Hi im new! On my 3rd month 4 Trying!
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Anngie60 - March 6

Hi everyone, have been reading some of these boards for the last few weeks and everyone seems really nice and very helpful. Me and partner decided to start trying 3 months ago, i stopped the pill (been on it for 10 years) and promised myself i would forget about it and let it happen when it happens. Well, as you can imagine, its not worked out that way!! Every month out come the ovulation sticks, checking cm etc etc!! Im obsessing!!!!! Then i read stories for those who it happens instantly and im green with envy! I know im being irrational as its very early days but i cant help it! Anyone else doing the same?? Im armed with all the pregnancy knowledge i can possible keep in my head, just to keep myself occupied! I dont feel stressed with it all, just very excited and obsessive. And of course there is the worry it may not happen. My boyfriend of course is in his own little world and has no idea of my constant thinking of the subject, i just dont think he would understand. So here i am in my own little bubble until it happens! Would love to chat to others in the same boat! Good luck to all! Angela x x x x


k_jarosi - March 6

Hi anngie...good luck to you. I know how you feel, the obsessivness. I am the same way and my partner would not understand either, actually he tells me it'll happen. We have been TTC for over a year. I have never been on birth controll but I have read that it can take up wards of 6 months after comming off of it TTC. But googd luck to you


Anngie60 - March 6

Hi K_j.
Thanks for your reply!
Good luck to you too, hope it happens real soon for you!
Love angela x x


AuroraBell74 - March 6

Hi Anngie. I know what you mean about the obsessing. My husband says I put too much pressure on him. I try not to, but when there's only a couple of days when it's possible to conceive, it's kinda hard. He's getting better, though. He's even talked about going on Amberoz to see if that helps any. If I could get him to cut down on beer that would be even better. :-\

I wish you luck! :)


Anngie60 - March 6

Hi aurora, I have heard good things about the amberoz. I have also heard alot of good things about the ovulex. I have just ordered some ovulex so im gonna give that a go. Not told the boyfriend though, he would just think im wasting my money! Ha ha i definately wouldnt be able to convince him to take the amberoz.
I have also just got myself the clearblye fertility monitor, so am hoping this will help. How long have you been trying for? Best of luck to you! x x x x x x x



AuroraBell74 - March 7

I've been off the pill since last May. We've been actually trying for about 6 months. A few years ago (before I met my husband) I had 3 IUIs done, and none worked. If we aren't pregnant by next month, I'm gonna call my RE to see what he suggests. I would rather them run some tests than just put me on fertility meds.


erica08 - May 28

Hi Angela! I guess I am on the same boat as you. My husband and I have been trying for 8 months... Thats also the amont of time I have been off the pill as well. Then I heard about geritol from this site so I started taking that last Tuesday. My cycle starts every month (like clock work) on the 25th... now here it is the 28th and its late!!! I am excited but nervous... obsessing as always... Good luck to you!


shan1234 - May 31

Erica08 -- Do you plan on testing soon? You might be pregnant. Good Luck!!!




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