TTC Buddies for the New Year
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KaraFoxfire - January 1

Hello everyone.

My name is Nicole. I was looking for TTC buddies on different boards. They all seemed out of date, so I decided to start my own. I'm new around here, so I'll introduce myself...

I'm 24 years old, from New England. My DH and I have been TTC #2 since July of 2006. I'm a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. My GYN has referred me to an RE because of my diabetes. I haven't gone yet, cause I'm really nervous. Luckily I live in Mass, and my insurance covers a great deal.

We o'd on (or around, cause you can't be too sure) 12-24-06. So I'm in the dreaded 2ww. Ugh. And of course I -feel- pregnant. I feel pregnant every month. *Grumble* But did have some light spotting 7-9 days after I o'd, 8 days before AF is due. I had this with #1. Argh! So frustrating.

So any ladies who have been trying, or are just trying this month... maybe we can stick together. Here's to hoping!


sundance007 - February 4

Hi. I just discovered this site and am pleased to see current boards. A lot of the ones I've stumbled on before were way out of date. My DH and I have been TTC for over a year. We just started our first cycle of IUI. Did you get lucky last month? Would love to chat with others who are going through the same emotional rollercoaster that infertility can create!


amyjoy - March 4

Hi gals! I just took my last dose of clomid this morning and I go in for u/s and blood work tomorrow. Then we will know better around what date I will take the trigger and schedule the IUI. I am also on Lovenox injections to add to the mix of everything else.


Anngie60 - March 6

Hi everyone, did post this on different place but thought i would introduce myself to all here also. have been reading some of these boards for the last few weeks and everyone seems really nice and very helpful. Me and partner decided to start trying 3 months ago, i stopped the pill (been on it for 10 years) and promised myself i would forget about it and let it happen when it happens. Well, as you can imagine, its not worked out that way!! Every month out come the ovulation sticks, checking cm etc etc!! Im obsessing!!!!! Then i read stories for those who it happens instantly and im green with envy! I know im being irrational as its very early days but i cant help it! Anyone else doing the same?? Im armed with all the pregnancy knowledge i can possible keep in my head, just to keep myself occupied! I dont feel stressed with it all, just very excited and obsessive. And of course there is the worry it may not happen. My boyfriend of course is in his own little world and has no idea of my constant thinking of the subject, i just dont think he would understand. So here i am in my own little bubble until it happens! Would love to chat to others in the same boat! Good luck to all of you! Angela x x x x


Anngie60 - March 6

Thought i would add my ticker - bear with me if it doesnt work!!



Freshstart - July 6

My DW and I have been TTC for past 6 months. It's not happening so we're going to try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) soon. Not sure if anyone here has tried non-traditional approaches, but I've read about several positive stories.


mrssherifel - August 6

My husband and I will start the first cycle of IVF in about two weeks. Fortunately for him he gets to miss most of the hormonal fits I will have from the meds. We knew from the beginning of our marriage that we might have to use IVF to have a child. I think the hardest part for me is that I am living overseas with his family while he is deployed so there will be a language barrier at the clinic and I am NOT having my father in law translate at a gynecologist. This is all getting so frustrating.


kimberliley - December 29

Hi Everyone!

My DH and I have decided to have a baby. Although I must admit it is a little sooner then when we thought.

Ok I gues the begining would be a good place to start.
5 years ago my sister and I were preg. at the same time and were due three days apart. Do to pre-eclampsia I was induced at 37 weeks. We found out the very same night they start inducing me that my sisters baby had died in the womb. In an effort to prevent the babies from being born the same day they gave her a medication to slowly start her labor so I should start a day after i delivered. They did not know that she had, had a placenta abruption and so the meds they gave her caused her to start hemeraging. So we ended but delivering are babies the same day after all.

We found out a year later that we both have the clotting disorder mthf. ( i think that is theright letters).
Anyway we both decided about the same time we wanted to have more children but as a result of our med. history we decided to try to work it out that we would get preg. about two months after each other.

We were do to start in march. My sister was 9 weeks preg. she lost it and had her D&C today. We decided last night that we would start this month becuase the DOc told her she need to wait two moths before trying. So it is now or never.
The reason I write is that it has takin me five years to get up the courage to try again and now I am really scared. My sister has had one successful preg. with the heprin. So I was feeling ok about every thing. But when the Doc did the D & C he was suprised to fin clots in the placenta and had my brother in law not leave the hospital before he had 11 vials of blood taken to be tested in boston some where and the tresults will not be back for three weeks.
So i have lots of question no answers and I really can not ask my sister at the moment becuase she is really upset.
Anyway so here we go off into the TTC blue yander. I am very nervous and I gues what I am looking for is just a group of women to talk to.
But I must tell you ladies my problem is not with conceiving but rather with keeping so I hope you will let me in your group.


Vallie - January 6

I'm 33 and have been ttc for a year and a half. In 2001 I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. Had a laparotomy to remove the 2 huge cysts on my ovaries. I knew then it would not be easy to get PG in the future. I just went to an RE on 12/18/07. Our only option is IVF. I have a class on 1/22/08. I think I'll be learning about all the meds and how to adminster them. This whole process is overwhelming and scary. It feels good to know i'm not alone in this. So glad I found this site today. It is hard to talk to others about this. Some are understanding, some are not. I'm having a hard time dealing with the stupid comments like "My friend had it. You'll be fine" The best advice so far was "It SUCKS but you'll get thru it." I'm trying to remember this and forget the stupid/hurtful.



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