looking for a IVF doc who is inexpensive
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aalia - January 6

If anyone knows of a doctor or clinic in jacksonville florida, please let me know. It would also help me a great deal if they do not charge a lot. The least expensive I have found so far charge $9000.00 plus $4000.00, for meds. thank you.


carak - January 8

I don't know if you are willing or able to travel, but there is a clinic in Irving TX called Advanced Reproductive Care Center that does IVF for $4500 plus meds. The website is vfmd dot net.
I emailed Dr. Le on the website and included my phone # and he called me that night!! I didn't go because my antral follicle count was too low, but I figured the entire cycle wouldv'e cost me $5800 including travel expenses. You have a doctor in your hometown do some of the monitoring and then fly to TX for 7-10 days or so. They are about 15 minutes from the airport.

I actually got pregnant between cycles. I'm still in shock!! I had already ordered my meds, they are all still sealed and in the fridge. I'm selling them pretty cheap compared to what I bought them for. Let me know if you are interested in when the time comes. My email is wishone10 at hotmail

Good luck :)


aalia - January 9

thank you so much for the info. I am going to speak to my husband and try to arrange something, if I do need the meds I know who to turn to. thanks again.


aalia - January 9

I also wanted to tell you that I am very happy for you, although I do not know you still, I know one thing now, that miracles do occur. The info you have given me will help me in the future. Thank you once again, and good luck to you too.


ShebaMaru - April 2

Keep searching the internet for locations in and around your area. Possibly even in Georgia.

I had 3 failed IUIs and am planning to do an IVF, however my current doctor wants $11,500 right off the bat, not including meds. That's almost 2/3 of my annual pay.

So, I searched the internet for two days and found another location (I'm in Broward County, Florida) that claims to start IVF at $6,000 and has zero interest financing for 18-months. I hate to leave my doctor and his wonderful staff, but I cannot afford IVF with them. I was even considering going out of area in-state as well as out of state. I have half a day of work on Friday, so I plan to call them to get all the information. Aside from sharedjourneys and craigslist, lower-cost medications can be obtained at ivfmeds dot com. I have some meds left over and am trying to get more cheapley, so I may have to use them. They are not cheap, but way less then others.



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