Newbies: Tubal Reversal or IVF??
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qednick - June 16

My wife had her tubes tied after her last pregnancy from previous marriage (13 years ago). However, we want to have a kid of our own badly.

She is 36 and I'm 37. I've already had count done which is within normal range.

The thing is, we're comtemplating IVF which will cost us about $9k + cost of meds. At one point we also looked at tubal reversal. Our insurance won't help pay for either because her tube tie was "voluntary".

I've been scouring the net for info on both methods. It seems that each specialist is biased (in their success rates) towards the method they specialize in. For example, the IVF folks say their success rates are higher than tubal reversals and vice versa.

I basically want some totally unbiased recommendations on either IVF or tubal reversal so we can decide better.

Also, with IVF, I'm assuming the cost they quoted us is only for one cycle. So if it's $9k per attempt and we may need more attempts to get higher chance of success than tubal reversal then perhaps we'd be better off going with the tubal surgery?

Thanks in advance,
Nick & Tanya


qedTanya - June 17

I'm the (Nick's) wife. It's been really difficult for us because my gyn had told us that I had to have a hysterectomy due to period problems. We were four days away from surgery when we decided that we couldn't go through with it. It's caused a lot of stress and emotional upheaval in our house and we're really in need of lots of advice! We had looked into tubal reversal but my thoughts were this

a) tubal reversal is a high risk surgery with tubal pregnancy possible. Also, tubal reversal is a major surgery and you are not receiving help conceiving but relying on your own natural course of events.

b) IVF implants an already fertilized egg into the uterus and there is less chance of it not taking because you aren't relying on getting pregnant on your own.

Which thought is more correct? Please help us!


mcginger2 - August 3

I cant tell you what to do but I will tell you about my experience. I had my tubes tied in 1996, I currentlyhave 2 children from my previous marriage and have been married to my 2nd husband for 8 years. He has no biological children and we have always wanted to try for one. In Oct 05 I had a tubal reversal by Dr Gary Berger and got pregnant in Jan o6, it ended up being an ectopic. I lost the baby and my right tube at 10 or 11 weeks. I learned the next month that my remaining left tube was blocked and unrepairable. I am now in a shared donor IVF program waiting to be matched.
The thing with tubal reversal is for some it works and for some it doesnt. Because my tubes were cut and burned, they ended up being only 2.5 cm on each side after the reversal surgery, the longer the tube lengths the better your success rate is. I knew there was a chance of ectopic going into this but I thought it was worth a try. I know there are a lot of ladies that it does work for and have gone on to have 2 or 3 babies after the reversal. Where I had it done the cost was $5,600.
You just have to weigh the pro's and con's and go with your heart.Do you know what procedure they used to "tie your tubes"?


amberchik - September 7

my sister was told by the doctor that she had to have her tibes tied. she is mother of a small daughter but doesnt plan to have another baby so soon. we are still talking about it debating the issue. reading all the possible information about tying her tubes... any information would be welcomed thanks.



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