Male factor(Motility and Morphology) success w/IUI
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GS2allgirls - May 24

the title says it all i think. we have motility and morph issues, but financially can only do IUI.

i took clomid and femara CD 3-7 and have been doing IM repronex injects since CD 5. I will stop injects when the follies i have(7 between 10-14mm according to todays u/s) are about 18mm or more. Then we will trigger with novarel 10,000 and do IUI around Memorial Day or the day after.

Anyone get pregnant wiht IUI and male factor? i could use a boost. I am so very skeptical.



amyjoy - June 3

We had the same problems and we did IUI, too. Our 1st one failed and now I go tomorrow for our second IUI try. I think we're going to move onto IVF if this cycle fails. I see you had an IUI a few weeks ago. How did it go?


RabbitEars - June 10

Shannon--just read your post...My husband and I have the same issues. Me--no fertility problems, DH--poor morph but high count and motility. Our RE said we have a 1-3% chance of conceiving naturally. We decided to do IUI with clomid first. Our first IUI is in about a week and a half. I just keep reading all these negative things about male factor and IUI treatment. Please tell me how yours went and what to expect. I am so nervous!


Stephen - August 13

Hello, my partner and I have been trying to conceive since 2003. We had a blighted ovum in 2004, where the fetus failed to develop. We are both healthy, but my sperm failed the acrosome reaction test. We have had several IUI, and two failed IVFs. The last IVF resulted in 23 eggs produced, with 18 fertilizing normally. Fourteen of the embryos made it to the 8 cell stage, then their development slowed down. We had two early blastocysts on day six, but the other six embryos failed to differentiate at the morula stage. I read somewhere (can't remember just now) that the pre-blastocysts stage is controlled by DNA from the egg, but at differentiation genetic material from the male is required for continued normal development. Could it be that something is wrong with my sperm such that the biochemical reaction that would normally take place at egg penetration actually foretold these other potential problems? Please advise where you can.

We are going to schedule a consult with our RE, and I would appreciate any information the forum members can provide. We are discussing sperm donation at this point as our next move if indeed there is a genetic component to my sperm issues.


sarah27 - August 15

Shannon- I just read post. Docs always say low numbers and its hard to get boost from them. I know that people with male fertility have gotten pregnant with iui. I'm also having 2nd iui around the same time. Keep us posted on how it goes.

Take care

Steven-My hubby has no sperm at all so I don't know any of the questions that you need to ask at RE. The only thing that I could help you with is using donor sperm if it comes to that. It took my hubby awhile to get use to the idea. But since the kid biologically couldn't be his then adopting or donor was the same to him.

Try to stay positive and the right path to take will come to you



nogah - October 23

We are in the same situation.He has 2 million count.We did our first iui last month and will try one more before moving on to ivf.Our doctor said although rare it can happen even with low counts.


mjforney - October 23

Sarah: Our cryobank put extra time in matching my hubby with a donor. It was worth the extra $$$. His eye color, hair, weight etc and what was really strange is when we received the donor's summary his writing is the same as my hubby's...I really feel we go a good match. Maybe your dh will be open to that. We used Latrice Allen at the California CryoBank in Palo Alto, CA. They were wonderful.

After my hubby was good with picking the donor he than started reviewing the ones we rejected and wanted to change his mind and go with a donor that was a NBA Basketball player! So I think he was definatley comfy after that point! Lol!



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