I am so worried!
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oneandonlymel - April 27

I am feeling so many things right now and having anxiety over everything! I am a nervous wreck about being pregnant! I will have it confirmed on friday which miss hpt addict has been testing since cd 22 and today cd 26 the line is getting darker. I had some lovenox left over from my pregnancy in Feb so I started the shots on my own since I know they will tell me to on Friday. I don't want to miscarry again and I know I have no control over it. I know many woman who have MTHFR have gotten pregnant and had a healthy baby, but nobody else that I have talked to has factor II along with it! I just want to hold on to this pregnancy and have a healthy baby! I want the third time to be a charm! I keep getting little anxiety attacks and I know being so stressed isnt' good, but my mind is all over the place! I am so glad I have this board to vent!


SamanthaS - April 27

I can only imagine how hard it is for you this time around!.. You have a lot on your mind and you have every right to be worried! Try to relax though... (easier said than done, right?)...The most important thing right now is that you stay super healthy and take care of yourself! Think positive... I wish the best for you!


Debie - April 27

I am sorry you are feeling this way. It must be difficult to forget about what you've gone through before this BFP. As you correctly say, you have no control over this, I thought about it last night too.

Difficult as it may be, try to stay positive and think about the joy you will get when you hold your baby in your arms. I know I'm not making sense but know that someone this side of the world is praying for you. I also know that you have a loving family on this site. ;D



WantsBaby2 - April 27

One and Only,
I will say prayers for you and a healthy baby. Many many women miscarry and go on to have normal pregnancies and healthy babies. Just try to relax and take good care of yourself. My thoughts are with you.



BabyBound - April 27

One and Only, you are in my prayers. It's hard not to think about what you've already been through. When you have those thoughts, pray and ask God to help you through it and you will see the anxiety will get less and less.


Lynne - April 27

Yep some more advice... Take every day as it comes, and enjoy each one. Each day brings you closer to holding a baby in your arms and you can't lose hope, I know that telling you to not worry is not going to make it any easier but we all have you in our thoughts and remember that you have many friends here to support you. ( and I want all the icky pregnant details.... :-X ).
Baby dreams to you. Lynne


oneandonlymel - April 27

:)EVERYONE THANK YOU! I just read everyones post and I am sitting here with tears, I know in my heart what is to be will be, I also know how miscarrying not only hurts physically but mentally I just don't want to go through a 3rd time! I Know we all only know oneanother through this board because we all want the same thing in our lives and I wish each one of you and everyone else here to succeed with a pregnancy and a healthy baby! Thank you for listening! I hope on friday I can post good news! I sure hope they dont' make me wait till Monday since they are only there till noon on fridays!


WantsBaby2 - April 28

Bless your heart one and only. I don't know if I could continue after what you have been through. You must be terrified. It is only normal given your circumstances. You are a strong and brave woman and good things are going to come to you.....just wait and see! You are going be a wonderful mother!



Fortyfour - April 28

One and only, All I can do for you is pray for you to have the strength to make it through each day. I wish you a great pregancy. Did you take lovenox with the first 2 pregnancies? Take care and keep in touch.


oneandonlymel - April 28

fortyfour- Thank you for your prayers! The first pregnancy I was about 8 weeks which we had a strong heart beat at 7wks so everything was going well they decided to do genetic testing because my father has factor V and I had a dvt after a knee surgery in 2000, I had 22 viles of blood drawn on a saturday and Sunday morning I began to spot and miscarried, I got the results 1 week later so from there I began all the vitamins, folbee, baby aspirin, and prenatal and was told to start lovenox with the next pregnancy which I did in Feb, but still miscarried in March, at my 6 wk ultrasound the sac stopped growing at 4 weeks, so I did everything I was suppose to and still miscarried, One doctor felt it may have been to chromosome problems so they tested my husband and everything was normal. Only God knows what happened if it was from the clotting mutation or things weren't coming together right and nature took its course!


shaz - April 28

Hi Oneandonly,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. It is natural for you to worry so much because of your history. I had 6 IVF cycles before I got pregnant with my daughter. It was the most stressful 9 months of my life. I could not relax through it for one minute. Not until she was safe in my arms.....I am now pregnant again and feel the same way as before.....
I think given what we women go through to achieve a pregnancy it makes it so hard to just relax and accept it.
I am seriously considering having some counselling through this pregnancy as I dont think I can handle all the thoughts that I have.
Every night I say a prayer to ask God to keep my baby safe. I will also pray for you every night....



ElizabethS - April 29

one and only - I will pray for you and your baby, and that you can find some peace. You are so brave and strong. I really admire your courage, and your feelings are completely understandable.


oneandonlymel - May 1

Yes I am confirmed pregnant! Had blood done on Friday and I have to have blood drawn on Sunday to make sure they are doubling. I won't know the results from both until Monday!!!


Meg - May 1


I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you have smooth p/g and no more m/c's. It is so difficult not to worry, just try to not let it consume you heart and soul as the worry sometimes does. Try to think good thoughts even though it is hard :) Take Care and enjoy the good parts of being p/g :)


SMS1129 - May 1

One and only,

I will keep you in my prayers for a happy, healthy pregnancy! Hang in there, you have lots to look forward to!



WantsBaby2 - May 1

Congrats on your pregnancy one and only! Yipee!



SamanthaS - May 1

Thats great! COngratulations, once again! Lets hope those numbers double!



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