ttc buddies for april
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oneandonlymel - March 19

I know there are so many of us ttc, some of us just miscarried and it seems we are scattered throughout the boards, I was wondering who is starting over in April. I just miscarried in March so after my first cycle which should be the first week of april we can start trying again. I just thought it would be nice to gather everyone and share our stories until we all switch over to the pregnancy board where we belong ;D


Fortyfour - April 6

Good luck SamanthaS.


SMS1129 - April 6

Thanks ladies for your support. It means alot! I spoke to the dr today and have an u/s scheduled for Thursday to start the process again. They are looking to change medication and/or dosage this time, so we'll see.

Hoping for good news at the end of April! Best wishes to everyone else trying this month!! You guys are great!



oneandonlymel - April 6

Samantha- sorry about your loss! Welcome to the month of April! I am excited that we can try again, yet so nervous about having a 3rd miscarriage! I am going to get an ovulation kit next week and see what happens.

Sue- I hope the end of April brings good news!

To everyone else here- I pray we all have good news at the end of the month!


SamanthaS - April 11

:) Thanks for all the good luck wishes. After my m/c, when my doc said to join a message board for support I didn't think it would help. But it really has helped to see that other women(sadly) have been through the same thing. If only every pregnancy was perfect... I'm getting more and more excited.. and I really hope all of us ttc in April will have good lucK! Or for that matter any of us ttc has good luck. Thanks for listening!


cassandra - April 12

Yes, I certainly agree this support has helped tremendously! It is sad that we have experienced so many losses and bumps in this road but there is so much comfort, hope and well wishers here I feel like we are all in this together.babydust to all...cassandra


SamanthaS - April 12

You gotta have someone to support ya thats for sure! My ovary has been hurting today so I think maybe I should spend the night alone with my fiance'. It's nice to be able to try again. Thank again everyone!


oneandonlymel - April 14

well I the yesterday I tested positive for ovulation so the game begins! I am so nervous and worried to become pregnant again! I am not trying to get my hopes up, since in 3 years we have only been pregnant twice and both ending, we have tried everything during those 3 years, but stand on our heads so if it doesn't happen this month we will just have to try again. I use cry every month AF showed up and I dont' want to get that way again!

cassandra-talking on this board has helped me alot I feel I have been a broked record to my friends and family and here every one of us is going through the same thing-

samantha- good luck and i know what you mean it is nice to be able to try again!


SamanthaS - April 14

Good luck!!!! Maybe we will both get our wishes this month!!!


paige - April 19

Hi I'm new and I am doing a frozen cycle April 27th. I am ver excited and hope we all get great results! This will be my third and last try so pray for me please!


WantsBaby2 - April 19

Welcome to the site. I will say lots of prayers for a positive. I will toss buckets of baby dust your way. Good luck and keep us posted Paige. Come to this site during your 2ww. It's a great way to pass the time and the ladies on here are really wonderful and supportive. Take care and I will keep my fingers crossed for you!



Fortyfour - April 20

Oneandonlyone - good luck this month.

Paige, i wish you the best. Baby dust to all.



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