There's a Baby Boom
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BabyBound - April 26

Hi Ladies, I just got a BFP ;D ;D ;D ;D. I never thought blue was my favorite color...the line was a gleaming bright blue. This is so amazing. I still shaking. This was our first IUI and we got it!!! My dh is telling me not to celebrate to much...we not out of the woods yet. I'm just so happy that we've made it this far.

Shaz-it's your turn next.

You ladies are so supportive and loving. I don't know what I would've done without this site.

Good luck to all that are still in the struggle.


SamanthaS - April 27

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! It's so great to see yet another positive this month!!!!! It definately gives me hope!! They say spring is mating season.. its when all the squirrels, cats and bunnies have all the luck with having babies.. maybe the same goes for humans! Haha.. Good luck for everything.. I will pray for a healthy pregnancy for you! Enjoy it!


JJ - April 27

I just wanted to say congratulations :) I am so excited for you, good luck with everything.


WantsBaby2 - April 27

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow a lot of news around here lately. I wish you a happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancy! I am so happy for you!



AnnieO27 - April 27

Congratulations BB!! You must be thrilled beyond belief!

OK, so since I'm new here, please someone indulge me a bit with the BFP and IUI.

I'm just realizing that the world of infertility has it's own language.


ElizabethS - April 27

Babybound - I got tears in my eyes with your good news. Congratulations! I am so happy for you.

Shaz- I am so eager to get your results.....I just KNOW it will be 3:3.

Words just can't do justice for my joy. Take care of yourself and keep in touch. I can't wait to share baby pictures come January!


shanie2005 - April 27

that is WONDERFUL for you and hubby! woooooo hoooooooo!!!

take care!


BabyBound - April 27

Thanks ladies for all the well wishes. I'm still freaking out. How will I ever get to sleep tonight.

Annie: BFP=Big Fat Positive and IUI=Interuterine Insemination. Believe me you will get the hand of it in no time.


shaz - April 27


I am so happy for you. I have tears in my eyes. I just posted in the other thread. I was getting worried as I hadnt heard, but I wasnt sure because of the time difference.....I am so excited. I feel like I know you and Elizabeth personaly.....

Enjoy your pregnancy....

My turn tomorrow!!!!!! I dont even know how I feel today. I just want it over with. I will definately let you know one way or another though.




shaz - April 27

Well I caved into the pressure. I could not wait one more minute. I just did a hpt.....The result...

a big fat positive......

I just pray that it's right. I mean there is no reason it wouldnt be right??????

Wow, it really looks like it may be 3 for 3....

I will post when I get this confirmed tomorrow



ElizabethS - April 27

SHAZ!!!! YEAH!!!!! Home pregnancy test don't lie. Let's hear it for 3:3! I just knew it. Congratulations. I am overjoyed for you.

You and baby bound have been so amazing. It has been so comforting going through this experience with the two of you and everyone else on this board.

Let us know what your beta numbers are on Friday.


Debie - April 27

CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS. It just keeps getting better doesn't it. How I love April showers!!!!!

Happy and Healthy nine months.

Lots of luv to all.



Debie - April 27

OMG OMG, Shaz I hadn't read your post, I only read Babybound's and got too excited and started to respond.

Congratulations to you too. If I'm counting correctly, there's 4 BFPs this week yours, Babybound, Oneandonly and mine. This is good news and I trust there will be more soon.

I'm happy for all of us.




WantsBaby2 - April 27

Oh my goodness girls! There's a whole lot of babymaking going on around here! Congratulations EVERYONE!!!!!! Happy nine months girls!



Lynne - April 27

What ever you girls have I hope it's catching, mail me your germs ;D I'm willing to try anything this round. I hope I can join you in 11 days ( 2 weeks is way too long). Shaz you have to let us know about the confirmation ( even though we already know the results), it's always nice to get to celebrate twice.

4:4 way to go ladies :D :D

Baby dreams to you all. Lynne


BabyBound - April 27

Shaz- WHAT! WHAT! A BFP. I'm so happy for you. It's overwhelming all the the BFPs lately. I hope the streak continues.

Keep us posted on your numbers...I went in for beta this morning so I will have my numbers this afternoon.

We're on a roll ladies...let's keep it coming!


Fortyfour - April 28

Congrats Chaz - let us know how you are doing.



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