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BabyBound - April 22

I test on 4/27.


shaz - April 22

And I test the day after that.

Elizabeth, when is your next test?


BabyBound - April 22

Shaz-4 more days to go...I was so calm and patience in the beginning, but the days seemed to drag. I find myself going to bed earlier, just to the next day can get. Today, I didn't feel anything...no cramps or bloating. I've been extremely tired though.

How are you feeling?

Elizabeth, how are you doing? Are you still on cloud 9?

Baby dust to us all


WantsBaby2 - April 23

Good luck girls! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!



ElizabethS - April 23

Well - I am still on that cloud. I did another blood test today, and a normal/pregnant beta number should have been 20. I tested at 97 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

My doctor called and told me that it sounds like we have more than just one.

We will have an u/s in two weeks to confirm how many.

Thanks for everyone's prayers and support. I still do not feel like I am pregnant. Just a little bloating and tiredness.

Baby Bound & Shaz- I am glad that you two are holding up well. I pray for you and everyone else going through this process.


shaz - April 24

Wow Elizabeth that is amazing. IYou would be feeling tired, especially if there is more than one in there.

I am getting to the stage where I am over it now. Im always like this, cool calm and collected in the first week and then just totally over it in the second. I dont feel anything really, not bloating, slight cramping, a little tired, etc etc. It's exactly how I felt when I got a positive result with Billie. Oh well, only 4 sleeps to go.

I know what you mean by going to bed early Babybound, I am also doing this. But then I wake around 2 to 3pm and stay awake for a couple of hours... I will be very excited to hear you news on Wednesday....

Take care my friends



ElizabethS - April 24

Shaz - hang in there. I could say "only four more days to go," but that is a freaking eternity when it comes to waiting for results. In just four days into my wait, I had convinced myself that I was absolutely not pregnant. I still do not have any symptoms, and my 2ww would have been in four days too.

I just have to vent about one thing. My dh is a little freaked about the possibility of three babies at once. He only wanted to transfer two, but the doctor thought we would have had better odds if we added three. I am totally o.k. with his uneasiness because I know that he just needs a little bit of more time to adjust, and I also know how badly he wanted his own natural children. I got upset when I told one of my friends that my dh was concerned about having more than two......she stated "well, you never know, you might end up losing one." I didn't know what to say, and told her that I had to call others to share my good news. Can you believe that?????? I would be an absolute wreck if we lost any of our babies - just had to vent.


cassandra - April 24

ElizabethS, Congrats on the hcg #s! That is terrific! I was wondering where you are going for treatment. To have a1ww then an u/s at 2 weeks? You lucky girl! Those are high numbers for only being 1 week...triplets....holy cow! ;D


WantsBaby2 - April 24

That's wonderful news girl! What a blessing! I hope everything goes well with your u/s. (I'm sure it will) Don't worry too much about your friend. I have found that people are insensitive to most things involving infertility. Most times I think if they really thought about what they were saying, they would decide not to say it! I am sure both/all your little embies are just fine! I am overjoyed for you! Terrific news! Be sure to keep us posted Elizabeth. We love hearing all this good news!



BabyBound - April 24

Look what happens when I miss one day on the boards...Congratulations, again, Elizabeth. Those #'s are amazing. I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. WOW, tripets! Good for you.

Shaz-only 3 more sleeps for me. Good Luck, girl.

I have absolutely no symptoms, escept for gassy feeling and tired all the time. This is not a bad thing...this is how I felt when I got pg at the end of 2003.

Baby Dust to us all.


Fortyfour - April 24

ElizabethS. - Congrats you lucky girl. My dh said if i was pg with triplets we would have to reduce one of them. I looked at him as if he was crazy. Reduce one after all we have been through not knowing what would happen to the other two? He is just scared and nervous and doesnt think he can handle one two much less three.
YouR hubby will adapt to whatever will happen, It is a shock for anyone to have triplets. Keep in touch girl and I am soooooo very happy for you. Its been a great start for this year for most of the ladies here. Lets keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!


shaz - April 25

Hi guys,

Ok, this is the part of the treatment that I hate. Those last few days before the PT. I have no idea what my body is doing, I cant read the signs. You would think that after doing this for so many years and having so many treatment cycles I would be an expert....If I had the courage I would do a HPT, but I dont. I so want to know, but I dont want to know. Does that make sense?

Elizabeth - I can understand that you are upset at your husbands reaction. It would be hard to believe to go from struggling to have kids to all of a sudden being pregnant with triplets!!!! And, it would also be one hell of a strain on you. In Australia most doctors will not transfer more than two embryo's because of multiple births. I think it would be wonderful! If you do have three little heartbeats in there come u/s time, Im sure your DH will be ecstatic but still a little scared.

Babybound- How are you holding up? I hope you are coping well and being well looked after by your DH..

Take care ladies



BabyBound - April 25

Shaz, you hit the nail on the head!! I want to test so bad, but I'm afraid to really know the answer. I see on the boards all the time that women test early and here I am at 13dpiui and afraid to test. However, I've taken my temp for the last 7 days and it has been over 98.0 each time. I read that that is a good sign of pregnacy. I don't have any af symptoms which is how I felt when I pg in 2003. BUT, I turn it all around and say the drugs is making my body react differently.

I know the mind is a powerful thing. I will test either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

Thanks for listening to my insanity. :-\


Lynne - April 25

I'm so happy for you elizabeth... I've been threatening my old man with twins since we started ttc. The poor thing treatened to put one back or tell the doc that he has to keep one because he touched it first. No matter what happens I think after the first look our husbands would not reject any of our children. He may be worried about your health ( it's not easy on a mommy to carry multiples) he may be scared of loosing you in this attempt ( how would he find his keys in the am if you wern't around), don't be too hard on him, a stampeed of little feet in the house may be a bit daunting for him and he needs time to get used to the idea.


Fortyfour - April 25

Good luckBabybound and it so hard to wait and wonder. Let us know asap. Baby dust to you.


ElizabethS - April 27

Shaz - I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and sending you tons of baby dust.

Let us know how you are doing?



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