2 misscarriages and trying again
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pen6971 - August 28

Hi everyone I am new here. I am 26 years old and been married just over a year. My husband has two kids from a previous marriage so I know he is not the one who has problems. I had my first misscarriage in April of 2003, I was 4 months long. I had to have a DNC done and than got a severe infection from it. I also found out I have the RH Negative Factor. In November of 2005 I had my second misscarriage at 8 weeks. I didn't have a DNC done on this one but they did watch my blood count levels to make sure everything was in order. I have had problems with cysts on my ovaries in the past. Than this year I was not having my period regullary or at all for that matter. The pregnancy tests kept coming back negative. I went to the doctor and found out I have a fibroid tumor on my utures. They had to give me medication to start my mensus and it took 2 months before it went back to a normal cycle. We are trying again. This month so far I have using one of those calendars to track my cycle and so far no period (due on the 30th), I told my husband to pick up a test so we can see if i don't start if I am pregnant or not. Does anyone else have any suggestions on getting pregnant? All my friends are popping kids out left and right. It's so frustrating!!! ???


SHELLY - August 28

Hi Pen,
You have had hard time for sure. I am so sorry to hear
about your loss. That has to be very hard for you
and your DH. I too have had some female troubles
with cysts in my ovary and fibroids on my uterus.
I had surgery to remove my cysts and I think the one
on my uterus went away on its own. I am a good bit older than you but I have been ttc for 4 years now.
I have a 9 year old son and my husband and I have
not been on bc since he was born. I can say for sure that I have never been fertile myrtle ;)
I wasted 2 years trying on my own and finally I went
to a reproductive doctor and have been getting some help. I have had 2 IUI which were BFN and I am
currently on my 3rd IUI. The reproductive doctors are more skilled with fertility problems and will help you
get more aggresive in getting pg. It is not cheap so
you would need to check you medical insurance to see if they cover infertility treatment. Also, these doctors
can help some with folks that have frequent m/c.
I am also RH negative and had my son with no problems
at all. When he was born he was not RH negative.
I dont know if any of this rambling help you but I will
pray for you and I know that will help you. ;)

God bless you and trucks loads of baby dust to you!!!


dm06 - September 8

Hi Pen,

I have just had another miscarriage, after taking clomid to get pregnant. I had one about three and half years ago. I couldn't get pregnant again, so my doctor put me on Clomid, two courses later and i was pregnant.

I took four pregnancy tests they all come back positive, but faint. I went to my doctor to tell him and he said don't get ahead of yourself wait until my test comes back.
As i was waiting i started to bleed. After three days of spotting, it started getting heavy and with pain. I went to A & E and told them i hadn't had it confirmed but i was pregnant. They did a test and i was, but it was faint. I knew then that it wasn't a good sign.

Then the nurse put me on a chair waiting for the porter to take me to the early pregnancy ward and the pain was really intense and i knew. I went to the ward but when i went to the toilet it was there. I was so dissapointed, i kept thinking what is up with me.

I have so many health problems. I'm diabetic, have an underactive thyroid gland, have POSD and have RN blood group, is they're any other bad luck i could have.

I'm longing to be a mother and I'm so frustrated with it not happening. All you seem to see when you go out, is mothers with they're toddlers or new born baby's.

I know how you feel, i think anyone who wants to be a mother and can't hold a pregnancy will feel like us.

I can only get to about 8 weeks then i start losing. I wish they had more answers on what is going on.
I think if men went through this they would probably have more answers or more investigations done on this subject. I'm going to try again but hope it goes well next time.

Hope everything goes well for you, all of you.

Take care


Tiffany F - September 8


I am so sorry all that you have been through, I myself have had several miscarriages 10+, the last being the end of August 06, I just stopped bleeding today after 19 days.

I was scared to go to the doctor because I have'nt had to have D&C's in the past, I was scared that my tubes or something else would get scarred up and make it hard for me to conceive again.

I do have to children, but for the past 5, 6 years I can't make it past 5 to 6 weeks, it is so sad.

I will be going to see an E.R the first week in October, have you been to one?

I must run now I have to drop my daughter off at a concert, hope to hear back from you.

You have found the right place for support.

Take Care....Tiffany



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