Home IUI??
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sarah27 - February 15

Has anyone heard of doing your IUI at home without a doctor? My DH and I are looking for donor sperm and we looked at Northwest's website and they sell an at home kit to use. Has anyone done it and had it work? To me it sounds dangerous if you get air in there and you can hurt yourself.

DH thinks its crazy because you use two or three vials spaced 12 hours apart from your LH surge. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to use the doc in the first place with one vial? ???

Appreciate if anyone has used this method and think it can work.




TTC_baby_girl - March 27

Is the donor sperm going to be washed first? Injecting unwashed sperm nearly guarantees an allergic reaction and a severe infection. There is something about the semen that is not suposed to make it into your uterus. Your cervix acts as a sift that only lets the sperm through.

There are other ways of home inseminations though. you can use a syringe with or without an extra tube to inject the sperm onto the outside of your cervix and then keep your bot tom elevated.
Another way that is more succesful is to use a cervical cap that you can have fitted at the doctors office. There is only one type of cervical cap that is OTC. That cap is called the Instead cap (made to be used instead of a tampon) you can purchase it from the Instead website (easy to google). They are relatively cheap. $3 fora starter pack of 3 or $8 for 24.
Anyway you can put the sperm in the Cervical cap and put the cap into place and leave it there for up to 12 hours to guarantee best results.
Its often said that its best to have an orgasm (clitoris only) after puting the cap on because it will cause your cervix to dip down into the pool of sperm in the cap and suck some up.

If you google "home sperm insemination" or something like that there is actually a website that will tell you all about the methods.

Good Luck!



sarah27 - March 27

Thanks Laura!

Yes the donor sperm is already prepared in iui format and doesn't need washing. I actually found the instead cup and considered that but the vials are about 1 mL and it seems more efficant to have regular iui.

My dh and I are going to doc to get it done because it seems so weird to do yourself. But if it works I guess its worth it. I don't have any success rates so I want to go to someone that has a lot of practice.

Thanks for the info and good luck to you!



babyinabasket - November 13

Hi Sarah!

I was just wondering if you've decided on or done home IUI? We conceived my son, Christopher, thru at-home IUI in 2005 and we're now writing a book about it. I'm looking for couples who are willing to share their stories for a section in the book entitled "Letters From Home."

If you are still interested in home IUI, there's some info on my website and I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can reply here or contact me through my website at


Jennifer Kerr



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