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lulugirl - July 12

Hi~ I'm lulu, My dh and I have beem ttc since july of 2006.I had a etopic preg. on my 1st round of clomid in july.Was not cleared to try until having lapascopy surgery in dec. and had a m/c after 8wks in april 07.Today I'm starting my 3rd cycle with clomid 50mg,cd4-8 and progestrone suppt.Wish me luck :)


JasJulesMom - July 13

Hi Lulu,

I am on my first cycle of Gonal F. Dh and I ttc since 2005. Had m/c at seven weeks after first cycle of clomid. 3rd cycle of clomid 200mg a day and no follies. Started gonal f four days ago and counting. Hope it works this time, meds are very expensive and insurance does not cover. I wish you luck.

Does anyone know what the estradiol level should be before the trigger shot!!!



snooppy707 - July 24

hello to you,
I am new in this forum. You two are further along than I am. I just found out that I have blocked tubes two weeks ago. It was heartbreaking. We have three already. Unfortunately, we just don't have the extra 10,000 laying around right now. We did get an advance pricing of 7313. We applied and got help that will cover the medications. We could not get funding for the procedure itself. If you know of a place with good success rates that may be any cheaper that is within 9 hours of Memphis can you please let me know. Otherwise, it looks like we will have to wait until December and tap into our Christmas fund.


snooppy707 - July 24

Good Luck lulugirl & JasJulesMom!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to make it to your side soon!


bdantonio - July 24

snoopy i dont go back to the re unitl next thursday but they have a name of a company that if your insurance doesnot cover fertility that they can help you get funding and money to cover it i can get the name then if you like.


JasJulesMom - July 24

Just got back from RE. It seems that maybe after 15 shots of Gonal-F, it may have finally worked. Waiting for his call this afternoon about b/w. Had at least four good follies all around 16 and some more around 11. Keeping my fingers crossed


bdantonio - July 25

Snoopy That company that help finance fertility is www.arcfertility.com also she said commerce bank will do finacing for fertility. If i can help anymore let me know.


snooppy707 - July 26

Thank you so much i'm going to check into that tonight and call first thing in the morning. I cry all the time now. At the drop of a hat. I feel so bad seeing pregnant women when I go out. So I don't like to leave the house anymore. DH is dealing with this in the strangest way. He is still in shock. I just feel so bad. We have sat and went over our finances with a fine tooth comb. So I decided not to shop anymore. And we are going to stay in all the time now. Cut all of our activities that cost money. It will take us two months to save up like 5k or 6k. My brother moved in with us back in November. He has been a lot of help. More than he knows. He is a blessing to me right now at this time. He offered to give us 1500 toward. He tried to give us more I declined. I really didn't want to take that. I found a place in Tennessee that is kind of far but we don't care. They offered it for 6900. I will try the place you told me about. I don't need a lot just a little. So it shouldn't be so bad. Thank You So Much


JasJulesMom - July 30

Baby dust to all!!!


snooppy707 - August 9

Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you all in good spirits. Well, I did get some better news. My brother came to live with us a while back. He has been so helpful to us. He also helped me find a place in Manhattan since he is from New York. I did a look up on the place he suggested and it is one of the more established doctors who has been doing IVF for over 20 years. He is at the point where he wants to give back to the families. He is only charging 3400 for one cycle. I'm am so excited. And, where I am now the plain tickets are only a lilttle over 200 for round trip. And, he lets my doctor do all my pretesting. Which is good because my insurance does cover pretesting. I thank GOD! I have been praying so much for a breakthrough. If there is anyone out there that wants his info I will be more than happy to share.


JasJulesMom - August 9

Snoopy707-I am so happy for you. Hope is one of the greatest things and now you have it. Lots of babydut to you!!!


elliebelle - August 14

I'm 47 yrs old and have wanted a baby all my life...been just waiting for "mr right" who never came. Used frozen donor sperm for the first time last month (FSH - day 3 -9.8 and day 10- 5.8, estradiol 20) feeling pretty positive, but today, my period comes. Anyone out there like me!! I'm dying to have a 'lil one'!


JENNY22074 - August 14

Snoopy - Just in case you still need financial help...try capital one heathcare finance...that is who I went through to cover the medication part of my journey....also even though you found a place in New York there is a really good fertility center in Johnson City Tennessee...They have helped my cousin and his wife in there journey. Best wishes to you and babydust.


snooppy707 - August 26

Thank you all for the help and information. Well I got everything together now. Thank GOD. The RE is able to work with my OB/GYN so I can do all my testing here. I go in for the day 3 FSH, LH and E2 on Wednesday. All of my other testing has been done. Everything looks good. I'm so excited! So I should be starting my meds in a little while. I know that there are many of us who are dealing with alot of obstacles other than just the cost at this point. I wish the best for us all. We have been handed a blessing our house. I would love to help others in any way that I can. So if there is anyone out there that needs eggs I am happy to oblige. Baby dust to us all. And, once again thank you all for the information and the help. Once I leave the office on Wednesday i will be more than happy to share my results.


snooppy707 - September 5

Hello Everyone!

I went to my ob/gyn this past week. My levels were okay. I am waiting on the 7th day after O to start the Lupron. ;D


elliebelle - September 9

If you really mean that about the eggs, I may want to listen. Just went thru surgery to make sure I had no diseases or blocked tubes...all ok. Only thing against me is my age of 47. I want a baby so BAD! Just not sure about my eggs. I hope all goes very well for you. We'll be waiting to hear how everything continues to go.
Good luck!


Brianandjena - September 10

Good luck snoopy!



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