2nd m/c, but totally confused
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dreamerfor3 - December 12


About 4 years ago we started infertility. Our first pregnancy failed and we miscarried. Our second we had a beautiful baby boy. He is now 5 months and to my surprise, I recently found out I was pregnant again. At first everything seemed to be going ok, but then the bleeding and cramping started. My HCG was going up, but very slowly. I had an internal ultrasound which showed a sac, but that was it. The tech said it was because it was 5 weeks. I waited and 1 1/2 weeks later had a second ultrasound. As I was in the techs office, she said she couldn't believe her eyes, but she saw 3 sacs with a fetal pole in each. My husband and I both were in shock as we left, because we were expecting to hear what we new already, that we had lost the baby. About two hours later we heard from a nurse that yes, we had lost the baby, but to start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid. They would take my blood again in 2 weeks. To say the least, my husband and I are so confused. Does anyone have any advise? ???


bdantonio - December 13

dreamerfor3: Do as they say. My first m/c i had the er tell me i had completely m/c already however i went to the ob the next day and i was still pregnate. Unfortunitly at th time we did not know i had a progestrone issue and i did eventually lose the baby. If anything I would ask the OB for an additional u/s. Ask for a level 2 u/s. Did you ask the nurse how cme you ere told that there were fetal poles and now you are told this?


dreamerfor3 - December 14

Yes, I did ask and she said she was just relaying a message from the doctor. I have never had such a difficult time trying to find out what is happening to me. I haven't even seen or talked to a real doctor. I have only been called by a nurse with little to no informative help. Shouldn't someone check to make sure. Honestly, if I've miscarried, I'll deal with it, I've done it before. However, if I haven't or there is something else going on, just be straight with me!

Thank you for responding! I just needed to hear from someone, anyone!


bdantonio - December 14

Well unfortunitly i have had 5 m/c and i know the waiting game. When are they going to see you again. I would tell them i want to hear fromthe DR. If that cant happen i would go to the ER, they will do another u/s and you will talk to an actual dr.


dreamerfor3 - December 16

Well, we went to a different dr. for a second opinion and wow, what a difference. So, we did miscarry again and I may or may not have another D&C. I've not passed all yet, so we'll just wait and see. I'm sorry to hear about your 5 miscarriages. It hurt so bad the first time, but seems to get easier with each successive one. Is that the case with you or is it hard no matter what? Well, I guess we will try again in several months, but for now, at least we have the answer - whether it's bad or good!



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