I got a faint line
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Debie - April 25


Last week I responded to One and Only's mail and agreed that I too wasn't thinking this is the cycle for me. I have felt like that the whole month and actually BDd once around ovulation.

I thought I'd leave things alone, until that little voice inside asked 'what if'. I bought a hpt during lunch and tested, there was a faint line. I've shared this news with DH and have made an appointment for bloodwork tomorrow am.

I have tested again with a different brand that line is still there. I wait anxiously with so much excitement, I don't what I'll do if its a false positive......

Will keep you informed.

Love Debs


SamanthaS - April 25

This month seems to be a winner for a lot of people! Maybe we can add you to the list!! Good luck with the bloodwork! Think ++++++!!!!


Fortyfour - April 25

I was pg with only a faint pink line so good luck my dear and let us know for sure. Take care.


oneandonlymel - April 26

Debie- I am so happy for you and I hope we all have a healthy baby in 9 months!


Debie - April 26

It's official I have confirmation that I'm gonna be a mommy. (It's 12:15pm in South Africa now and I got my results two hours ago).

Last night I couldn't sleep the night through, like I usally do and all these thoughts came on my mind. I actually became scared b/c I don't know what lies ahead. I have asked God to walk with us the whole time. I am full of emotions happy, scared, weepy, anxious, but the bottom line is I want to be a mother.

I didn't think what I felt were symptoms, headache, AF-like cramps and hurting boobs coz when I explained these to the therapist last Friday, she said it was to be expected, given that they are working on my body since the start of this cycle. I also felt very thirsty (sleep with a big glass of water on my bedside and I pee a lot).

I love this community and I wish more and more of us are able to celebrate BFPs soon.

One and Only I am so so happy for you too. I know we'll be hearing more from each other. In the meantime stay blessed. ;)

Tons of Baby Dust to all.


tiggerpounce418 - April 26


Congratulations!!! You must be so thrilled. I wish for you a normal, healthy pregnancy. Enjoy every minute of it. You'll have your little angel soon! :D I hope the rest of us can join in celebrating BFP's soon. Take care.


WantsBaby2 - April 26

CONGRATULATIONS! That is amazing. You are truly blessed. I am sooo happy for you girl! Keep us posted.



BabyBound - April 26

Debi...enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Congratulations. I'm wishing you a happy and healthy nine months.


justme - April 26

Wow, what a blessing!!!!! I had only a faint line at first when I was pg with my dd and it was the real deal!!! Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy!!!!!!!!



snindy - April 26

I'm so glad to hear happy endings! Congrats!!!!!!!

Keep us posted...



shanie2005 - April 26

CONGRATS!!!!!!! ;D enjoy every moment!!!


ElizabethS - April 27

Debie - Much congratulations.....there really is a BABY BOOM going on here. Keep us posted on your pregnancy.


BabyBound - April 27

Congratulations Debie. Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months.


Fortyfour - April 27

Congrats Debi, keep in touch with us.


Debie - April 27

Thank you so much for all the lovely post. I'm not as frantic as yesterday. DH keeps saying I TOLD YOU SO. I suppose I took out all my frustrations on him when I wasn't getting a BFP there are times when I felt that he didn't want it as much as I do.

I'll be in touch



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