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AngieMrchnt - November 20

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Hi all... Im Angie... My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year and a half -- two years... My periods have been irregular all my life( only like 2-3 a year) so I didnt understand alot of the whole ovulation thing.. So last June 2005, I went to a Gyn and all he did was give me an ultrasound and give me a injection of progesterone.. Well it gave me my period for that month.. I thought everything will be fine, so I put it all on the backburner to go and have surgery(breast reduction)... I gave myself all the rest of 05 to try for a baby and to heal .. So now this year I went back to that same GYN and he tells me I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and he tells me that I am infertile but hands me a pamphlet and tells me to look it up on the internet .. He did not explain what it was or how to handle it . I told this GYN that I want to have a baby and he says to me that dont worry about that I have plenty of time.. Im 29 years old and I feel the time is right.. My husband has a son from a previous marriage that I have adopted and I love with all my heart but I still want one that is mine... So I talked with my primary doctor and he has finally agreed that I need a specialist for the PCOS and to be able to have a baby.. So, I have an appointment with a reproductive encrinologist coem December.. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it...

Thank you.......Angie


Carmensweets - November 21

Hi Angie! I am pretty new to this site too! I think you will find the support and information you obtain here will be very helpful. It is nice to talk to people going through similar things as you. I found you story interesting because it sounded alot like mine. I'm 27, we have been trying ttc for about 2yrs. I too have always had wacky periods with no rhyme or reason. I was diagnosised w/PCOS when I was 19. Back in March my regular OB put me on metformin (glucophage) to assist w/regulating insulin levels. Not because I have diabetes, but because folks like us w/PCOS have trouble regulating insulin, which in turn has an effect on our ovaries and our production of quality eggs at the right time of month....I may not have the exact science right, but there is alot of good info on the internet and books to help you understand! Last week I had diagnostic surgery and a few other things to take care of my endometriosis. I just got some more info today that I would like to share with you to give you hope............
First off, I'm glad to see you are going to an RE. They have more experience at dealing with this than a regular OB. Hopefully you find an RE who is understanding to the fact that while you are young, having a child is a priority for you. You are lucky to have time on your side to try different options! Having PCOS does not always mean you are infertile, it just means you may need some help!! My doc is going to try the combo of metformin and clomid first. Sometimes PCOS patients do not respond to clomid, but there are other options past the oral pills!

Good luck with your appt. in December. Don't be afraid of asking lots of questions....knowledge is power! Believe me, I know it will be hard at times, but try to be patient! Sometimes there is alot of testing, trying, and waiting...but it is all for a great reason (A BABY!)

I will keep you in my prayers...keep me in yours too!

Good Luck & I hope to talk to you soon. Hope I helped a litte!


AngieMrchnt - November 21

It is comforting to know someone out there knows what I am going through, but then again I am sorry that you are having to go through it... I have a question do you have mood swings???? I do... How do you deal with them? Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with them... I have been reading alot on the internet on PCOS and I have bought 2 books... From what one book says its not just a healing of the body but healing of the mind and spirit as well... So IM trying all I can do... It will all work out I believe in the long run for all of us... I will most certainly keep you in prayers ... If you want we can keep in touch with email mine is in my profile.... I think we could help each other...Let me know...


Debie - November 22

Hi Angie, welcome to the boards. I don't have info on PCOS but know the ladies will share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

On the subject of your GYN... I'd look for another person, really the last thing you need in this trying time is a so called specialist who offers as little help as possible. Telling you you have plenty of time and only giving a pamphlet does not really seem like much. I'm glad you are seeing a RE soon and l wish you all the best in the journey.


kmmorgan - January 17

Hi" My name is Kathy, I am 28 yrs old mother of 2. I am here cuz about 5 yrs ago I had my tubes tied and I have had problems with my body every since. I suffer from awful mood swings the worse menstrual periods, and I even go through pregnancy symptoms often. I mean I know I can't get preg but yet the signs are there, so I go out and buy the test and negative. I am so lost and feel so alone. I talk to doctors and they give me no insight at all they just make me feel stupid. If there is anyone out there that can help me or even someone who is going through the same thing please let me know. Thank you.


missy44839 - January 20

i too have the same problem i found out when i was 26 and after having my daughter at age 20 i was trying to have another and still having problems with my periods and have been on metofmin and clomid clomid made my stomach have really bad pains and sweeling of the overies i was admitted to the hospital at one time with dehydration and had to be off work and after i was dignaosit with pcos i was like what do i do now i have been doing reseach and found ovulex i now have it and i feel alot better not oing yet but got alot of craps from it like im going to have my periods i have been on provera for almost 13 years i think and i still am taking it the founder of ovulex told me i would have regular periods once i was on it for a 2 week period i went back to the dr and he said i was haivng alot of hormal attack if you know what that is in other words i was horny alot i have never felt like this in my whole life and the dr wants me to get my daughter check to make sure she dont go through this he has ask to put her on birthcontrol but i dont think it is right for a 13 year old to go on birth control so if any of you want to talk im on aol at missy44839 and thats my email also if you have any questions thanks alot and good luck
melissa newman in huron ohio


destinybaby - February 5

I just found out that both my left and right tubes are hydro. My husband and I are now just trying to get pregnant I am very nervous and scared that I will never be a mom. I am not sure what my options are, but I am going to see a RE next week. Do you know of anyone who had a successful pregnancy with L and R hydro


Tiggeriffic - July 6

I'm new too :) I'm 30 and my husband is 35, we have been trying for 7 years. I've done the Clomid (I call them my angry pills) I was on them for many years. Then we had the Ovarian Drilling (didn't work), then insemination - again didn't work. Now we just got done w/ day 14 of IVF and have a HGC of 29.4 - which means we're pregnant but according to my clinic we may not be. Confused....

I wish you luck on your hopefully short journey to becoming pregnant!


amyjoy - July 6

Angie- I had a similar experience with a Dr. I researched why my cycle was ireegular and came upon PCOS. I asked the Dr. if it was possible if this is what I have and she said probably and that was it. There is a lot of information out there are one book I recommend is "Taking charge of your fertility" You can buy a used copy on amazon. com or textbookx.com. There is a great website out there...PCOS for the soul cysters. Google it and it should come up. It is another support board and FULL of women like US! I take Actos (similar to glucophage) and I have been ovulating on my own for years. We've also been going the IUI route, but with no luck. I take one month breaks inbetween clomid cycles because I end up with cysts from the clomid, but they usually go away within a month. Even though I have PCOS, I respond well to the clomid.

Good luck! If you have any ?'s, let me know.


bdantonio - July 24

tigger so are uou pg



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