How much do the shots really hurt?
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cat mommy - February 15

I'm doing my first IVF cycle in April. Thanks. Is it :) or :o or :-X?


Arabsrcool - February 18

Ok, Follistim is normally not to bad if given in the thigh, given in the tummy is a little ouchy.

Ganerlix in thigh is ok. HCG in the tushy is a little ouchy and gets kinda sore at injection site.

Hope that helps.


Marina - February 19

I should say,none of my shots were painfull at all,not even progesteron shots that scary how they seems when you look at the needle.They get annoing after a while,but the result worth this little inconvinience


lyly14 - February 19

Cat Mommy- I just finished my first IVF cycle. The shots in the belly did not hurt at all except once in a while you hit a bad spot. Most of the time I didn't even feel anything. The progesterone in the backside were not too bad. I was a bit sore at times and you can definitely feel them more than the tummy ones , but still not painful. Good luck to you!


natalie08 - February 27

The Menopur and Lupron are a breeze! They are injected with a tiny insulin needle. I do not remember feeling anything other than a little pinch very few times.

I used a Follistim Pen that gave a slight burning sensation. The needle itself did not hurt.

The HCG injection was also pain.

The Progesterone inections are scary I must say! When looking at the large needle to withdraw the medication, it is intimidating. It took me 3 days to work up the nerve to give the injection myself. But, once I finally did, I couldnt believe that I had been scared of it for so long. You barely even feel it! I am currently giviing mine myself.

Dont worry about the injections, they are actually really easy to give. The trick is to rotate the sites that you are giving the injections at. It helps prevent pain and soreness and also allows the medication to move through your system.

Hope this helps, Natalie


lyly14 - February 28

Natalie08- Hi I see you posted that you give yourself the progesterone injections. Where do you do the injections? In the butt or somewhere else. During my first IVF/ICSI cycle I had to have my mother do them because dh is petrified of needles, but I would much prefer to do them myself. Everyone told me it was not possible, so I am really curious to know how you did this. Thanks -Lyly


natalie08 - February 28


I give them on both the right and left side of the upper butt area. I am right handed and have found that it is easier to give them on the right side.

I was afraid of giving it in the wrong location at first so I went to the RE and had them mark off the injection sites with a permanent marker to make sure I had it correct.

I usually go into the bathroom in front of the mirror to do it. For a shot on the right side, I turn my upper torso to the right so that I can see the injection site and needle well. I then hold two of my fingers (the 2 closest to the pinky) under the syringe handles and push the plunger down with my thumb while keeping the needle steady. Then I just pull it out and its all done. : )


lyly14 - February 29

Natalie- Wow that is impressive. I had no problem giving myself the shots in the stomach, but I am not sure about those shots. I am glad to hear that it is possible though. Thanks for the info.


tvalentine7 - March 10

Shots are easy in the stomach, didnt even feel it!! Then when I got PG after 2 failed IUIs and then PG thru IVF.

The progesterone my husband gave them to me, and at first (piece of cake), then.... after awhile hey hurt. But I just thought, "its ok its for the baby, its for the baby"

Its worth it all and it only last a short period of time.
Dont worrie, youll do great!



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