New appt 100% better......
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Darlene - June 3

Ok, well I FINALLY got in to see Dr Seal yesterday. I am so much happier that I ditched that PCP and went to someone who specializes in infertility.

I went into the little room and waited for him, on the verge of tears. I have a phobia of doctors and the minute I sit down in that little room I get some serious anxiety issues going on....

He came in and we started talking, I told him about my prev doctors visit last April, and how they said all my tests were normal and the short of it was that Im fat, lose weight and you'll get pregnant. I went over all my symptoms, and how I had been 99.9% sure it was PCOS up until my doctors visit in April. He was suprised that I had done my homework and even knew what PCOS was.

He told me he is sure its PCOS, all the symptoms match. he said that with my research I probably know more about PCOS than most of the regular family practise doctors out there. he told me that Im not "normal", like the prev doctor had said.... actually what he said was "Your 23, young, healthy...there is NOTHING normal about not having a period for the last year".
We scheduled another appt for June 20th, he wants me to get my blood results and the film from my ultra sound so he can review it. Im worried because the other edoctor said there was nothing wrong with my results... Dr Seal said that even if it doesnt show anything, there is something wrong and we just havent discovered it yet. He said that he has helped many women my weight and heavier get pregnant, and just losing weight isnt going to help me ovulate.... I havent been ovulating or getting regular periods since I got my period at 14, and was a normal weight.

Anyway he was very calming, a very nice guy....and a little on the overweight side it seems there is no weight bias with him at all. He has prescribed 500mg of Met, and when I come back in 2 weeks he will prob up it to 1000 mg and we will see how things go. Im nervous about starting the met, Ive read a lot last night on a PCOS support board, and there can be some nasty side effects....but the things you gotta do if you want to have a baby right?

So Im feeling better today.... and the journey begins....


Darlene - June 7

Well so far so good....

No side effects from the Metformin....

All is well...


tiggerpounce418 - June 8

Congrats on finding a good doc! I can hear in your words how relieved and happier you are now. I am going to see RE for the 1st time this Friday. I'm also nervous about the appt. My ob/gyn said my infertility is caused by PCOS- but did not treat me for it. He only gave me Clomid, which did not work. I'm going to see RE and suspect she will put me on Metformin also. I don't really know much about the side effects or anything. Where did you find the info? Hopefully you don't get the side effects you read about. Good luck.


Darlene - June 8

great FORUM!!!


tiggerpounce418 - June 9

What exactly happens at your first visit w/ RE?


TTC in SoCal - June 9

i think it depends on your RE and where you are in your cycle. at my first visit, i brought all my records (including pictures from my tubal die study, etc.). he actually did a vaginal ultrasound to see where i was in my cycle, etc. he then explained everything in detail... what they would test, how the process worked, etc. i would have a list of questions ready...
good luck!!!
and... darlene... i'm glad it went ok. you're on the right path!!!


Debie - June 9

Tigger good Luck with your RE appt tomorrow keep us posted.


WantsBaby2 - June 9

Good luck with your RE's appt. My first appt. was just a lot of explaining what they were gonna test for. My RE drew us a lot of pictures. LOL!



tiggerpounce418 - June 10

Thanks for the link to the other site. I found it to be loaded with tons of helpful information and seems to be a great bunch there, too. ;D

I had my appt today w/ RE. She is wonderful & so is the staff there. After the consult I had a physical, vaginal ultrasound & regular pelvic ultrasound (right ovary could not been seen on the vaginal ultrasound). Then I went for blood work today. Have to wait for results, make sure I'm not pregnant so I can start the provera to bring on AF. Then on cd-3 another round of blood work. Plus I have to have the glucose test done...yeah! :-X Only new info today is I have enlarged ovaries.

Good luck & thanks again.



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