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Karen123 - June 16

Hi all. I've been getting the support and understanding from all of you that I've needed and it's been great. I was thinking I feel like I know you. But then I was thinking, I only know about how nice you are and about your desire for a child and the history behind that. Would anyone care to tell a little bit more? I completely understand if you dont but I thought it would be great to hear about some of the other aspects of your lives.

For me:
I'm a Cost Accountant and an Accts. Payable Supervisor of one great girl. I live in a house we had built 4 years ago in a very quiet town with my DH, two teens and absolutely adorable and lovable Boxers named Jake and Cleo. They've been my babies for a year and a half now and I can't imagine my life without those cuties. I love going to movies, shopping with my girls and playing with my dogs. I'm a big fan of the shows ER, The Apprentice and Desperate Housewives. I'm a pretty emotional person and am concerned that all I'll do is cry when I start the meds for my IVF. Oops, I mentioned IVF...I guess I can't talk about me without mentioning that too since it's such a big part of me now. Anyway, hope I didn't bore you....just thought it would be nice to know more than just the fertility part of you wonderful ladies. :) karen


HeatherMac - August 9

Hey! This is so cool...I feel like I've known many of you for a while, and now it seems the stories behind the women make perfect sense!! The picture is now complete!!

So, as for me, well, I'm 36 and DH is 35. We met through mutual friends...friends I've had since grade school. I was always friends with the guys because I rode motorcycles and would go off and have fun with them, and their girlfriends wouldn't...so I always had tons of friends and fun. I've actually managed to maintain those friendships even now. Though, now I have to say I'm closer to their wives than I am with them...especially given the infertility portion of the program.

DH & I were totally made for each other. Neither one of us takes too much terribly seriously, except this fertility business. We were friends first, got to know each other and when it happend, it happened and we've never looked back!! We are so close, and while we have our ups and downs, I thank God every day for him...because I dated some REAL losers that I am grateful I never married. WHEW!!!

We have a feisty 14 year old cat named Echo, whom I adore and place just as highly as DH. Echo and I were together for years before DH came along, so the pecking order may be a bit skewed. Wow, I sound crazy don't I?? But, I went through some really tough times before DH came along and Echo was there the whole time...so I don't think it's THAT crazy.

DH left his job as a computer tech to be a cop. We lived in Chicago for while where he found LOTS of computer work (his speciality is Macintosh), but when we moved back to Cincinnati, well, no Macs. So, he's a cop. Nice transition! As for me, I was going to be a television producer, but ended up in radio instead and now do commercial voice overs for a living. So, really, I just get paid to talk... a job DH will tell you I am tremendously overqualified for.

Infertility took from us more than I could have ever imagined - years of our life, money we'll never get back, time we should have spent together in love rather than apart and scared. But, I feel it has also made me, and DH, far wiser...wiser about what is really important and what really matters. When it comes to trivial B.S., I am totally enthralled with my newfound ability to now tell someone, "That really doesn't mean a damn thing to me." and not feel bad about not caring about crap that really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. I can now say "NO" with confidence...mean it...and NOT feel guilty about it! I'm just sorry this was how I had to find my spine.

Well, girls, I've babbled on enough. It's just fun to see what truly incredible women we are - gathered here hoping to use our powers for good. I wish we had met at a conference for women trying to solve the world's problems, but I am more than grateful we met here. I would not have survived without the support of this site and the women who offer their experience, strength and hope.



SamanthaS - August 13

Sorry its been so long since I have been on here. I came a while back but the boards were all messed up. I also recently just moved to a new apartment.. so ive been busy..I think it's great that everyone has put their stories out there, now it's time for mine...

Im 18 years old, and engaged to one of the best men I have ever met. We have been together almost 3 years. We live in an apartment in Maryland with our 2 dogs. A shih-tzu named Kibbles and a miniature chihuahua named Hercules.. They are my children.. As for work I do childcare 45hours a week for my cousin,and 30 hours for my sister. My cousins son is a little over a year and very bad.. and my sisters sons are 1, 3, and 5. It's definately a lot of work. I think im healing pretty well from the miscarriage, but I am still trying to conceive. Being around all the children just makes me want one more. I get criticized for being 18, unmarried, and trying to get pregnant. But my fiance and I have decided that this is what we want. When not occupied with other things I spend my spare time (lately) Playing Super Nintendo until I die, then taking a 2 mile walk.. (I started a diet, and it seems these are the only things that keep me from "im bored -eating"). When Im not doing that I spend time with my fiance or my mother... I dont lead a very exciting life.. but it's good enough for me.. :)


SMS1129 - August 14

Hi ladies,

I am an IT manager at a financial services firm. I have been there for 16 years now. DH is a carpenter.

We have a 2 year old dog named Riley. He is the most amazing dog and he has filled our lives with joy since we got him from the shelter. I met my husband through a mutual friend. He did some work on my townhouse and we became friends. 2 1/2 years later, we got married and bought a house. We have been trying to have a child ever since.

We love to cook dinner together and watch movies. We also love to go out with friends or hang out by the pool and bbq. I love to shop...for anything. We are both pretty easy going.

This was a great idea, Karen.



Annie S - August 16

Hi, my name is Annie and my husband and I are now just starting to seriously consider IVF. Trying to learn more about it but I don't know of any resources or people who have gone through this procedure.

Jim my husband and I were married this year. We have both been divorced and have 4 children between us and now we would like one of our own. Shortly before my divorce from my ex husband, I had my tubes tied. I thought I would never want to be with anyone again nor did I ever think someone would want to marry me so I thought that tying my tubes wouldn't be a problem, well everything's different now.

Is there any kind of information you can share with me about IVF? Resources, contacts? I live in Texas and really don't know where to start. I would appreciate any help or advice from you.


Karen123 - August 17

Annie, I did IVF this year. It was a hard decision to make emotionally and financially but I think once you decide that it's the way to go for you and your family, you commit yourself and go for it. I started with research on line. I considered a tubal reversal and paid for a consultation over the phone with a doctor who does them but my regular ob/gyn said I had a better chance with IVF since I'm 39 years old. I think every situation is very unique and you need to really think hard and long and make your decision. IVF was the hardest thing I've ever been through. I have pretty bad ARthritis and had to give up my pain medicine for this and that wasn't easy. I also was terrified of shots and really had a big adjustment to make to get myself to do it but here I am with two miracles growing inside me. I wish you the best. Good luck to you in making your dream come true no matter what you decide. Karen


baby4us - September 7

Hi everyone.. I was just reading through this post and it is so fun to find out who is who!
I am 37, Hubby is 38.. we live outside of Toronto, Canada... in the boonies on a small farm.. well.. if you call two dogs (Border Collie x's and a cat.. a farm!) But we love fixing up this old house.. sailing and riding our motorcycle -- the dogs take turns in the side car!

I have my own marketing and communications consulting company and I feel so lucky to be able to work from home, especially during all of these treatments, etc. Hubby is with a Financial firm.

We love to go cycling and hiking with the dogs.. and of course we are out sailing almost every weekend in the summer. And we love to ski (both cross country and downhill once the winter settles in!)But we too are home bodies and love to sip a glass of red wine out back on the hill, cook some wonderful meals and just enjoy each other. So I hope we don't sound too boring!


pj - September 7

thanks to everyone for their stories. it's neat getting to know you better. (now i just have to keep everyone's story matched with their correct name in my head. lol.)
as for me, i'm 32 until next wednesday. my dh just turned 34 in july. we've been married nine years, and knew each other for at least two before that. (i can't believe it's been over a decade! it seems so short a time.)
we have one dog, pandora, and two cats, digit and founder. we had a husky named shamus, but he got lymphoma and had to be put down last year on the day after my birthday. (i'm going for my u/s tomorrow morning to kick off my frozen cycle, so let's hope this birthday is much better.)
i work in a hospital in upstate new york with cancer patients and with the women's & children's services. it gives me so much hope to see the miracles in labor and delivery and the nicu every day.
i grew up in alabama though. (btw my family is fine.) dh grew up in virginia, which is where we met at the birthday party of a mutual friend.
for fun, i watch movies (love that escape!), read, or do crafts. right now, i'm teaching myself to crochet. i'm making baby blankets of hope. i also like to sing and act, but i haven't done much of either one of those lately. and i've written poems for as long as i can remember. (my first one was about the dentist.)
i also enjoy going to church and hanging out with my pastor. she's really cool.
i guess that's the pertinent stuff about me.
thanks for this thread.


Fortyfour - September 7

Great stories.


sblanton2 - September 7

Hi all,
I too think this is a great idea. There isn't too much to tell about me. I am 32 dh is 37 we have been married 4 years we live in Hope Mills, NC. I was married for 8 1/2 years previously and have four beautiful daughters with the ex jerk ranging in age from 14 down to 9.
My husband and I have been fortunate to have children in our life but long to do it together from the start. We also have a ward, a beautiful headstrong 17 yr old girl who is the daughter of my bestfriend. So my poor husband lives in a house with 6 women....LOL
I am a licensed hair dresser, after getting bored w ith that I joined the Army and met my Mr. Right on a deployment to Bosnia. Currently I am a full time mom and college student. I should graduate in March 2006 with a B.S. in management.
We also have three mastiffs, 2 English Mastiffs and 1 Bull mastiff. That ladies is my life. Hope I didn't bore you to tears.
I truly do not know what I would do without the support of you ladies. Sometimes I do not even post, just read and it makes me feel better. I no longer feel alone in this.

Babydust to us all,


pj - September 8

oh sylvia! i'm soooooo jealous. i moved here to the cold northeast from nc and i miss it terribly! i can't wait to get back to my roots down south (and nc would be my state of choice at this point.) please take in the sights and sounds for me. tell north carolina i miss her and i'm coming home again as soon as i can.

sorry for the lunatic rant. it's just so hard being a southerner in new york. they don't understand that temps in the 40s in september are odd. i guess that's fodder for some other board "misplaced southerners" or something. :-)


sblanton2 - September 8

I understand, I have been a military wife and or a soldier since I turned 18 and have lived in the Southeast since.
Ex was from New York and I hated it, I grew up in Arkansas(no Clinton cracks please!)
My husband and I just had a very relaxing beautiful weekend in Wilmington, NC. We just walked alot looked at historic houses went to the cotton exchange and enjoyed the beauty and grace of it all. Hope you get home soon.

Best to everyone,


christina - October 9

Great Idea! ;)

This site has been very helpful and very encouraging!!

I am 33 DH 34 one amazing son 5 1/2 - that we are blessed with.

Secondary infertility for us - male factor and tubal factor for me - its amazing that we have our little guy!! Still TTC for #2 - Started shots today which made us both SO excited - 1st IVF for us!!

I am a Certified Massage Therapist doing Theraputic Massage at a Chiropractors office and love every minute of making others feel better! No stress involved in my job its a wonderful thing! ;D

Thanks for all the encouragement - This is the best site I have been on - I have stopped going to all others! You guys are all supportive no matter your own situations - that is amazing!

Thanks for all the positive & kind words!



shannon - October 14

Hey everyone-

For some reason I can't sign in, but my screen name is really SHANSY.

How cool to see what everyone is all about! I am 29 and DH will be 29 in a couple of months. TTC for 2 1/2 years. 2 failed IUI's, going for 3rd in November.

I am an Elementary teacher. I have taught 3rd, 4th, and 2nd grade. This year I decided to try a new job- I am a Literacy Coach for an Elementary building. I work with the teachers on training them the best practices on how to teach children how to read. I love it. It allows me to go into all of the classrooms, work with the students, and share my ideas with the teachers. Eventually though (maybe in a couple of years),I will go back into the classroom as a regular teacher.

My DH is an engineer. We live in Michigan. We have a house- it is our first. We like working on it and we would like to move in a year or so. We have 2 cats- Murphy and Bandit. I've had Murphy since I was 13 years-old. She has hyperthyroid so I give her meds 2 times a day. (The cat and I have something in common-always on medicine! ;D ) Bandit is 1 1/2 years-old and he is quite a handful! He loves to race around the house and jump on poor old Murphy.

I have a large family-most live close by. We see each other at least once a week. I have about 5 friends that I have known since elementary school and 7 that I have met later on in life.

I enjoy reading, painting, playing the piano, teaching, and watching movies.

I will keep everyone in my prayers- babydust to all!


oneandonlymel - October 16

It is really nice reading these stories and getting to know everyone a little more!
I am 35 soon to be 36 on Oct 24th, I am on my 2nd marriage to my soul mate whom I met a year after my divorce, first husband always thought the grass was greener on the other side, the sad thing was he had a little girl 14 months when we met, around 3 she started calling me mom and to this day she still does.( she's 14 now ) she lives out of state, but we talk and write all the time. I miss and love her dearly. It was painful leaving her in my divorce. I have been through alot in the last 12 years, I have had major back surgery, 3 knee surgeries that resulted in my knee-cap being removed, and had a scare with cancer! I was blessed meeting my current husband and he is the love of my life. I am a dental assitant and my husband drives for UPs we have 1 dog and 2 cats that are like my kids!
It was hard when we decided to start a family that it just didnt' happen and I was afraid it wasn't meant to happen, I was diagnosed with homo MTHFR and Factor II and through lovenox twice a day I am currently pregnant with my 4th after 3 miscarriages I have made it to 15 weeks!! I am worried all the time, I wanted it so bad I am afraid it will be taken away!


LillyO - April 22

Hi all
I just joined and thought I would post here. I am 40yrs old dh is almost 30 yrs old. Been together for 11 yrs, been married for almost 5yrs. I have 2 children, my daughter is 22yrs and my son is 17yrs. We live in Oregon, run our own business of design/manufacturing performance parts for cars. My dh also has a full time job, so we don't see each other to much.. Enjoy watching movies, watching dh racing his car at the drag races, going to my sons track meets/football games.. We have 3 puppies, Max (he is german shepard/lab mix), Kodi ( he is husky/lab mix), and Zander (he was suppose to be german shepard/lab mix, but isn't, not sure what he is). We are going thru our 2nd IVF.. transfered 5 on day 5. Crossing our fingers.. I go in Wednesday April 26,06 and find out...I hate this waiting game we have to play..


maryr - May 18

I am new to the boards also. I decided to join because all of you are so positive. I am twenty eight and work at a department store while waiting to get pregnant. I have a very supportive husband who i have been with for eleven years this Saturday. My husband has been with Hooters for a very long time. I love The orange county house wives. They should do another season. It's too bad that Lori was dating slade while Joe was seperated from him, friends don't do that!!
I have no children but have been pregnant before, I'm just waiting for a normal pregnancy. I have been taking ovulex for a month or so now, along with a organic diet. hopefully it will work. If I don't ever have a baby God has another plan for me. There are many children out there looking for a someone to love them.
All of you ladies are very supportive with each other it makes me feel that there is hope.



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