Looks like a Big Fat NO!
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SamanthaS - May 1

Hey everybody.. well today is May 1st. I tested on April 28th and got a negative. My AF was due yesterday (according to a 28 day cycle) I bloated and psycho but I havent actually gotten my period yet. I dont think this month is gonna be mine, but we did get tons of BFP's this month so I'm thankful that it was someone's month! Congrats to all the ladies out there who got those. I'm a little depressed.. of course.. but maybe my body's not ready yet.. Ill prey for next month! Hope everyone is having a wonderful, stress free sunday!


justme - May 1

I am right there with you this month! We can mourn together! I am in a mood today myself. I just need to start and get this PMS over with! Here's to next month!!!



tiggerpounce418 - May 2

Here, too. I'm still waiting for AF. It's now 2 days after finishing all 10 days on Progesterone to bring on AF! I just want it to come so that I can start on my next cycle. It is a little disappointing to get BFN after hearing about so many BFP's. It's hard not to think, "Why not me"? But, I guess we've all "been-there-done-that". Here's hoping for a better month next month! :-\


Fortyfour - May 2

I totally understand, I am so happy for everyone that was pg this month but it was almost too much for me and I could not read any posts for a few days. I started feeling like I was in the world of fertiles and I was the infertile in the corner wanting what they have. Take care all and big bellies for everyone this year.


SamanthaS - May 2

Yeah, it is rough! But I do wish I was the only one with a bfn! It would have been so nice for those of you who have been through SO MUCH more than me to have gotten a bfp... Baby dust for all of us this month!! Thanks for the support everyone.. It means so much!


WantsBaby2 - May 2

Sorry about all the negatives for you girls. I am right there with you. I never thought when I went into infertility treatment that it would take this damn long. It has been about a year and a half of treatments and another year of trying on our own. It feels like forever. We just want a baby already!!!!! Haven't we all paid our dues? Wishing lots of babydust to you on all of your next cycles.



TTC in SoCal - May 3

44.... you hit it on the head. i, too, have had a problem reading all the posts. i am so happy for all the positives... but so very sad (and sometimes angry, bitter, depressed, discouraged, frustrated....) for the rest of us. I am in the middle of hormone hell. I am amazed my DH hasn't left me yet. I look like a whale and have absolutely no tolerance or patience with anyone. We do the endometrial biopsy this Friday. It can't come soon enough. We have not even been able to try at all this year.
thanks for letting me vent.... for all of us out there struggling to get a positive (and keep it!!)....
many hugs to all of you!!!!!!


Fortyfour - May 4

TTCinSOcal - I was hoping to hear from you and my intuition was right. Your test is soon. I hope all goes well. I think of you often and hope for the best for you. You probably feel like a whale but do not look like one. Let us know how your test goes. Are they doing it the last part of your cycle to see how the endometrium is doing hormonally?

It is almost mothers day and we all forgot about the Las Vegas trip. Its so hard to plan things nowdays.

I hate infertility.


SamanthaS - May 4

I hate that women have to go through this! :(
TTCinsocal I hope your tests go well, and you find out some USEFUL information..

Today is May 3rd.. still no AF!!!!!! and a very stong NEGATIVE! WHY WONT THE STUPID THING COME!? I thought after the pregnancy and d&c I would at least have a regular period.. Turns out I didnt get anything! :(:( (Yes ladies I am pouting) You women are much stronger than I am.. I admire you. Good luck to everyone this month... I must head to bed and hope that when I wake up.. I have a nasty visitor.


TTC in SoCal - May 4

44... thanks for the thoughts. :-) i didn't forget about the trip to vegas, but ihave to go home to wv this weekend to visit grandparents. i needed to do it right after they did the test so i'm not in the middle of a cycle. sigh.....
on a sad note... 2 years ago on mother's day is the last time i talked to my mother. she died 2 weeks later and just 2 weeks before i made it home to see her. now my dad is remarried and i don't feel he has time (or the compassion) for his kids.
anyway... we'll get together sometime... i promise...
many hugs coming your way!!!!!


WantsBaby2 - May 4

I'm sure a lot of our husbands are all too tired of all of our mood shifts. I guess it goes with the territory. You are not alone!!!!! My dh has noticed a change since I have started taking that tiny little bc pill. It's hard to believe that tiny little thing could make me so crabby and emotional!

I know our Las Vegas trip was put on the backburner! After buying new windows for our house, it would be hard for us to come up with money for a trip right now. I hope to meet all you ladies someday soon. I think we would have a lot of fun.

It was a little difficult for me seeing all the positive posts lately too. It seems like there were many women who were getting pg quickly after starting this process. I think it is wonderful too, but it's hard for some of us that have been trying for a long time. After I started infertility treatments I hoped I would be a quick fix .......but it was not to be. :(

TTC, Let us know what happens with your tests. I really hope and pray things turn out ok. I am sorry about your dad.....it's really difficult when the people that you care about the most let you down.

Fourtyfour, What is your timetable looking like? Are we gonna be cycle buddies ya think?!!

Samantha, I hope you get AF soon. It seems there is so much stupid waiting in this whole process. I HATE infertility too!

Take care ladies,



paige - May 4

I am right with all of you and if I find out in a few days mines a no I give up!! I have been doing this for over three years and my whole life has revolved around it. It is definitley tough on a marriage cycle after cycle. Getiing a baby should not be this expensive and difficult. I feel the ones that get them don't reaaly apprecaite what women like us go through and thinking making babies is a piece odf cake. The line that sets me on fire that at least one person always says is. I just look at something and I can get pregnant!!! Sorry had to vent three years of this is a lot and frustrating :(


TTC in SoCal - May 4

Vent away, Paige!!!! don't look at it as giving up, but moving on. we all have to have a limit. My DH and I have set our limit to the end of this year (although we might extend for 6 months)... but we have to have an end in sight.
I don't know why some women are blessed (and many don't even know how blessed they are!!) and some aren't. I don't believe that there's a big plan out there that doles out babies to some and denies them to others. but i do believe that we can only take the cards dealt us and play the best we can.
I hope and pray you get a positive this cycle. hang in there!!!!


paige - May 4

I totally agree. This cycle I am dealing with it a lot different. I have a lot of anger from the others but I don't think I was ready. this is the only cycle I haven't been so moody and i feel like if it doesn't happen then maybe it wasn't supposed to and I need to move on. My marriage is more improtant than losing it. I think my hubbys had enough. He definitly said this cycle was a lot better and he is more supportive. I am also doing a lot of it on my own this time. I have this wonderful site so I don't vent to him and I give myself my own shot. I just asked that he be there for the transfer. He is also getting ready for a bodybuilding show and works full time :)


LisainAK - May 5

wow ladies - glad to know i wasn't alone....i too am happy for all the lucky pregos - but certainly my green friend envy was out there too. i am coming up on my ivf and worried to think positive...we can't afford to probably do more than 1 or 2 cycles. Part of me thinks sometimes - when do i take it as a sign...a sign that maybe i'm not supposed to have kiddos...but then i can't imagine a whole life without them....i guess i am just saying i get bitter too.


Lynne - May 5

It's is a healthy decision to have a limit on this journey, if it was indefinate the stress might tear apart our marriages and that would defeat the reason behind wanting to be parents, when the old man and I stared down this path we decided on 6 cycles. 1.90 cycles down so far and lots of emotions and temper tantrums to go.


paige - May 5

Well good luck my first two I was so worried and stressed out it's no wonder it didn't work. This time I only told five people did yoga and meditation and tried not to let it get to me so will see. Good luck I am in the same boat. This is it or no kids! What's meant to be will be that's what I've always believed! :D



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