Retrograde IVF
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k - May 3

My DH has retrograde ejaculation(nerve damage from surgery). We have been advised to try using Sudafed for a few months to see if this helps close the bladder neck and allow sperm to be ejaculated. If that fails we need to go back to the fertility clinic. Does anyone have any insight if Sudafed actually can work? I am really not wanting to do IVF as I will require the drugs regardless of personally having no fertility issues. I am feeling pretty low about it all as the advice we have been given so far is if this doesn' work we are going into IVF or IUI.


natalie08 - February 27

Hi, I can see that you asked this quite a while ago but just in case, I thought I would respond. : )

My husband also has retrograde ejaculation as well, only his was caused by type 1 diabetes. We have been trying to conceive for almost two years and finally had IVF done last week. I am currently in the 2 week wait. I am also like you, no fertility problems whatsoever. However, because of my husbands retrograde, our reproductive endocrinologist recommended IVF with ICSI for the best chances of conception.

To answer your question, yes, the 12 hour sudafed works wonders! My husband would normally not get anything out. After a few days of being on the Sudafed, he was able to give two sperm samples for a semen analysis.

The only drawback of the sudafed is that it makes it a little more difficult to get an erection because it relaxes the muscles so much.

But, I would definately give it a try!


Marina - February 28

Natalie,I never knew about that!We had male factor also on a top of my problems,my husband had partial retrograde,that's why his count was very low,but probably enough to do ICSI.But they never mentioned Sudafed...


natalie08 - February 28


Our RE made sudafed mandatory for my husband since it was the only way that he could get anything out for the samples. He has a very bad case of retrograde to where nothing will come out. But, after 5 days of being on the sudafed, he went to give his sample and the embryologist said that it was the best retrograde sample that they had seen because of the amount he was able to give.

Had it not have been for the sudafed, Im not sure what we would have done


jox77 - June 20

Short Answer: Yes. Sudafed works.

Long Answer: My wife and I couldn't have kids for 7 years. Through some urinalysis tests, my urologist concluded that I had retrograde ejaculation. He suggested that I take Sudafed 1-2 hours before sex. We tried it that night and--I kid you not--our first child was conceived. About a year later, we tried for another child. Again, I took Sudafed as directed, my wife was pregnant within a couple of weeks. You wouldn't believe the reactions from family. The running joke now is that our older daughter is redhead due to the Sudafed.

The explanation: With retrograde ejaculation, the sphincter doesn't function properly and sperm goes into the bladder instead of out the penis. The Sudafed constricts the muscle and closes it off, allowing the sperm to go the right way.


ReBeccaRon - November 1

my husband suffers from type 1 diabetes and we also have consulted a RE and they suggest for us the IVF treatment. But none have acually explained to us how to use suddafed. How much, what kind, when and how long does it take for it to take affect. if anyone can explain this to us it would be a God sent. thanx.


Rowena1 - January 5

Hi I would recommend that you read the post I sent to Male infertilty that was posted on 1 January.
I am convinced that your body can take care of that problem by itself. I personally witnessed the repair of degenerated nerves in a man with Fredrich's Ataxia as well as children with cerebral palsy starting to get brain function back. It is amaxzing what your body can do if it is given the tools to work with.
Rowena1 (Marthie)



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