Terrible sperm analysis results
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Popsy - October 30


We have been trying to get pregnant for 20 months. My husband had a vasectomy reversal feb 06.

Having had no success he had a sperm sample analysed. The results were as follows

concentration 17 million
Rapid motility 18%
Sluggish motility 23%
Immotile 54%
Morphology 3% normal

As you can imagine I am devestated. Where do we go from here? Does anyone know what our chances are of conceiving naturally?

I am 30 and seem to ovulate normally as I have been using a fertility monitor. My Gp is going to do blood tests on me soon.

Thanks for reading.


Nix - October 31

Dear Popsy,

My husband also have male infertility, so I can identify with what you are going through. We have been ttc for 7 years and have had 4 (failed) IUI attempts this year, and a fith attempt at IUI today. If this IUI is unsuccessful, we will move onto IVF next year.

From what I have read, anything under 20 million motile sperm, is considered "infertility". You have to remember that EVERY time your husband gives a sperm sample, the numbers can be different. We have gone from haveing a sample of 28 million motile sperm, to 10.5 million and back to 17 million.

Of course, there is always a chance that you can conceive naturally, but you may want to look into IUI as an option. It is much cheaper than IVF and far less invasive. Generally fertility doctors will recomend IUI as a starting point. they will usually have you do 3 or 4 IUI's before moving onto IVF.

I hope that this message hasn't upset you in any way. After going through this stuff for so long, I found that it helps me when I feel informed and have a plan B.

Let me know if you have any other question!



katiebug2007 - November 8

Our doctor told my husband that he was not worried about his count, which was 13 mil, 10% normal and 85% motile. I think he felt they would be able to be used in IUI. The thing that made me mad was he didn't tell him he HAD to do anything about his count.
I have read alot about the effects of selenium and zinc on sperm count. It takes 3 months for the newly produced sperm to get out, so it might take some time. But, I would suggest he take the selenium and zinc and our doctor also talked about taking l'arginine (an amino acid) and ester-c - another antioxidant. I'd try that and test again in 3 months.
HOpe that helps!
You might also check out acupuncture treatments. There's a great book called The Infertility Cure that talks about some male factor problems and acupuncture...


Popsy - November 23

Since I posted this topic a few weeks ago a miracle has happened. We have indeed conceived naturally. I hope that this will give those of you with morphology and motility problems some hope. I am in a state of shock and still can't quite believe it.


Brianandjena - November 24

OMG ! congrats! I am so very happy for you.
we are also having some sperm and morphology issues. I am praying that the iui's that we do work. I am on my 2nd iui. and Am n clomid /trigger shot as well.
I am not sure about all the numbers but I know his count is like 12 million or something like that. But when they wash it . they change and they only keep the good ones. But I am so happy for you. this gives us hope. I am 34 and my husband is 34 and neither of us have children. I am "unexplained"


tfskat - November 30

There is alot that can be done naturally to support sperm . I think you will be interested in the following article that details some additional information about male factor and offers specific natural treatments (acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes) that wil support both you and your husband.


Brianandjena - November 30

Thank you for the website I will check it out.


4baby4us - December 12

I just want to add my 2c.
DH SA showed 180 Million count but only 3% were normal morphology. We had to go ICSI with IVF, since I have blocked tubes as well.



mem - April 17

Hi All

Not really sure how this works. It is the first time I have used a forum so I hope someone has the time to respond to my post! It would be much appreciated.

My husband and I (we are 30) have moved (3 months ago) to asia for his work. We have been trying to get pregnant for around a year. Last month after still no joy, we went to a fertility specialist here.

The Dr is testing both of us (and still has a few more tests to go with me), however the last time we saw the Dr, he had my husbands sperm analysis results back. We are having trouble understanding the results due to the language barrier, but we know they aren't great. The doctor has asked my husband to take the test again and sent us home with the first sperm analysis test results.

We have had a look at the results based on what we could find on the internet and things aren't looking very promising (motility is 0 and concentration is 3.6). Does anyone know if ICSI can be successful at these levels or if we should just give up altogether? I know when the doctor did the post coital test on me, he confirmed that there were a few live sperm moving around, however certainly not enough and most of them were dead. We also think (again due to a communication issue) that we probably bungled the sperm test as we didn't realize there was a 3 day period of abstaining before taking the test. This aside however, our real question is "could there be any success in ICSI with a sperm count this low with very low motility levels?"

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond to this!


munchie - April 21

Congratulations Popsy! (Hmmm - maybe I should change my log in name to something more positive - seems to get results! )

Regarding counts, our doctor told us 'normal' was as follows:
Count - 20M
Motility - 50%
Morphology - 5%
DFrag - 20

All are important in their own way, and it only takes one 'keener' to get the job done. However....

We've been trying for 1.5 years (actively - recreationally / alot longer), we have low counts, and we're 40. At 1yr we tried IUI / SW and are planning IVF next month (unless I get Popsy'd this month !!)

With the language barrier, I would probably search out a doctor in your hometown (via the internet) and see if you can get the results emailed and discuss options with an english speaking doctor. I'm sure the clinic there is very capable of offering the procedures, but I would be really worried about the language barrier to make decisions. I have a hard enough time understanding my doctor in english.

To address your questions RE: Counts and motility - my doctor was really straight forward and said it 'could' happen, but due to our age, we're moving to IVF. The journey for sperm it a treacherous one - get passed mucus, swim the distance to the tubes, make it up the tubes, find the egg, penetrate the egg, fertilize, back down the tube, and successfully implant and grow. When you think about it, it REALLY is a miracle.

You are still young (on my time scale) however, if I got your counts when I was your age, I think I would have moved to IVF straight away- if you can afford it ($ or insurance).

If you want a family - never give up. Keep your chin up, remember to grieve your losses (they are real!) After learning about our challenges, I read alot about greif / loss - I recommmend you do the same. You are starting to realize the potential lose of 'natural' conception for your family. Greif has stages - denial (not us), angry (why us) , depression (poor us) and acceptance (okay - now what....?). Let yourself feel these at each stage and set back, it's natural, then accept and move to 'now what' as soon as you possibly can handle it.

Good luck and stay strong!



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