2 failed IVF
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ash - April 9


I had my blastocyst transfer on March 23rd . Doctor transferred one A grade blatocyst.
Every thing went very smoothly. All were very hopefull including us.

My age is under 30 and My husband is 32 years .

I had my preg test on April 7th . But on Tuesday April 3rd , I started bledding . It was heavy bleeding. I called my doctor. She sent me for the pg test.

My beta number was high. It was 524 . She said that number is high. So this is definitely positive. She sent me for another pg test .

I told her that I am having heavy bleeding. She said that this might be due to implantaiton . But on another pg test it was negative.
Nurse said that beta number dropped.

So finally it came as BFN . We are very depreesed at this point. As we do not have any idea for this failure .

What u think and what should be our next step

Even if we do the Assisted hatching next time, what u think iis it going to increase the chance.

Why this time it becomes unsucessful ??

Any comemnts or suggestions will be appreciated .



vw79girl - April 9

I am so sorry. I know how you feel. I am 36 and my husband is 29. We attempted 4 IUI's and came up with nothing after ttc for 3 years. We did our first IVF cycle in Feb. They did a transfer on day 3 after retrieval. They transferrred 2 ... a Grade A 9 cell and a Grade B 8 cell. My pregnancy test was to be on March 19th. I tested positive at home on Sun. 18th and Mon. 19th. (a.m.) My bloodtest was positive but my Beta only 78. They told me to come back in 2 days for another and hopefully it will have doubled. It dropped to 33. We were devisdated. :( Finally by Friday it was down to 4. The doctor ruled it a chemical pregnancy and said that sometimes the embryos begin to implant but don't fully implant and then drop off. He seemed to think there was something with the chromosomes. Just enough to give us the positive and then play with our minds. I don't know a lot about assisted hatching. When I asked my dr. about it he said they don't do that unless they do ICSI. Do you have the money to try another IVF? If so maybe that would be where to go next. Don't give up hope. I was so discouraged with the IUI's and three years of nothing and the first IVF, I got pregnant. Problem is, I lost it but I guess I have to be optomistic and think that's a start. Hang in there. I don't know if any of this helped but I'm here to listen.



ash - April 10

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your reply . I even read on the interent. They said that this occurs because of the bio chemical pregnancy . I have even appointment with my Fertility doctor tomorrow. Let's se how it works.

I will let u know what our Doctor suggests ??



vw79girl - April 10

def. let me know as I too am curious why in the heck this happened to us. It makes me want to try again but I am also kind of nervous that another low beta may occur and I will worry that it is going to happen again. Hope you get some answers.




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