Waiting is so hard!
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SamanthaS - April 28

Just looking for some help to control myself!... I am trying so hard to wait till May 1st to test again.. My mother started her cycle today.. and we are synchronized so I should be coming any day.. lets hope I don't! I just need some help controlling my urge to test!... I dont feel like this is my month.. I dont feel like I could get that lucky! You ladies on here are strong and Im hoping it rubs off on me!! Thanks for listening!


shaz - April 29

Hi Samantha,

You are so right, waiting is the hardest part. I think that everyone will agree that during that 2ww, no-one feels strong at all. You dont have to be. It is such a rollercoaster this ttc.....We are here to support you in anyway.....

Good luck, only 2 days till you can test...



ElizabethS - April 29

Samantha - hang in there.....waiting is extremely hard. I tested too early and got a negative....and had a terrible day. Only to find out that we were pregnant a few days later.

Take care....we are here for you!


Lynne - April 29

I understand the urge to know, I'm in the 2ww myself and it is ridiculously hard to not run out and get a test even though I know that if I test early I would get a negative and be devistated. Like elizabeth mentioned if you test early you are looking at a possible false negative and the roller coaster ride that goes along with it. Hold on Sunday will be here soon enough, baby wishes to you. Lynne


Dianepassion5352 - October 16

I completely understand also. i am in the 2 week waiting period also. i had my first IUI on 10/2 and my period is due on 10/20. I have thought about testing early and almost bought a test the other day. But i know it wont be accurate. SO we both have to hang in there. We have to support each other in the time of waiting and uncertainty. Good luck to all, remember we are in this together.


Brianandjena - November 14

HI i would like to know . Did u get a positive?


coriena - May 16

i no what you mean iv been waiting for 3 years im only 20 iv got pcos and im on metformin and clomid i had my first period last month and just started clomid i got 2 more periods to wait for i just want a baby now its anoying wen ur late on and u get the test kit n it always says negative and then u come on ur period the day later i got told that if i carnt get pregnant with in 2 year then i would have 2 have ivf iv got 1 year left to try i had 2 wait 2 and a half years to get the clomid because they said i was 2 yonge but iv been with my boyfriend 4 years we live together i work we are ready for children 100% hes 26 he wants kids aswell i feel i carnt give him what he wants so bad as i do 2 i want at least 4 kids. i dont think it will happen for me because i dont ovulate at least thats what the test kit says. what can make u it easyer to get pregnant what should u stop and what should u do? and good luck to every one that wants children xxxxx


Briana143 - June 21

Hello, I am 25 years old and I am trying to have a baby with my DH for 4 years now, we finally went to FS and found out that the problem is that I do not Ovulate I have to wait until 7/7/08 for my first round of shots and meds, and then I have to wait for my first IUI, I am so excitied. I wish everyone the best of luck in the endeavors and I will be keeping in touch.


Briana143 - July 21

I had 2 IUI's over the weekend and everything went great, I expected it to hurt more than it did, it really didn't hurt at all. I have to go back on 7/24/08 for a hormone level check and then I go back on 08/4/08 for my PT. I am so excitied!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!!


Need good news - August 1

Hi Briana,
I had my first IUI on 7/26 and can test 8/8. I have 5 PTs in the hall closet just waiting. Last month was our first month trying to conceive (naturally), so I tested every day for over a week. I felt more prego then than I do now. I think my husband is going to lock them up if he catches me testing early, so I must wait. The cost of tests in addition to fertility expenses will add up. I wish the tests didn't promise a 5 day early result. Best of luck.



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