Now the waiting game!
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snindy - May 20

I went in yesterday for the transfer. The dr couldn't get the catheder in because there was a turn in my cervix. I was in pain, especially when you have a full bladder and they are pushing down so hard, that you want to die. So after 1hour and a 1/2 of misery, the doctor finally said let's take a break and due this later.
Do you know how frustrated I was? I was crying and crying and my husband told me that everything would be ok, which it did become ok. The Dr re-did the procedure with a different catheder which only took 2 seconds compared to my 1 1/2 torture and I didn't feel a thing. It was night and day!!!

Well anyway here is the outcome. They thawd out 6 embryos and 5 made it through the thawing process. They implanted 4 . 1 embryo is looking really good but the other 3 are iffy. So I will find out June 1st if I'm pregnant or not.

I'll keep you all posted!


Meg - May 20


Good Luck :) I am wishing you lots of BABY DUST:) I am sorry that your FET was so difficult. It is not the most pleasant of experiences that is for sure. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and may your 2ww fly by.



WantsBaby2 - May 20

Hi Cindy!
I have been thinking about you lately and wondering if you had had your transfer yet. And here you are. Wow, sorry about all the torture. My cervex is at a weird angle too, so anytime I need any of those tests I am on the table forever! I know how you feel and you have my sympathy.

How exciting! I wish you a positive at the end of this journey. I will say lots of prayers for you and keep my fingers crossed. How have you been feeling on the hormones? Has it been difficult? I will be anxiously awaiting June 1st to hear about your positive!



meridithhasfaith - May 20

Hi Cindy

I too had a rough transfer with my last (and only) cycle. It took a long time and he told me my cervix was like a corkscrew. (more than I needed to know!) This new cycle, my new RE said he is going to put a stitch in my cervix during egg retrieval so the transfer will go better. Not even sure what that means but the mock transfer did not go well. Hurt like H#$#!

I am glad you made it through and I hope this turns into the BFP you deserve!



snindy - May 20

Thanks Meg & wantsbaby2 for your support......

Wantsbaby2, I actually feel really good and I have only felt a little emotional and a little frisky from all the estrogen pumping through my body but other than that, I have been fine.
My Uterus lining is still on the thinner side than they want it so I have to take 4 estrogen pills a day, I have to wear an estrogen patch and change it weekly. The last 4 days, my husband had to give me progestrine oil shots in the butt twice a day now it's once a day. I have some restless nights because both my butt cheeks are killing me. Now since I had this procedure done, I have to continue on all the pills/patch/shots and now the progestrine suppositories 3 times a day. My house is like walking into a pharmacy. lol
Oh well, I'm sure it will be all worth it at the end.
How have you been doing with your journey?

Take care,


snindy - May 20

Meridithhasfaith, Thanks for your support also.

Since you have a cork screw cervix did it effect you during delivering your first child? I'm afraid with how my cervix is down there that I will have a problem.

Good luck on your journey....... Baby dust to you



Fortyfour - May 20

Snindy - Nice to hear from you. I hope you get your baby. Sorry the transfer was so bad. Ouch. Keep in touch.


shaz - May 20

Good luck Snidy....I pray for a BFP for you



Debie - May 23

Sorry you had so much pain. Wishing you all the best for June 1.



sblanton2 - May 23

Hey, hope all goes well for you...does the transfer always hurt? I will be going to my consultation June 6th. This is scaring me....LOL Best of luck with the pregnancy test. Take care, Sylvia


snindy - May 24

It only hurt because they used a catheder that didn't want to cooperate with my curved cervix, but when I took a break and they took a break and re-did the process, it was a piece of cake and it didn't hurt at all because they used a different catheder and it only took 2 seconds. The nurse told me that it usually takes 2 seconds and it normally doesn't hurt. It's like getting a pap smear done.

So please don't get discouraged by what I said. Some women have it easier than others, I just happen to be one of the odd balls.

Once it's done, you get pampered by your husband for 24 hours. It feels so good to just lay on the couch with your feet up and let your husband take care of things ....

Good luck with your journey,


sblanton2 - May 24

Thanks Cindy! But unfortunately my husband is not the nurturing type...LOL

Witht he way my luck has run I will be an odd ball too! I guess we shall soon see.

How big is the clinic you go to? The one I am going to only handles 400 cycles a year so I guess it is a medium sized clinic. But it may mean I can't get in for a cycle until October.... :-[ I feel like my biological clock is just ticking right in my ear about now.

Best of luck with your test on June 1st!!!!!


snindy - May 24

The clinic is pretty big, it has examing rooms to perform the ultrasounds and in the back they have a little hospital for the retrievals and transfers and whatever else they do.

If everything is ok with your body and it's responding with your meds, you may be going in sooner than you think. I'm sure the doctor will go over everything with you when you meet with him in June. It does take time so don't give up. It will be all worth it at the end.

Some questions that you may want to ask your doctor is if your insurance will cover your meds or shots. Or see if your clinic could donate the meds to you if your insurance doesn't cover them. They are not cheap and with my stupid insurance, they don't cover anything related to fertility. So my clinic was nice enough to donate some of the drugs.
If you freeze your embryos make sure you find out how much the storage fees are.

I think you said you have 4 children, if you could go through child birth, you can go through anything and this fertility stuff will be a piece of cake for you.... I know it's easier said than done, it's the waiting game that will drive you nuts but be patient.

Best of luck to you as well!


sblanton2 - May 24

Thanks for the encouragement Cindy, Walter Reed is the clinic I am going to. My husband is military so we have been referred there by his urologist. Walter Reed only charges for the lab fees, all meds and doctor services are at no cost to us. The whole thing worst case ( 3 cycles w/ICSI, assisted hatching) will run us right at 7,000.00 total for three. If we are lucky enough to get it done in one it will be 4,000.00 total. I think this is why I am so afraid, I do not just want to pursue what is cheapest....they say their success rates growing to blastocyst stage are over 50% which I know is good. It is just with tis being a government run clinic it is hard to find any independent varification of their stats. Maybe I am worrying too much, they do use the newer protocols with Repronex instead of clomid....
Again thank you so much for the support. It means a lot, I will feel better once I get through the initial visit. Best of luck to you.

Sylvia ;D


snindy - May 24

Where abouts do you live?
Right now I would just take a breath and relax. Clear your mind of any negativity and think positive. Have faith in your doctors and everything will be just fine.

I will be here and so will everyone else to hold your hand through this long journey.



meridithhasfaith - May 24


I didn't end up going through labor as my son was breech. I needed a C-Section.

SOrry it took so long to answer you, I didn't notice your question until Just now.

Good luck with your beta!



sblanton2 - May 24

I am in North Carolina, we are traveling to Washington, DC...only about 4 and a half hours away compared to some women on this site that is not far at all.
For now I am just working on getting my body prepared, working out and eating right after my consultation I will start taking prenatal to make sure my Folic acid and iron levels are good. I think I will quit reading my books for now and focus on the positive like you said. After 4 years of ttc with this husband and his initial refusal to get tested he started this process by going to a urologist and now the ball is rolling. So as you said relax....I will try.
This site and all of you are a blessing,



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