to leave it in gods hands. This has been a rough pregnancy. I was hospitalized alot due to the hyperemsis. I had a picc line from 4weeks to 20 weeks. I was also sedated most that time to control my sickness. At 24 weeks i started to go into labor and they were able to stop it. I have been on bedrest ever since. I go to my ob tomorrow to see if they will move up my c-section from 2/13/08 since im still contractng but not dialating and im in alot of pain. so needles to say i am getting my tubes ties during my c-section.


lyly14 - January 24

bdantonio- I am so sorry to hear you have struggled so much with this pregnancy. You have been through a lot. I was also on bedrest with my daughter and hospitalized twice and it is not fun. I hope they do move up your c-section. It sounds like you are ready to be done. Good luck with everything and keep me posted.


bdantonio - January 25

well they are trying to move it to next friday they just have to check with the hospital for times and all to see when an or will be open. 1 week yeah


kohlby - March 28

I was on baby aspirin my last pg too which I lost, just a few days ago at 8.5 weeks along. I am heterogenous for FVL, but since I have two healthy babies who were born at 41 and 42 weeks with no issue, all the specialists haven't thought the FVL was a likely cause. I have had 5 first trimester miscarriages, 3 without a heartbeat confirmed and 2 after. ( I recently found out I had insulin resistance too and went on a special diet for that, but I miscarried again anyways). It's hard to know what the exact cause is sometimes. Even if a possible reason is found, it's not always the real reason! I had hyperemesis this past pg, but still miscarried! It sucks. I was on baby aspirin, vaginal progesterone, folic acid, zofran, and phenergan. Then I had to add colace due to zofran constipation. I don't want to keep adding more and more medicine if I don't have to! (Plus, I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old, making the safe meds issue a concern. Lovenox is safe for nursing though).

I've done some research on lovenox/heparin. It's not without risks. But the benifits do sometimes outweigh the risks. That would be something to discuss with your dr. I'm not sure if I'll be put on lovenox next time. The chromosomes of my last loss are going to be tested. (Also, the fetal pole didn't look quite right on the 7 week ultrasound, despite a good heartbeat and good size so I really wonder what was wrong). My RE brings each case up to the panel, which is filled with all sorts of specialists, so I'll have to see if anyone has any bright ideas for me. This last time, I was relieved when both drs I went to didn't think I needed lovenox. I'll take it if I needed it, but I really didn't want to need it!


jkmix - September 10

I know no one has posted on this for a long time, but I have hoping to get a response. I have 2 children 2 and 7 and we have been trying to get pregnant for about the last year. We had one missed miscarriage at 12 weeks in March and we just lost another baby girl at 17 weeks (missed miscarriage again) last week. We got a bunhc of tests done finding out that I have a blood clotting disorder. My question is, has anyone just had this appear after having healthy normal pregnancies. My dr has me taking a 14 pill concoction of vitamin b, asprin, folic acid and prenatals right now to help thin my blood. I just need some advice It hnk.



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