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cassandra - April 17

Congratulations to the three of you! Elizabeth, you had 3 8 cell? That's wonderful! Shaz, babybound and beth, may the weeks speed by to a happy ending! :) Good luck to all of you! cassandra


WantsBaby2 - April 17

I have been reading all the posts on this thread and I wish all of you a very lucky month. It IS spring, and they say IVFs have a much better success rate in the spring..........so I say all of your chances are pretty good. Good luck ladies, I wish you all happy implantation this month!



shaz gaz - April 19

Hi Ladies,

I am going along fine. Sending myself a little crazy analysing every single thing my body is or isnt doing during this 2WW. You would think that after 10 IVF cycles I would be used to this. I must admit though that for some reason I am alot calmer than I have been in the past. We had two embryo's put back and I really am hoping that they both implant. I know twins would be very hard work but, it would be such a blessing.

Elizabeth - I read your post regarding the pregnancy test you did. Don't get too down about it. Infertility consumes us all, especially in the 2WW. Try to stay calm and be kind to yourself.

Babybound - I saw in the same post that your pregnancy test will be on the 27th, mine is on the 28th. Hopefully all three of us will be celebrating by the end of this month.


Fortyfour - April 20

Baby dust to all.


ElizabethS - April 20

Shaz - Can I steal some of your calmness? :) :)

I too am interpreting all my symptoms...I even have gone so far as to check the color of my nipples???? (they are supposed to darken if preggo) I believe my dh truly thinks that I have lost it.

I mostly feel like I feel before my period. Bloated and a bit crampy. My boobs have started to deflate, so I am not taking that as a good sign. Who knows????

I have said this before, but this waiting IS as hard as everyone said. I always thought.....what is another 2 weeks after years of infertility.

Thanks for everyone's encouragement.

Shaz - thanks for the update. I don't know what I would have done without this community.

Baby Bound - How are you feeling? Are you keeping your sanity?

Baby dust to us all!


BabyBound - April 20

My sanity is holding up rather well...although I'm feeling a little down today :( Lower back pains is usually my big flag that AF is going to pay me a visit. They started this morning. Also, it's gloomy outside, so that could be affecting my mood too.

Shaz, as you can see I analyze ever tringe in my body. Send some of your calmness to me too.

Elizabeth, keep the faith. It seems like we three all are on the same emotional roller coaster ride.

I get so confused...AF and pg symptoms are the same. I wish you guys all the luck in the world and hopefully we will get BFP's next week.


shaz - April 20

Babybound and Elizabeth,

I too have a bit of cramping like before I get my period. But this also happend when I achieved pregnancy with my daughter. That gives me hope. The 2 weeks is long but I think that this weekend is almost here, it is a long weekend (Anzac Day in Australia) so I will be quite distracted. It will be Tuesday before I know it (the day my period is due) and then it's only another 2 sleeps before the big day.

I am also more relaxed as I have been one of the lucky ones in already having a child (through IVF), that however dosent cure infertility. Some of my friends say that if this dosent work then I still have Billie (daughter) and that we are lucky to have her. This really annoys me. Yeah, we are so fortunate and I will be forever thankful but I am allowed to desparately want more children......

Sorry, I'm rambling a bit today. Am a bit emotional today.

Am sending both of you some calmness.

Take Care



ElizabethS - April 21

Shaz - people can be so annoying and they don't even know it. My best friend is going through a horrible and devastating divorce and she gets so annoyed when people say "at least you don't have any children." As if to say....your situation isn't so bad.

I've relaxed a little bit since my hpt fiasco. ;D

Have fun this weekend. I love that we are connecting with people all over the world. My dh and I always say that if we don't have children, then we will take wonderful vacations to Australia. I hear Australia is spectacular, but I want babies! :) :) :)


ElizabethS - April 21

Well, I went in for my first set of bloodwork and am thrilled to report the results. My nurse told me that a beta number over a 5 would indicate a pregnancy. My results came in at a 10!!! We go back Saturday to test again, but the nurse said it appears that a baby is on its way. I am thrilled! :D

Baby dust to all of us. ;D ;D ;D


BabyBound - April 21

Way to go, Elizabeth!!! Send some of that luck my way. I can't wait to here your #'s on Saturday.


shaz - April 21

WOW, Elizabeth, I am so thrilled for you. You must be over the moon. I can still remember the elation I felt when the nurse told me that I was pregnant with Billie, although I didnt believe her and made her go and check that they were my results....

That is just such great news. You will be on cloud 9 for a long time now. Nurture yourself and your new life.....

Babybound, it's our turn next week. Im confident that it will be a 3 out of 3 for this little group.....



BabyBound - April 22

Shaz, you so right...it's going to be 3 for 3 ;D ;D


Meg - April 22

Elizabeth, Congrats on the positive result :) I will be sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way :)

I have twins through IVF, but we have been trying for almost a year for a 3rd. People always are saying "once and done to me", as well as "at least you have two, why would you want more?" I actually had one woman say to me last week that I must be rich b/c I want a third b/c children are expensive!!! I told her no I wasn't rich and I live in a townhouse and I just like kids. I get so pissed off when people say such ignorant things. So what if I want a third child or want to experience p/g again, that is my business and they don't know the long road it was to even get to a first viable pregnancy. I could go on, but I just had to vent, people should be glad that there are people like us out there who want and love children so very much, b/c there are so many people out there who don't and don't derserve the children that they do have. Take care and good luck to you :) I hope you and Babybound get a positive result :)


WantsBaby2 - April 22

Wow! Congratulations! I am sooo happy for you! Be sure to keep us posted! We are really having a baby boom around here!



ElizabethS - April 22

Shaz & Babybound. I can not wait to hear your results. I know we will be 3:3!! What days do you two test on again?


BabyBound - April 22

I test on 4/27.



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