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Misscleo - June 21

Hi, everyone. I guess I came to this board for not only support but also for help.

My husband and I were just told by a urologist that we are going to need IVF to have children. I am 22 and he is 24 so this was devastating to us. We had an idea that this was a possibility. My husband as atypical cystic fibrosis and 95% of men with that disease are sterile. I guess you just always hope you’re in that 5%, which is why we went to see the urologist. That’s when we got the news. He has Bi lateral absence of the vas deferens.

The worst part about it is that we are so young; we just got married and bought a house. Were already up to our eyeballs in debt. We just can't afford IVF; in our case it is even more because we need ICIS.

I have a daughter from a previous relationship (which I consider myself blessed to have), but my husband and I want to have a child together more than anything.

I am considering doing a donor cycle to get the money to travel to the Cooper center in NJ to do a shared cycle. I live in Michigan, they only give you 3,000 a cycle and that's not even 1/3 of the cost for my own IVF. I'm at a loss, $3,000 isn't even enough to cover our time off work and traveling expenses to go to NJ to get it done. The Doctor told us not to wait, the younger the better he said. I want to have a baby ASAP as well.

I don't want to cross any lines on this chat group, but I as I said above I am looking for support, but help as well. I am looking for someone to share a cycle at Cooper in exchange for help with the costs on our end. I talked to a rep. from Cooper and she told me that she thought with my profile I would be one of the first one's chosen off the donor list when it goes out to waiting recipients. That doesn't help me if I can not afford to get to NJ or take the time off work, you know? I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday of this week to talk to a fertility clinic about my options, but the consultation alone is $175. I don't know really what I want to do. I don't really like the idea of just basically selling my eggs to a stranger, you know. They get to pick me, but what do I know about them? I just think I would be more comfortable at least meeting or having dinner with the person/persons receiving a part of myself.

I think the shared cycles are great because everyone involved gets something good. I get help with my IVF costs, the recipient gets my eggs, and hopefully we both get babies!!! Nobody is in it for finical gain; it's only for the good of both parties.

A shared cycle to me seems safer to the recipient for several reasons!!!

-First being I have as much invested in the process as you so you know that the vitality of my eggs is top priority, I will take my meds as prescribed and abstain from things as needed to produce a good amount of eggs and good quality. (I have a two year old daughter so my fertility has been established)
-Second I have experienced that Dr. appt where they tell you, you can't have children naturally and I'm willing to share my eggs not only to help my family but also to help another family overcome infertility, and if requested to be an open donation we can provide support to each other through this difficult time, because we would be cycling together.

Well just in case anyone may be interested here is a little about me

I am 22 Years old
I have brown hair, very thick was straight to wavy/after baby went to spiral curls ??
-Brown eyes
-medium complexion
-dimples both sides (to some people it's a favorable trait) my daughter also has them.
I am 5'1
small/medium build
I have a mix of 25% Irish, 25% Hispanic, French and Hungarian
O+ blood type
I am currently a Nursing student and have always carried good grades and never had a hard time learning or catching on to things.
I am very active and healthy, my husband my daughter and I take a two mile bike ride almost every night.
I love to swim and my daughter does as well

I don’t want it to seem like I am on here trying to sell my eggs. I’m on here because I want to have more babies.


Misscleo - June 22

Well I had my appt. today and all is well. The doctor at a local IVF clinic is willing to do a shared cycle if he can find a match for us to donate. He was very optimistic though!!! He said we could start IVF by Sept. The bad news is I went to my pharmacy and my insurance doesn't cover my meds. So we are still looking at around 5,000 to cycle, which we don't have??

I've read all these good things about this board and all the support but no one seems to respond to questions? Maybe I just have to much free time on my hands at work. I keep hoping for some miracle couple to come out of the woodwork and offer to help us pay for our IVF for our eggs. I even bought a lottery ticket today, which I never do. Wish us luck, if anyone is out there!! I must have checked the board 6 times last night alone. I just want to have a baby so badly, I can hardly stand it!!



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