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snindy - April 14

One of my girlfriends that decided to get off the pill and try to have a baby ran into some trouble. After getting off the pill, she didn't get her period. The doctors put her on drugs and that still didn't help her get a period. It's been 8 months and finally the doctor ran some blood tests and a MRI, come to find out she has a tumor on her pututory gland in her head. She will be ok, the doctor says it's not cancerous and there is a 4% chance of it coming back, but they said since the tumor is huge that she will lose most of her gland and she probably will never have children since this gland runs most of your reproductive organs.

Has anyone heard of this before? Maybe knows someone that went through this and did medical treatments to get pregnant? There's got to be a way to take shots to produce eggs or I'm sure she could get donor eggs and have IVF done. Any info would be nice.

Thank You,


WantsBaby2 - April 15

Hi Cindy,
How have you been? When is your FE again? I know it is coming up soon huh?

I am sorry I can't help with the question about your friend. That really stinks for her. I would think that there is something they could do these days with all the hormone medications. I hope she is doing ok........that has got to be a huge disappointment for her. Keep us posted.



snindy - April 15

Hello... I'm doing good, it's been a slow process but I'm almost there. I stop bc pills this Saturday, they are thinking around the 18th I'll get a period and then I start all the good stuff like progesterine shots and suppositories, I even have to wear a estrogen patch for about 2 weeks. I go in for blood work and u/s and when my uterus is hard and ready I go in for transfer the beginning of May.
I'm getting anxious and excited, I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant or I'm at my baby shower. It's really weird. My husband's Step Grandfather passed last week which means in our family if there is a death there is a birth or if there is a birth there is a death. So hopefully his Step Grandfather puts in a good word for me up there... lol

Other than that, I just been keeping busy and keeping my mind occupied.
How's it going with you, what are the next steps for you?

I'll keep you posted, take care!



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