What are you like? What do you do?
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maryr - May 18

I am new to the boards also. I decided to join because all of you are so positive. I am twenty eight and work at a department store while waiting to get pregnant. I have a very supportive husband who i have been with for eleven years this Saturday. My husband has been with Hooters for a very long time. I love The orange county house wives. They should do another season. It's too bad that Lori was dating slade while Joe was seperated from him, friends don't do that!!
I have no children but have been pregnant before, I'm just waiting for a normal pregnancy. I have been taking ovulex for a month or so now, along with a organic diet. hopefully it will work. If I don't ever have a baby God has another plan for me. There are many children out there looking for a someone to love them.
All of you ladies are very supportive with each other it makes me feel that there is hope.


DYoung06 - May 25

Hi all! I just found this place this week, so I'm new!

I'm 31, and dh is 34. We've known each other since the 9th grade! But we both married other people and didn't really get "together" until 2000. Come November, we'll have been married for 5 years =) I absolutely love him with all my heart, and I swear he's my soulmate. We both laugh and think that it was just meant for us to be together.

In marrying him, I gained 2 beautiful daughters.. one is 12 and the other 10. I love them so much and feel so blessed to have them in my life. I figure through all my praying for children, God did bless me with them =)

We live in Virginia, out in the country. I'm a stay at home mom, and dh works for Dominion Power. His schedule is neat because he works a couple of days, then has a couple off. During the summer, we take off in our RV and go camping everytime he's off.

As for pets, we've got 4 dogs. Jake is a bull mastiff, and he's a giant baby. Then there's Mimi, Harley, and Toby.. our miniature pinschers. They're some funny characters. Recently we had 2 litters of puppies.. so right now I've got 8 more itty bitty min pins running around everywhere, lol! (Anyone wanna buy one! ROFL!!)

In 2004, we decided to start TTC. I went to my doc, had all kinds of tests done, and was told that I had PCOS. I was given very little info, and had to do all my research online. (Thank goodness for the internet huh?) Later I went on a low carb diet, and went through several progesterone withdrawal tests to see if I'd have a cycle. No such luck. I did lose a little over 20 lbs though and had some light spotting, so I think at least my body was trying to do something.

It was an emotional roller coaster ride. I cry so easily anyway, so it was pretty bad at times. DH was so supportive, and still is. We both want to have a baby together, so badly. He's a great father, and just an all around good guy. We'd be so happy if it would happen, but at the same time.. we're happy with our family as it is too.

Anyway, we love watching movies. We've got over 300 dvd's that we've collected, LOL! I also love reading, spending loads of time doing things with my daughters, and gardening. I love to grow things and I love spring because it's when everything seems to literally come to life.

Of course, we love camping, boating and swimming. It's all we do during the summer.

My favorite tv shows are ER, Medium, and That 70's Show. So funny!

Ok so I've gone on long enough! It's nice to meet you all and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in all of this.



SHELLY - May 25

Hi Danielle and all other ladies ttc!

Wanted to introduce myself too. I am 38 and my DH
is 38 we were born only 16 days apart ;D
We have been married for 15 years this July. We have
a 9 year old son that is our everything. We have
been ttc a lil bro or sis for him for about 4 years.
I just had my 2nd IUI on 5/18 so keep us in your
prayers. It is so nice to know that we are not alone in
our venture and that there is lots of love and support
out there. Thanks to you all for your words of wisdom
and encouragement :)

PS- Danielle sounds like you have a really great family
life! enjoy! the summer is coming in fast!



liz - May 25

Hi all.
I too have recently found this site. I enjoy reading all the posts, getting new insight, meeting new people and most of all having someplace to get support from people who know exactly what you are going through.

I am 31 (32 in 3 days), dh is 33. We have know each other for 8 years, but recently got married in Oct of 2005. We have a little beagle (Izzy) who is our pride and joy.

For fun I enjoy spending time in my flower beds, reading, walking, motorcycle rides and most off all we love to spend time on our boat.

I have had 3 miscarriages, all of which were not planned pregnancies. 2 of the miscarriages I do not have the explanation. The last one in Dec was due to chromosome abmorality. (Trisomy 13) It was very hard on both my dh and myself. We were so excited to have a child and the loss hit very hard.

Since the last miscarriage they wanted to preform tests to see if they could get any insight into the other 2 miscarriages. We went for chromosome analysis, loads of bw as well as an hsg. They determined that I have a low estrogen problem that they believe may be speratic that is why I didn't have any trouble conceiving before. This month I began taking clomid and they monitored me closely with ultra sounds and bw on days 10, 11 and 12. Finally on day 12 they were happy with the follicle size and my estrogen, however I was not surging yet so I had to do an hcg shot to induce ovulation. Tomorrow I will be going from my preg test, however I am not very hopeful, I just have a very strong feeling it is a bfn. I am scared and also sad. I know it is just beginning for me and there are many women here who have been through years of ttc without luck, it is still not easy. I never (like many of you) thought in a million years I would have trouble conceiving.

I wish you all the best of luck and lots of baby dust to you all.



DYoung06 - May 25

Hey Melissa!!

I just wanted to bump back in and say that I wish you good luck tomorrow with your test! Keep your chin up and keep your hope strong!

I will keep my fingers crossed and pray that you come back to tell us you got a +BFP+ ;)



liz - May 29

Hi Danielle,

Thanks your the support. Unfortunatly I got the BFN I was suspecting on Friday. Although I knew deep in my heart it was neg it is still very hard to hear.

I have now got my head back on straight and ready to move forward to try again this month. They think I may need to do IUI since I seem to have very low cm.

How are you doing?


DYoung06 - May 29

I'm sorry to hear that, Liz... and I'm sure we can all totally understand your disappointment. I know I can :-\

Good to hear though that you're ready for another go.

I got my bottle of Ovulex, but, the only thing that I've done with it so far is open it, check out the HUGE pills, and then stash it in the fridge... which is where they say keep it stored.

For some reason, I just can't take them yet. Other than that, I'm fine. :)

Have you read some of the other posts about CM? I saw a lot of women discussing the liquid form of Geritol to get better CM. I've also heard of certain cough syrups too. Maybe it's worth looking in to if you're nervous about moving on to IUI??

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend.. ;)


liz - May 30

Hi Danielle.
How was you holiday weekend? Mine was good, busy which kept my mind of the problems. That is good sometimes, I think I needed a break anyway.
So did you start your Ovulex? You seem alittle nervous about it!? I am not too familiar with it, just what I have read here on the different posts. I was wondering if you talked to your doc about taking it, if so what were his opinions? I am curious but also somewhat unsure about it. Its probably just me I tend to be on the skeptical side of things. From what I have read it really seems to work for many people here on this site.
I am nervous about iui, however I am willing to do anything at this point to achieve a healthy preg. Have you ever had iui? I was wondering what to expect.
I have read some posts on cm issues. I heard about the Robutissen and I am going to try that this month. It is extra hard for me to accept that I am going through this when I did get preg naturally 3 times, unfortunatly they ended in miscarriage. All the same I have trouble facing the reality I am now facing!
Take care. hope to hear from you soon.


Megz - August 7

There hasnt been a post here in awhile but I thought I would add who I was.

I am a 29 year old preschool special ed teacher, my DH and I have been ttc for 2 years. At first we had a unknown infertility dx with my husband, but in that dx process found out that I have hormonal issues that are still be tested.

Ok that was my two cent story. Best wishes to all.


liz - August 7

Hello again Megz -

I too have some hormonal issues. Care to compare notes?

Here is my brief version of my story. I was dignosed with low Estrodiol in the Leutal Phase which they tell me is related to poor ovulation. In May I began taking Clomid, June was cancelled cycle due to early ovulation. Next cycle was 1 75iu vile of Repronex per day, next was 2 75iu viles of Repronex per day. I am in the 2ww right now. I seem to respond well to the medications, follicle production is good and quality seems good, just not sure yet why pg cannot be obtained.

That is the very short version. I am always anxious to hear from anyone who has had any of the experiences that I have had.

Take care, hope to hear from you soon.


Kelli - August 7

Ok, I missed out on the conversation about what everyone does and who everyone is. I would love to know more about you as well.
I am 35 and dh is 37. We have been married for 5 years. We have a farm with 8 horses, 45 cows and calves, 3 dogs (labs - yellow, choc. and black) all are spoiled rotten. We like to rodeo. My husband has done it for years now.
We live in Arkansas (I know all the jokes). I am the typical southern bell. Lots of lunches with the girls, cookouts with couples and ice cream socials with the kids.
I spoil everyone elses children rotten. I have 3 god daughters and 2 god sons. Closest thing I have right now to children.
My dh and I were set up on a blind date and the rest is history. I have been married before YUCK! but still no children. DH first marriage. His mom had him perfectly trained before we wed. Taking care of elderly parent now.
I work for a CPA so now is my slow time.
I enjoy scrapbooking, crocheting and canning. I know boring! But seems to fit in my world.
We are very active with the local horse association and fair boards.
I am currently getting ready to start IUI once again after a ectopic. Gosh, dosen't this seem to describe us and consume us at times.
Would love hearing about others.


bopeep - October 16

Hi Everyone,
I'm 40 years old, born in Mt Vernon NY. I moved to Va Beach in 1992-stayed for 10 years and moved back to NY. I quess there's no place like home. I've taught pre-k for 18 years, and worked with children with autism. Currently I'm working as a dental asst. I miss working with children and would like to eventually open a daycare center. I have an Am Stat terrier named Capone who is the child I never had. He thinks he's human and honestly at times I wonder!

My bf is 45 and works for a local cable company. He writes lyrics and music, and also sings. He helps keep my spirits up when I'm feeling blue about this conception problem we have.

I love music and writing poetry. I love to cook and entertain. I will be attending the college of New Rochelle in January to further my education. I would like to be a social worker or counselor. I'm not to much of a tv watcher, but I love reading books on spirituality and watching comedies.

Best wishes to all! Its great to know I have a place to go to where people are real and share the same issues.

Love, Karen


vidia1103 - December 20

Hello my name is Bettie and I live in Columbus Ohio. Im currently in school to be a culinary chef and my dh is a mail man. We are living in a 2 bedroom apt and are saving money to move to albuquerque nm this coming summer. I cant wait. I love to watch movies, I sing, and write poems. I am also very good at drawing portraits. I will spend hours and hours on one picture. And of course as you've probably figured by now I LOVE to cook. I also love to read. I am in the middle of a book called The Alibi. Murder Mysteryis my fave. Well thats pretty much the basics. Hopefully there will be another addition to it soon : )


mlgteach - January 1

Hi everyone.

this is my very first post here. I'm Mindy, 31. DH is Matt, 32. We live in a lovely little community in central Pennsylvania. I'm a special ed teacher by profession but turned stay at home mom in June to our 2 year old son. DH is a coroporate pilot.

We've been ttc since DS was about 9 months old. We've had 4 losses total, one before DS was born and three after. I was also dx with cervical cancer last March, as well as an auto immune disorder called lichen schlerosis.

We recently started seeing an RE to help us to achieve pregnancy. I've had the initial testing and am headed in to have laproscopy and hysteroscopy in February. My blood tests have revealed MTHFR and another clotting disorder.

Hoping to start the IUI process after my LSC/HSC.

As for hobbies, DH and I enjoy a variety of sporting events. We love to watch football and the local hockey team. Our days are filled with time spent with DS. He's an active and healthy 2 1/2 year old. he keeps us on our toes.


lotsofhope - January 6

Hi ladies,

i'm 34, my dh is 40. we have a ds 6. We live in jersey. i met him in a friends wedding party. We both were teamed up. They never got married, we did. we celebrate our 8th yr in march. We have two dogs one a g.shep. and the other a mutt! Guinness and Shannon. One is 15 one is 9. We just bought our first house. My husband changed jobs, so commute wo'nt be so bad.

Now, our son id in school all day, and i'm bored at home. i started to work at mcdee's to fill the void for a little bite. but that was crazy. I worked too many hours. it was supposed to be for peice of mind, and extra money. I'm one of the few that shows up for work. After having to work on christmas eve, it's not for me. I managed to save so money and we planned to start ivf in Jan. Now i'm back on the ivf road again. I've had many-too-many ectopic pg.

My dh medical plan doesn't cover ivf, or any meds. We plan to do ivf and later try natural ivf. If that doesn't work back to ivf again. I don't want to be on the drugs for long periods of time. I know ivf doesn't always work the first time. We have planned for this for years. I'm ready for the crazy ride!!!

thanks for all who listened. I'm sure this will be a great place to talk and vent.

have a great day and good luck to us all.



sunny72 - January 10

Hi All. I am new fairly new here. I am 34, my hubby is 30. We are forunate to have a 2.5 year old daughter. It took us three year to conceive her and after finding more out about my fertility I realize how lucky that was. Still I hold out hope for another one. We have been married 9 years, we meet while we were travelling in Europe 11 years ago. We've been trying for our second for just over a year.

We live in the New England area. I work part-time doing administrative work at a non-profit child and family service agency and my hubby is in healthcare.

I love photography and would like to do more painting besides painting fairies on my daughter's walls. :)

I look forward to learning from you guys and sharing ideas and having somewhere to express the frustrations.



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