Now the waiting game!
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sblanton2 - May 24

I am in North Carolina, we are traveling to Washington, DC...only about 4 and a half hours away compared to some women on this site that is not far at all.
For now I am just working on getting my body prepared, working out and eating right after my consultation I will start taking prenatal to make sure my Folic acid and iron levels are good. I think I will quit reading my books for now and focus on the positive like you said. After 4 years of ttc with this husband and his initial refusal to get tested he started this process by going to a urologist and now the ball is rolling. So as you said relax....I will try.
This site and all of you are a blessing,


Fortyfour - May 26

Sylvia, my first two transfers did not hurt but I felt a little pinching when they went through the cervix. I use donor eggs so I did not go through a retrieval. The worst part of this for me was the progesteron shots. My body doesnt like them and my butt gets red and swollen. When you go through this it is best to go step by step and ask questions as you go. To wonder now, what to ask at everystep would be daunting. I found that at every new step I had a hundred new questions and it usually a learn as you go process. If i new what I did no I may have done things differently. Take care and keep in touch.

I hope this happens before Oct for you.


TTC in SoCal - June 2

Cindy... when is your pregnancy test? hope it was a big fat +++++++++ and if it isn't... well, your sisters are here for you to cry on....


snindy - June 2

TTC in SoCal,
I had the blood test yesterday morning and it is positive!!!

We are still in shock!!!!



Sydney's mom - August 18

I was wondering if you got pregnant ?
Just starting, my consult is Monday.
3 years of IUI to get my daughter who is 1. 6 months with IUI for 2nd baby. Will be trying invetro soon.

[quote author=snindy link=board=7;threadid=959;start=0#6517 date=1116588256]
I went in yesterday for the transfer. The dr couldn't get the catheder in because there was a turn in my cervix. I was in pain, especially when you have a full bladder and they are pushing down so hard, that you want to die. So after 1hour and a 1/2 of misery, the doctor finally said let's take a break and due this later.
Do you know how frustrated I was? I was crying and crying and my husband told me that everything would be ok, which it did become ok. The Dr re-did the procedure with a different catheder which only took 2 seconds compared to my 1 1/2 torture and I didn't feel a thing. It was night and day!!!

Well anyway here is the outcome. They thawd out 6 embryos and 5 made it through the thawing process. They implanted 4 . 1 embryo is looking really good but the other 3 are iffy. So I will find out June 1st if I'm pregnant or not.

I'll keep you all posted!


snindy - August 28

Sydney's mom,
I did get pregnant on the first try but I miscarried 4 days after finding out that I was finally pregnant. All the blood tests came back Negative to find out if there was something that lead to a miscarriage. It was just one of those things.

The doctor told me to take the summer off and to come back in Sept/October to get the rest of my embryos implanted. I'm crossing my fingers and praying really hard.

Praying for you also for a successful journey.




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