3 MISCARRIAGES, now on IVF and PGD, need someone to talk to
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morsecooper - December 4

Hello - My name is Lisa and I am 33 years old. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 3 years. We conceived naturally after one year of trying. We lost the baby at 8 weeks after we saw a heartbeat - devestating. Then after another year of trying we sought out an infertility doctor. We did two rounds of IUI and got pregnant on the second try. However I miscarried that baby as well at about 8 weeks - a blighted ovum. My doctor thought it might just be bad luck so we did another round of IUI and once again got pregnant on the second try. We saw a heartbeat at about 5 weeks and were so HAPPY, then at our next ultrasound no heartbeat and another miscarriage and another D&C.

Now we are on to IVF so that we can do PGD (test our fertilized eggs for chromosonal disorders and then transfer only the good eggs back into my uuterus). Well it is a bad day for me because (1) I had a complication during the egg retrieval with the anestheshia and had to stay in the hospital overnight and I still feel like shit as fluid is still in my lungs and (2) it is Day 3 and we should have 8 cell blastocytes and they are only 6 cells so we have to hold off on the PGD and the doctor does not know if they will get to the 8 cells. It is so hard to wait....

I just can't believe this is happening to us and it is so hard to stay positive. All my friends have multiple kids and just don't understand. I don't know what to do. I just think what did I do so bad in my life to deserve this.

Thanks for listening


lili246 - December 7

I am sorry for your multiple m/c's I had one also last november and I don't understand why I had an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. I had an d&c done as well. I don't know hwat went wrong because I have a 2 year old healthy boy.
But doctor says it happens without an explanation.
So I am waiting for two normal periods and then start trying again. I am still waiting for af #1 to come and it should be arriving soon hopefully by the end of next week.

Do you know why you are not making it all the way and why you are having those m/c? I don't know why you are having that problem it seems that you can get pregnant easily but for some reason they are not holdin.

I wish that you get pregnant with a success and no problem. Is this your first baby.

Take care best wishes!



ClarissaDH - December 14

I saw you post and just wanted to offer some hope. I had a doaughter in 2003 and then had four m/c's the similar to you-I saw the h/b and then went in again and saw no h/b-it was very hard and discouraging so when i was pregnant again for the 6th time total i had no hope-but what else to do. i was aggressive though about testing before this pregnancy so when I became pregnant i went on Heparin therapy. So far so good and I am now 37 weeks preg with a baby boy. I am also now 43 years old so there is a lot of hope. I would just really be firm about testing with the docs. test everything-go to a specialist.



lili246 - December 14

I know you are right. I am waiting for my two normal af's before I can start trying again for a baby. I have a healthy 2 year old boy and I know that on my last pregnancy I should of confirm first that my baby wasn't alive because I though for sure that he was alive but since the doctor said that it was confirm that my baby wasn't alive I trusted in the doctor but now I know that we can't trust anyone and I will make sure first of something before I do anything like that again.
Thanks for your story and I know that there is hope because I trust in god and I have faith that soon I will be pregnant again.



billabong - March 3

Hi Chaps
How are things going? Clarissa how is our baby boy?
I have sadly had 3 m/c in one year, gutting. I have had a lot of tests and checks Anti phospholipid anitbody, FSH, LH and histeroscopy & laparoscopy and so far everything has been normal. 2 m/c's were at 10 weeks and the last one was at 7 weeks. During my pregnancies I have not had any tests. The doctors have been very much of the attitude "don't bother me until you reach nearing 12 weeks". I am going to see a consultant in just over a week, but it is all very confusing the tests which exist. What is Heparin therapy?

I am 41 and have not had a baby yet, but need to crack on! Any ideas or suggestions for tests or sources of information on the tests available. I can't stand the thought that it might all just be bad luck, it would be much more comforting to think there was a cause and a solution for future pregnancies.

Good luck everyone, there must be a light at the end of a tunnel!



Hello Billibong: so very very sorry about your miscarriages!!I can totally empathize. The rest of the text below, I will preface with the straight up fact, I am NOT an MD nor any other trained medical professional, however I have a technical background and studied lots on the mechanics of IVF, pregnancy etc. So I understand some basic facts really well. I am guessing by your email name that you are either Australian or live in Australia??

THAT SAID, I am pregnant for a third time and the pregnancy (i.e fetus died) is non viable at week 8. The heartbeat went from 97 to 0 (non-existant). So am waiting for the miscarriage now. I know why I am challenged in this regard. It is simply an artifact of my age. My first m/c was a natural pregnancy at 39, #2 m/c at age 42 and now #3 at age 43---the last two with IVF and ICSI.

My (OLD) MATERNAL age means old eggs that somehow manage to fertilize correctly, implant and carry a pregnancy up to a point---THEN BAM the DNA is corrupted with a chromonsonal problem. Analysis on #2 m/c showed it was Trisonomy 22 (NOT DOWN's). No data yet on m/c #3, but I will get it.

I also know I have ZERO other contributing factors such as Natural Killer Cells, etc. I had a complete blood work up done called MILLENOVA BLOODS. They do a fine job and it will tell you volumes of data and info. I'm surprised that your RE has not suggested this work-up after m/c #2..... So that's one (maybe 15% of the population has this condition) possibility. Every RE that I have spoken with in a consult (I paid them) said the same thing to me after m/c#2---get MILLENOVA BLOODS done. I have that labs address if you need it.

So I can come up with two things for your reflection: your age and/or NKC or other autoimmune things tied to NKC.
I would HIGHLY AND STRONGLY RECOMMEND A SECOND RE OPINION. If you live in the NYC metro area, I have excellent insights, if you are interested.

ALso, there is this new technique in LAS VEGAS called cGH by a chain of fertility clinics called SIRM. Their web page is www.haveababy.com My basic understanding is that cGH tests the "COMPETENCY" of the eggs prior to be fertilized/grown into embryos. That's probably the only good new thing/technique for women above 40 such as you and I. Or going the donor egg route as EVERYBODY immediately suggests.

Again, my deepest empathy to you. Jane


jmr67 - March 18

Wow Jane you have really done your homework :) I have been doing the same for longer than I like to admit. My husband comes home to me on the computer again and just shakes his head. I am sorry for the multiple miscarriages for everyone on this thread. Having had 2 twin miscarriages this year has been unimaginable to me. I got the donor speech after the first miscarriage followed by a cancelled IVF. I was given a 10% chance for a live birth. The next cycle I miscarried twins again! And I thought I had beaten the odds! Anyway after much research I decided against PGD but FOR the Competency testing you spoke of - also called embryo marker expression testing. I just had my retrieval today so they will be testing my embryo's early next week. Sooooo if anyone is interested, I am an almost 40yr old with an obvious egg quality issue and can let you know if the competency or "embryo marker expression testing" makes a difference for me when I have my first ultrasound. (assuming I get pregnant this time which I totally don't take for granted!)



Hello JRM: thanks for sharing your insights and experiences.

Absolutely, I am most interested in your results of the competency tests. All the micro details would be great-if you are willing to share them. I am rooting for you in that you have implantation and a wonderful glorious pregnancy!!

All the very best of baby dust wishes, Jane


jmr67 - March 18

I am more than willing to share! Thank you and I'll keep you posted :)


jleigh5 - October 13

Hi, I am new to this board and thread. I found out earlier today that I am having my 3rd m/c in the span of a year. I am now 38 years old.
I am curious about PGD. Morsecooper, how did it ultimately work out for you? Can anyone give me advice? Jane Allerton, can you give me the recommendation for the RE you have in NYC?
If anyone wants to email me directly, it's jessla_5 at yahoo.
Much appreciated,



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