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sunny72 - January 10

Hi All. I am new fairly new here. I am 34, my hubby is 30. We are forunate to have a 2.5 year old daughter. It took us three year to conceive her and after finding more out about my fertility I realize how lucky that was. Still I hold out hope for another one. We have been married 9 years, we meet while we were travelling in Europe 11 years ago. We've been trying for our second for just over a year.

We live in the New England area. I work part-time doing administrative work at a non-profit child and family service agency and my hubby is in healthcare.

I love photography and would like to do more painting besides painting fairies on my daughter's walls. :)

I look forward to learning from you guys and sharing ideas and having somewhere to express the frustrations.


Jenl - January 10

Hi everybody...very new to posting but have been reading th posts for some time. I am 34 and a teacher Dh 38 self employed...we also met on a blind date 8 years ago and have been married for 5 years. we have been ttc for over three years now and have been seeing a RE for the past 10 months. 4 failed IUI's and one failed IVF cycle in November, One failed FET in December. Getting ready to start the next cycle for IVF again. Starting to get very frustrated and losing hope that we will ever have a child of our own. I enjoy reading about all of you and look foward to hearing some success stories soon!!


lenlance - October 17

can someone tell me if bleeding during ovulation normal?
i tend to get lots of ewcm after trigger shot and close to non day of iui is this normal? please share your experiences.


lucky - November 18

Hie every one
Am 25 from got married aboat 8 years ago and shifted to norway oslo, I live in a villa near the city, oslo is nice and quite place just like swizerland but snowy and cold and dark most of the time, my husband owns a bisness of his own, theres only us too in the villa,
I am a very out going person like to be in crowds i love shopping, Am actualy from london so i visit my parents every few mounths, Am the oldest child in the house,
I tryd attempt of ivf aboat 5 years ago but on my first ultrasound i found out that the docter was a male and i was not comfertable with so i finished the treatment strate away, then after 3 years i consulted my docter in london to check my fertility issues once again there maibe they will find out some thing then the docters in oslo but same unexplaind issue so i was addvised to try iui in jan o7 i have tried 3 iuis that have failed and know on the 9th of nov 07 iv started ivf in oslo but i think am more perpaired then before because of age and time factors,Am trying acupuncture along with this journey meximise my chances.
Good luck too every one that on this journey and keep us posted and if there any Q ON IUI AM MORE THEN HAPPY TO ANSWER


texmelinMI - March 30

Hello all!! I am new here, looking to make friends, find support and just to chat with women going thru the same thing I am. My name is Melissa I just turned 40 in Nov, my hubby is 56 and I am hoping to make him a first time daddy!! I have 3 kids from a previous marriage, a 21yr old daughter who is about to make me a "grandma" in Sept and 2 boys 19 and almost 18.

We live in Mi with our 3 dogs and 1 "grandpuppy". (he belongs to my daughter. We have 5yo Dobe, 3yo black lab and a 1yo chihuahua and the grandpuppy, a Chow/German Shepard who is almost 2.

I work at the local newspaper on 3rd shift and my hubby works during the day as a Union Director. My hobbies include, reading, bowling(currently on 2 leagues)walking, and spending time with my hubby when we are both home at the same time.

This is our first attempt at IVF, I had tubal done with cautherization and also found out that I have a form of endometriosis that grows on the inside of my uterus. Hubby has never had children and I would love to be the one to do this with him. We are pre-egg retrieval which is scheduled for thursday or friday of this week. I am scared, anxious and nervous. I have no doubts that this will turn out the way we want, it has just been a very stressful last 4 months. I have been doing Follistim and Menopur for 2wks now, and this morning took my first shot of Ganarelix, I had also been taking estrogen pills but stopped those on Thursday of last week.



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