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k_jarosi - February 23

hello everyone, I have been reading on here for a while and decided to post. We have been TTC for over a year and I have been RX with PCOS in November. Up intill that point I was very irregular 2-3 cycles a year. I have been on met since November, and had two periods on my own. took clomid 50mg days 3-7 this cycle, had an utrasound on day 12, and blood work that concluded that I have one good folicule. was told to give myself a shot of pregnyl yesterday, and to BD 24 and 36 hours later, then to start another hormore(not sure of the name of it), to insure implantation.

Now I know it is impossible for you all to know but what do you think my chances are?? I mean I started getting my period with out extra meds and lost 20 lbs since november, dr said that I am doing good and everythign looked goood on 50mg of clomid. we just want this so bad, and the extra hormones in me are making me so sick to my stomache and nausiated, tired and headachie, I know it will all be worth it in the end but I feel like I was hit like a truck...

sorry I guess I needed to vent can anyone give me some encouragement.... please


ttc-bree - February 23

Hi K,
I'm new, too. I've been reading and wanted to take the opportunity to respond. I also have PCOS (TTC for 2 1/2 years). I had a Fibroid the size of a tennis ball removed in Oct. and able to start trying again. I'm taking Femara and had a good size follicle but no luck this month. My biggest frustration right now is not having any LH surge on the ovulation predictor kits so we're struggling to find out when/if I'm ovulation.
While I can't give you any advice on chances - I can tell you that what you write sounds really opptimistic :-) The fact that your period has turned itself around in incredible! Keep your head up - you are absolutely right that this temporary struggle w/extra hormones are going to lead to wonderful things. I always think to myself that when I do get pregnant someday that I will be the funniest pregnant woman b/c it won't matter how sick I am - I will be the happiest mom to be :-)
I'm sending you lots of warm thoughts and prayers. Your turn will come. Anytime you need some encouragement, just let me know.


AuroraBell74 - February 23

Hi, K and Bree. :) I'm happy to meet a couple of other newbies. My DH and I have been ttc for about a year. I had 3 IUIs done prior to this relationship, all 3 failed. What I thought was odd, was that my Dr wanted to start me on fertility meds at that point. I thought it would make more sense to do some tests first to find out if there's anything wrong with me. I decided then to hold off on it for a while. And I'm glad I did cuz now I have my hubby and am in a stable, happy relationship.
I started taking Ovulex a couple of days ago, and I feel really good. Thankfully, so far I haven't been nauseaus or crampy. I realllly hope it works.
K, it definitely sounds like you're headed in the right direction. I wish you both all the best.


ttc-bree - February 24

Hi AuroraBell & K,
Nice to meet you, too :-) That is interesting about your dr keeping you on the meds for so long and not running the tests. I am really thankful for my dr - in June it will be 1 year that I've spent with him but about 4 months of that I couldn't take drugs or try b/c of my surgery. He;s very thorough in all of his testing methods. Have you now gone through some testing?
Ok, so I have to admit that I haven't done a lot of research on Ovulex. I read constantly but guess I didn't come across that until looking around this site. What are your thoughts about it so far? Did you do a lot of research. You're going to have to keep me posted on what you think of Ovulex - I'm willing to try anything at this point :-) Hope you have a great night and baby dust to all.


k_jarosi - February 26

bree- what kinds of tests are you talking about. I did have all kinds of blood work, and sonagrams. I was told that if the current treatment did not work with in 3 cycles, then they were gonna do a test with the dye for my tubes.

You mention Ovulex...I don;t know anything about it. But I will do some reasearch on it.
thanks for all of the good wishes...I also give then you all of you.

I will update after the TTW.



AuroraBell74 - February 27

I've now been taking Ovulex for almost a week, and still no bad side effects. I have my regulary yearly md appt next month, so I will talk to him again if I'm not pregnant by then. I'm kind of afraid to mention the fact that I'm using Ovulex, though. I know a lot of drs don't trust herbal supplements.
I've done ov predictors, and it seems like I'm o-ing ok. I just want them to check to see if my tubes are blocked or something. Maybe I'm wrong, but if they put me on clomid and my tubes are blocked, the clomid isn't going to do any good, right? Well, I guess the Ovulex wouldn't either... I dunno :-\ It's just frustrating.


ttc-bree - March 1

Hi Ladies,
Kim - I had the HSG - it's really not as bad as people say (at least it wasn't for me). That was very helpful b/c like Aurora said if your tubes are blocked, they may need to consider some alternatives. My tubes were fine and my HSG turned out fine but it was 2 mo later during an u/s that they found my fibroid. The doc decided to try to look at it and get it laprascop first but it was too big and had to do a myomectomy (unglorified c-section). Aurora - you'll have to keep us posted on the Ovulex results. Nice talking to you ladies!


k_jarosi - March 6

back to my first we did everything that the dr told us to is day 25, 13 days after I was told to BD. I had pink when I whipped this morning, at 7 am but no more at all since. Could this have been implantation bleeding or do you think that it is tooo late and my period just comming early.....!!!!


AuroraBell74 - March 6

Hi K. I've always read that implantation bleeding usually happens around 5-7 days after fertilization. But the fact that it was pink might be a good sign. Not sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
I'm enduring the awful 2ww now. I o'd this weekend and actually felt it for the first time in a very long time. I hope that's a good sign, too.
Good luck!! :) Keep us posted.


k_jarosi - March 9

well period came early...almost two weeks. I guess my cycles are getting normal, which is good I guess.. Started day 1 of clomid 100 mg....wish me luck...


amyjoy - March 10

Hi ladies! Nice to see a current post for us new members! I did my first cycle with clomid this month and I have a lof follicles growing (6), but 2 are over 18mm. My lining is still thin. I am waiting for the blood tests to come back later today and see what the next step is. I think we will be doing to IUI this coming week some time. I did 100mg of clomid and not sure if I'm going to need the hcg trigger. I, too, have PCOS and I have been on Actos for the past few years and after a few months on that, my body starting ovulating regularly. However, Actos (like metformin) can do some liver damage and my last liver function test came back abnormal. So I have stopped the Actos for now. I go back in a week to test the liver function in a week or 2. I am hoping they go back to normal and it's not another issue to deal with. I also do Lovenox injections daily due to the clotting issues.

K- keep us posted about this cycle with the increase in clomid.
Bree- my hsg was sooooo painful. My tubes were clear, but I was in a lot of pain for about 2 days. Glad yours went better.

I don't know anything about Ovulex. Is it prescription or an herb?


nych1q - March 11

Hi Im new to this blog and to this website. I am 35 years old ... well going 35 in June. I had two miscarriages: the 1st miscarriage at around 10 weeks, no heatbeat .. just an empty sac .. had a D&C, the 2nd miscarraiage at 3 weeks and they found an ovarian cyst thats around 14 mm. Two years ago, I was rushed in the ER and had an emergency surgery. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy at around 4 weeks.

Two months I started a mini-ivf cycle. We had to pay out of our pocket because both my husband and my insurance do not cover IVF cycles. During the cycle, my follicles weren't as big as the doc wanted it to be. They found two cyst, one to my right side (around 20 mm in size) and to my left side, which grew to 34 mm. I was in pain. Since I was already half way to my cycle and nearing to the retrieval, I continued my cycle. During retrieval, my doc retrieved not only my follicles but the two cyst that were growing inside. Unfortunately, the there was only one embryo retrieved and was fertilized within the next 24 hours. Five days after I had my embryo transfer and today I received a bad news. The pregnancy test was a negative.

It is only the 7th day after the transfer and my doc wants me to have a pregnancy test. In the website, they say 14 days after the transfer. I am not sure why mine is only 7 days. Maybe it is too early for the test thats why the result is negative? Maybe their facility is advance that it can detect within 7 days after the transfer ... Or maybe my head is just playing with me like it always does for the past years that I have been trying to conceive. It such a long journey for my husband and I with too many detours ... but I guess that what life is all about!

Now the biggest question in our heads is when is the right time to go for another mini-ivf cycle? Is it better for me to have it during my next menstruation or should I wait in June? We have a pending vacation in Cancun in the middle of May. If we start during my next menstruation, if the cycle works ... I will probably one month pregnant when we go to Cancun. Is it safe to travel? If we do it now at least my system, hormone stuff in my body is still boost up from the past mini-ivf cycle. If I start in June, afer our pending vacation, my body/hormone wil probably start over again. My hormone is going to get confuse ... right? Worst scenerio I have to postpone Cancun.

Wow I really wrote a lot here .. lol


amyjoy - March 12

So sorry to hear about your losses. I don't know anything about pg tests and when it's best to test. We are doing our 1st IUI some time this week. I know I've been going back and reading the old posts to gain more information. If you read a lot of the posts by Dr. Jacobs, there are a few about travel. Sorry I don't have more advice...keep us posted on what you decide. Be sure to discuss things with your Dr., too!


AuroraBell74 - March 19

Just a quick update. AF came Saturday :'( A few days early, even. I'm gonna order another bottle of Ovulex this week. Gotta give it another try.


k_jarosi - March 20

well we did clomid again this cycle, 100 mg. Day 12 had an ultrasound and blood tests, nothing matured, did it again day 14, things lookd better but my levels are too low so more blood work today...I pray they are ok so we can start Pregnyl, and hopfully get lucky. Although DR told me to start thinking about IUI....
This all is making me nuts...The one thing in life that should be easy, that it feels like everyone else can do, I can't I somehow feel less of a person does this make sence??


k_jarosi - March 20

oh but last month had 1 follicule...this month 3 good sized and 8-10 smaller ones... at least the clomid is doing it's job!!


amyjoy - March 21

Aurora- so sorry! Hang in there!

K_jarosi- I did 100mg clomid this cycle, too and I was frustrated because it took forever for my follicles to mature. Every other day for a week and a half I would go for an ultrasound and my ovaries were so tender! I had 6 follicles, all over 20mm. So, try and be patient. I did an IUI. won't find out until Tuesday if it worked. I have no symptoms and dh's count was really low (which is not normal) so I'm not too positive about this cycle. You have a higher chance with IUI than just intercourse because the sperm is deposited into the uterus and by-passes cervical mucus, which can be hostile. Let us know how this cycle goes!



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