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maria32 - May 19

Just wanted to know why you have to travel to Seattle for your IVF? I'm planning on IVF in July - August. I live 30 min. from Seattle ( across the Sound by ferry).


maria32 - June 8

My husband is in the military, so I see a Military RE.
I have tried 4 IUI's w/injections, last one done in May. My RE suggests we try IVF. The only privileges he has outside the Army Medical Hospital is @ Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. I was Dx. with Stage 3 Endometriosis last summer, and just had my Lt. fallopian tube removed in Feb. 05. I'm going to be turning 33 this July and I have a 11 yr. old son from my first marriage, which was conceived x 1m of using clomid. I was planning on having my IVF done in July -August time frame, but it's going to be pushed out further to sometime in October. I'm wanting to give my body a rest for a few months, because it's gone through to many proceedures this year alone. Well, I hope I didn't bore you with my issues. Wishing you all the best. Let me know what happens on the 10th...........Maria


LisainAK - June 8

My husband is retired Air Force - we couldn't even get Tri--Care to cover an IUI off base. We had to pay for our IVF out of pocket. Will yours be covered?
Your body has been through a lot - good idea - rest up and enjoy the summer and then you'll end up with a 2006 summer baby. Good luck to you!


sblanton2 - June 9

My husband is military also, is there a difference in what the military will cover if your husband is retired? The reason I am asking is b/c when my husband and I first learned our only option was IVF w/ICSI I called Tri Care and they told me the medications were covered just not the IVF itself.
I was also informed by Walter Reed that anyone eligible for military benefits could participate in their IVF program...this is just an assumption but wouldn't it be the same for the hospital Maria32 is going to? Don't mean to be a bother just trying to understand.

Take care,


LisainAK - June 9

There is no difference in coverage if he is retired. I would use caution or reconfirm on getting the meds paid for....Tri Care told me no....also if you get an IVF at Walter Reed or you can also go to Wilford Hall (one is east coast and one is Texas) the IVF is discounted but you still have to pay for meds. We had already booked Seattle and those are training hospitals....also after I had it booked i called the one in Texas and get this - they wouldn't accept me anyhow because i live in AK which is considered overseas - they only accept from 48 contiguous states - give me a break!!!! Someone did tell me that the east coast one should accept me - i never pursued - hopefully i will get a BFP tomorrow and not have to worry. Good luck to you and use caustion on meds - great if you can get 'em to pay!


sblanton2 - June 9

Hey, my husband and I had our consultation with Walter Reed on the 6th. It went really well, the only thing Winn and I will pay for is lab fees, Walter Reed provides the meds. Our total cost for IVF w/ICSI will be just over 4,000.00. They have already given us the clomid for my CCCT test. We spoke with the director of the program who explained it all for us. It is a great program and I know I am fortunate to be able to get all this so inexpensively the only thing I wonder about is independent varification of their numbers. B/C they are a government facility the CDC doesn't have any info.
I hope you get positive feedback from your clinic, and Iwish you all the best.



LisainAK - June 10

Is Walet Reed on east coast? they pay for meds? How long was the waiting list? do you live near by?
Good luck to you!


sblanton2 - June 10

hey, Walter Reed is in Washington,DC. They dispense all the meds out of their pharmacy, no out of pocket costs.
I got in fairly easily, just need a consult faxed to them from your doctor. They try to make sure the longest you wait for a cycle is 6 months, they do 400 cycles a year. Winn and I will have to wait a little longer b/c we need ICSI and he had a testicular biopsy in March so we HAVE to wait 6 months from then to do a sperm retrieval.
They are very nice and as far as I can tell well organized. Hopefully all goes well for you and you will not need another cycle, but if you should it is worth checking into! If you google walter reed infertility clinic it will come up as their GYN program. Click on that and it is all in there.


sblanton2 - June 10

Oh I forgot, I live about 5 hours away from Walter reed in North Carolina.
Best of Luck!


maria32 - June 11

Lisa, if you don't mind me asking, how much did you end up paying for IVF in Seattle? And did you have to pay for Meds?


Fortyfour - June 11

My hubby is retired military and they paid for all the meds but 2. the most expensive ones. For me and the donor it is 1500 this month. They did not pay for ivf.



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