New and Drowning
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memphismom - September 20

This is my first time visiting this website, and I think it is great. My husband and I have been TTC for 1 1/2 years. Within the last four months we discovered all of our fertility problems and been trying to deal with them. Since no one I know has ever been through something like this, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed and alone. Good friends are trying to "be there", but they just don't quite get it. We just had our first IUI two weeks ago, and I started my period yesterday morning. Of course everyone I work with kept asking when I had my blood work scheduled, and it was after noon before I could answer w/out breaking down. My husband is as understanding as he can be, but definatley not as much as I need. I love him so much, and since we met four years ago I have been dreaming about our life together. The wedding that was perfect, the house we now have and love, even the dog that has been our first "baby". The biggest hope and dream was our children. Hoping they would have my eyes and their dad's impish smile. Wondering if they would have his blond curls or my dark strands. No where in that dream was all of this emotional turmoil and stress. No tests, ultrasounds, meds, shots or procedures. I think the worst part of it is dealing with all the blissfully pregnant or new moms who have no clue how great they have it. The way they take for granted something that I long for, ache for everyday. I know that I am not alone. All of the other postings on this site comfort me and make me put my own situation into perspective. There are other women out there struggling like me, a lot of them more than me. I'm glad this place is here for all of us to share this burden, take the weight off of our shoulders if just for a second. Thank you. :)


HeatherMac - September 21

Oh my dear...bless you. You have found the very place you need to be. Welcome!!

This is a terrible journey that none of us ever envisioned...this is the only place where people truly understand how you're feeling, the stupid things people say to make you feel better, the two week wait, the anger, the sadness, the well as the joys and victories you'll experience along the way.

I'm very sorry you're going through infertility...I'm sorry any of us had to suffer through it. But, just know that here - you have a tremendous support system of women who know and understand the journey, and the support you will get here is amazing. I thank God every day for this site, and hope you'll find much comfort and support here.

I wish you the best on your journey and wish you loads of baby dust!!



pj - September 21

i'm glad you found us.
i hope you can get some of the support that you need here. at the very least, we're really good at letting people vent whenever they need to. this is a very emotional experience for all of us (and i'm sure the extra hormones don't help at all) so let us be here for your many highs and lows.
we look forward to hearing from you again and hearing about your journey.


WantsBaby2 - September 21

Welcome to the site. You will find comfort here among these wonderful women. I wish you your little bundle soon... tons of babydust to you!



Fortyfour - September 21

Welcome to the site. Noone would understand this heartache unless they have been through it. Good luck with your next cycle. The positve is now you are seeing a doc and getting treatment. Take care


memphismom - September 21

Thanks everybody! :) I started my 2nd cycle today W/ femara and I am feeling like the glass is half full again. I don't know how people who constantly battle depression cope. After one month I feel like a basket case! Here's hope and prayers to all of us! ;)


silli_kitti - September 23

Memphismom, welcome!

You are never alone here.

No one can understand the heartache and emotional struggle IF can be, unless they've been through it. Even the closest friends and family members just don't get it and can say stupid things sometimes. Its not their fault. IF sucks!

Good luck on your 2nd go round, and may it be your last!



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