New here from Nebraska - Male Infertility
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Stacey - September 12

Hi - I am new here. My DH has a very low sperm count and low motility. We have tried two fresh cycles of IVF along with a Frozen cycle that failed last Thursday. I have had two children prior to this marriage - so the doctor's seem a little confused on why this isn't working when we have been able to successfully fertilize 8 eggs each try. I was wondering if anybody else has gone through the same type of situation. How did you handle it emotionally? When do you decide that it is enough and to stop trying?? Getting ready to try for a third time but questioning if I can handle it emotionally.....


WantsBaby2 - September 15

Good luck with your 3rd try Stacey! Welcome to the site. I'm sorry you didn't have any luck with your previous IVFs. :(

My dh has male factors as well and it's heartbreaking. This site is very supportive. So if you need help emotionally handling this can certainly join us! The ladies on here are wonderful.



silli_kitti - September 15


I'm not doing IVF yet, however:

During my initial consultation, I was told that ART is an inexact science. We do not know all the precise details of each stage of the reproductive process, in either males or females. And, while we have come a long way with ART, there are still too many unknowns, which is why things can look great and people have "textbook cycles" (I had 2 of these) yet they still fail.

This is the most difficult part of this whole process - not knowing why things go the way they do and not having a foolproof way to make it work.

DH and I have no factors other than age, and we've been at it for a year without any luck.

It is an emotionally exhausting journey like I've never experienced before.

Good luck to you, and visit here often for support and information. You are not alone and together, we're all going to get our precious little bundles of joy!


laura - September 20

I wish you major babydust!

I think it helps to set limmets. For example, only 4 IVF cycles (not including frozen) or only one donnor cycle ect. It gives you some sort of controll. Having controll makes you feel better!

I hopes this helps


megahurls - October 28

Stacey -- we have similar stories. I'm new to this site as well. I have had 2 children with no problems and then encountered secondary infertility in attempting for the 3rd. We've been at it 19 months, with 1 failed IUI. FRUSTRATING as you well know. We have male factors too. We're in the middle of our 2nd IUI cycle and will try one more before IVF attempts. This site gives me some confort and a place to share things that I can't share with anyone else. Thanks for sharing too.



sblanton2 - November 7

Hey all,
My dh refuses to even discuss the possibility of donor sperm. I have 4 daughters from a previous marriage and he says we have already used donor sperm. OUr ART program wants him to have donor back up in case his sperm do not survive the thaw, but we are doing his first harvest at the end of this month(cycle in January) and then he can be his own back up if necessary. He is producing sperm, just not able to get them out of the chute so to speak. I get a little frustrated b/c he has the infertility issue(I know it is both of ours b/c we are in this together) but he leaves everything to me and seems uninterested. I know if he weren't interested he wouldn't have gone through all of this testing and the harvest, but he doesn't even discuss this with me. Oh well, hope you all have a great day.........gotta go do school work.

Baby dust to us all!!!!!


kumNJ - March 24

My DH has Azoospermia. He doesn't even like the idea of Donar sperm and he was scared to do biopsy since the success rate given was very low. After 5 years of trying all alternatives we are now into acupuncture treatment from an experienced Doctor. During treatment he was asked to eat lot of onions. After 1st course of treatment we have started seeing encouraging results. So treatment with Onion worked. This doctor unlike any usual acupuncturists used his own techniques and he has more than 30 years of experience in this field. We are scheduled for the next course of treatment in April at New Jersey. DH is so happy and we are keeping our fingers crossed.


sblanton2 - March 24

Hope the acupuncture works for you, I guess it depends on what is causing the azoospermia. My husband underwent the biopsy and a blockage was found. no amount of acupuncture would have helped that.
The good news is they harvested tons of sperm in December, we did IVF w/ICSI in Jan. and I am now almost 3 months pregnant with twins! We made it first try.
Only you and your dh can decide how far you are willing to go to pursue having a baby and it has to be your decision. I hope it works for you.



fiso - March 25

I'm also from NJ, between Princeton and New Brunswick. I went to IVF NJ in Somerset and I have an excellent acupuncturist in Princeton.
Let me know where you are in NJ.


Raisinette - March 11

My DH also has low counts, but for no known reason. I want him to try accupuncture, but I am not sure that he is ready for that. Our pocket book is taking a huge beating with this whole process.



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