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hopeforbaby - October 13

hello everyone, i just want to say i think this is great... i have been feeling so depressed and i go into my dr. yesterday and the nurse suggest that i try looking on the comp. for support groups... i just had my first iui on sept. 28th and my b- day was on the 30th. i thought "what a great b-day pres." (me and my dh have been trying for 7 yrs.) but then i got the results back and low and behold it was neg. so i went to the dr. yesterday to do a baseline us and they discoverd 2 cyst on my rt. ovary and 1 on my left... i wanted to jump right back into it, so i didn't have time to think, but now i will be going on the nov. cycle (which seems like forever away)... any suggestions on how to haddle the whole deppresion thing and the waiting game???? thank all of you sooo much... i look on here and i don't feel so alone!!!!


WantsBaby2 - October 14

Welcome to the site. There is nothing more upsetting and depressing than going through infertility. I am sorry about your negative. It's the pits I know.

I have been almost 2 years on the infertility road and all I seem to do is wait. Just come here and vent all you need to...the ladies on here are absolutely wonderful! We all understand the pain of infertility.



Fortyfour - October 14

Welcom Newbie from fl - The feelings that you have are normal and there is no way to avoid feeling them thorughout this heartwrenching process. I wish you all the best in your journey. Vent to us anytime. Talking sure helps those feelings. Try to enjoy each day. Babydust to you.


silli_kitti - October 14

I'm so sorry about the negative beta. BFN sucks!!

IF is a long and lonely road. I've been on it for 1 1/2 years and it is not getting any easier. There is no easy way to pass the time while you are waiting (and there is a LOT of waiting) other than to keep yourself occupied. Frankly, I'm tired of our busy schedule, but DH is forcing me to keep up the pace. He knows it's good for us and I thank him for that.

It's funny you mentioned your nurse suggested you find online support groups. I was seeing a psychologist for a few weeks (about all the stress and depression that comes with IF) and she advised me to stay away from the net. I understand why, and DH agrees (another reason why he's keeping me so busy - to keep me off the computer!). Yet I find this is the only place I can find comfort and understanding, as well as invaluable knowledge. IF is like a lot of other tragedies in life - one can't possibly understand unless one is going through it. Here, we are all on the same train. I can vent all I want and I will be listened to, I will be heard, and I will never be invalidated with the stupid things those fertiles say when they think they are being helpful.

So, welcome. Feel free to visit anytime, we are always here for you.

And good luck on your journey!


shansy - October 16

Welcome hopeforbaby!

I have been on this journey for 2 1/2 years and I understand your frustration. I also have PCOS and two days before my birthday last month, my AF arrived announcing another failed IUI. :(

Are you doing an IUI in November? If so, we can be cycle buddies as I will be doing mine then. What meds are you on? I will be starting my first round of injections.
Let me know and keep in touch.


hopeforbaby - October 16


sorry to here about ur bfn.. it sooo sucks... and i would love to have a cycle buddy for nov. i start on femra on the 4th and start my 2nd round of inj. on the 9th... what inj. are you doing??? they have me on repronex... and hcg inj.
it is soo weird to have people to talk to that are going through the same things.. (you can always talk to friendS and family, but they can't truely undrestand unless they have been through it) i think this forum is great :) i feel like i can say anything and just vent and everyone will understand!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE!!!



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