On Our way!!!!
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sblanton2 - June 5

Hey all, Winn (my DH) and I are on our way to D.C. now. Our consultation is tomorrow but we didn't want to have to get up and drive 4 hours early in the morning. Plus a night in the capitol should do us good. I'll let you all know how it goes when I get back, hopefully I will be given a cycle date. Wish us luck!!!!!



meridithhasfaith - June 5

Good luck, Sylvia! I will be looking for your post when you come back!



Debie - June 7

So glad your trip went well. Time will fly and it will be October soon soon. Hang in there.



WantsBaby2 - June 7

Good news Sylvia! I am glad the doctor is so hopeful. The summer will fly.......just enjoy it and know that this fall will bring good things for you! Take care and keep us posted.



sblanton2 - June 7

Thank you ladies, I just wish they would have frozen the sprem they found during his biopsy so we didn't have to wait. But at that point Winn and I were just on a fact finding mission. Now I am on a mission to have a baby or two...LOL
I ask the RE how many embryos he would transfer he told me into someone like me only 2. I will just be happy to get a +++ test ya know.
Wantsbaby2, DC was beautiful!!!! We went up the day earlier to just relax prior to all this starting, I saw the Jefferson memorial, the Capitol building the White House and lots more amazing things. We drove around neighborhoods and looked at the houses. It was just a great trip. Only one thing would keep me from wanting to move there and that is the traffic! It is crazy, but I am a small town girl, so some of you citiy girls probably wouldn't mind. It is beautiful and CLEAN....
Well, I will post more later, time to get the DH up and ready for work. Take care all.

Baby days for us all,


whynotme - June 7

Hey Sylvia,

I was just wondering what fertility center you're going to in DC. I'm going to the GIVF in Fairfax, VA and everything the docs had to say sounds just like the docs I'm dealing with.

Just curious if we're going to the same place or not.



Karen123 - June 7

Sylvia, I'm glad you had a nice time in DC and that you have such a high rate of success! Wow 70%?? That's amazing!! I've been given a 40% chance. But you know, I watched a show on TV where a girl was given a 10% chance to live. Well, she did live. So I was thinking I could just as easily be that 4 out of 10 that do get pregnant as that 6 out of 10 that don't. So even at 40% chance, I'm very eager to get moving. I'm sorry that you have to wait until October but you can enjoy your summer, get the testing done like you mentioned and it'll be here before you know it! BEST of luck! Karen


sblanton2 - June 7

hey, the 70% was fertilization of the eggs with my husbands sperm with ICSI. Even with them putting it directly into the egg it is not always a sure thing. The Re was pretty sure if we got good quality eggs and they fertilized there would be no problems, but i will know more my chances after my CCCT test and HSG. Which will be mid month or early next month. I'll keep ya'll posted as to my updates after these tests.

Baby days to us all.


sblanton2 - June 7

My husband is in the military so we were referred to Walter Reed. The doctor's at Walter Reed sub contract the actual labs(to include the fertilization of the eggs) to a local IVF clinic. I am not sure which ones. The RE's are military doctors specializing in Reproductive Endo crinology. This is how we save so much money, we only pay for the labs, even the medications are free. It is a good program, our total cost for the first cycle with ICSI will be right around 4,000.00.
I love the area up there, is that where you all live? Well, take care and I will keep you all in my thoughts,


meridithhasfaith - June 7


I just now got a chance to get on the boards today. I am glad your visit went so well! The waiting for October isn't the greatest but you seem to be dealing with it very well and are looking at the positive...the tests will be done, etc.
It's great you got a mini-vacation out of it. Ok, Micro-mini. lol But it sounds like you guys had fun!
I'm glad there is a mission for you and you have your plan. That's a great feeling.



sblanton2 - June 8

Yes, waiting until October sounds terrible but I would rather wait until we have a better chance of success. So in the meantime I will focus on preparing my body, I have a healthy BMI but would like to lose about 10 pounds prior to a pregnancy and get all my stuff out of the way. I will continue to push the issue with the clinic though b/c I spoke with the urologist that performed my husband's biopsy and he told me that 3 months was his suggestion for retrieval after biopsy, 6 months is conservative so I will talk to them again when I go for my sono saline test. That is also when we review our bloodwork.
Hope all works out well for you, when they throw something at me about ICSI that I do not understand I will be asking you....LOL Take Care.

Baby days to us all!!!



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