3 miscarriages and over 40
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billabong - February 12

Hi guys
This is my first time, I guess it helps to talk..... I feel terribly alone and empty, today I have just had a 3rd miscarriage within one year. Last two were at 10 weeks and this time it was seven weeks. God it is so terrible when it happens the 1st time, you think it won't happen again, then when it happens a 2nd time you are totally gutted and empty, but on the positive side you think 3rd time lucky, but no......

Back in Nov I went privately to a consultant and had loads of tests and checks, everything came back normal. In some respects it is great they are all fine, but on the other hand there is nothing really positive you can do differently. Oh god you think how many times can I go through this??? My trouble is I am 41 years old, so I don't have years on my side. There are so many tests out there it is confusing, is there one complete list of all the test available you can work your way through? Where do you go from here hey?

Lets hope it gets easier for all of us. Signed Billabong (he is my long standing friend and baby, my horse!)


liz - February 12

I am so sorry for your losses. There never seems to be the right words of comfort for anyone who has gone through a loss or losses. I can tell you that I myself have gone through 3 miscarriages and the loss of a twin in my current pregnancy at week 8. I can relate to how you must feel. For me it was a very lonely time each time my hopes and dreams of a baby ended in a miscarriage.

Often I found talking to people who can understand what we may be feeling helps. It always helped me to realize I am not alone and there are many women out there who have been through the same thing.

I don't know of any "list" per say of tests that should be run. I too have been through the battery of tests from blood work to test for immulegology (sp?) to genetic testing on my husband and I. For me it came down to a simple blood test done on day 23 to test progesterone and estrodiol that determined that I have a problem with my estodial. They also have a feeling that maybe the other losses were due to low progesterone or something hormonal. I did have the fetus of the last miscariage at 10 1/2 weeks tested and it showed a chromosome defect, the others we are not sure but they feel hormones have a great deal to do with it.

If you need to talk please feel free to post anytime, I am many of the other women here are available to talk.

Take care,


billabong - February 13

Hi Liz
Thanks for your message, it is a terribly lonely time, lots of things wirling around your head, what if.....? But for the moment I have to tell myself that it was a chromosome defect and it was hence the right thing for nature to do, however painful it is.

I am sorry to hear of your losses too, how awful with the twin, but congratulations on your current little baby. Is this your first I have a friend who was expecting twins and like you one died, very very sad, she has had her baby now and thankfully all is well with the healthy little person.

It is interesting that you had the blood test on day 23 to test progesterone and estrodiol. Does this mean you currently take medication to resolve the problem? And do you have to do or take something for the progesterone/hormonal problem they suspected? Oh it is so amazingly complex isn't it. You would hope that the consultant would have carried out such a test on me, but I don't think he has so, thank you I will speak to him.

Take great care. Thanks for being out there. Billabong!


liz - February 13

Hello there,

I am not currently taking medications but I did to get pregnant. I started with Clomid and then when that did not work I moved on to Repronex injections. I got my BFP on my second cycle of injections. The injections got my estrodiol in check and gave me the ability to achieve the pregnancy by producing quality follicles. I also took progesterone suppositories from the day after ovulation until I was 12 weeks pregnant. At 12 weeks the placenta takes over with the hormone production.

It is very complex and what I have leared is there seems to be no 2 situations that are alike.

I had never heard of doctors testing the estrodiol and progesterone on day 23 so when my re ordered it I was surprised and asked why it was not done before. They told me that it is often a simple test that can sometimes pin point a problem with quality ovulations that may otherwise be overlooked if it was not done. I was fortunate that they found the problem fairly quickly and I was able to work on making it better.

I am glad you are feeling alittle better. This journey can be very lonely at times. I made my way through by talking to as many wonderful women on the site as I could. It is truly wonderful to have a place to come where women know what you are going through.

Take care of yourself and if you need to talk please feel free to post anytime. :)



billabong - February 14

Hi Liz
Oh it is so complex.... fantastic that they found the solution for you. I shall research and read further about this problem and these tests and talk to my consultant in March about this. What does BFP stand for? Sorry for my ignorance.

Many thanks for your mail and information, yes it is really great to be able to talk. How many more weeks do you have to go?
Regards Billabong! :-)


liz - February 15

BFP is big fat postive. Sorry about that!

I am 30 weeks (31 on Sunday) so I have 10 mroe to go! I am hoping it is only 8 or 9, I am ready to meet her. :) Plus she is on the large size and I am afraid if she stays in there 10 weeks she will be 10lbs.

Taht sounds like a good idea to research the testing. I did a ton of research when I was going through my problems. It really did help me to understand or atleast become more knowlegable on the subject. The problem I cam across is that the internet can also be a very scary source of information. I did a not of research and then went to the re or the nurses and asked them all my questions. I think I drove them crazy sometime.




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