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Spindaisy - May 11

Hello everyone..just an update with me. DH and I went to the urologist again today to give a second sample. Well there was 0 sperm. I know the look on my face really made my DH feel bad. I am not mad at him. Just frustrated. Has anyone had this their DH? And if so can it be corrected? We have to go back in 3 to 4 week for him to give another sample. Thank you all in advance for all your help! Take care and God bless you all. :)


shaz - May 11

Hi Spindaisy,

My husband also has nil sperm in his ejaculate. He had a biopsy done and we found that he had plenty of sperm there but it was blocked in the tube and could not get out. He did have an operation to see if the blockage could be removed but they could not get to it. We had to go through IVF and use ICSI. We are lucky enough to have a 5yo daughter now and we are also now 6 weeks pregnant with our second. This has all taken a very long time but well worth the journey. Good luck to you and your dh.



Fortyfour - May 12

My first husband has alot of mutated sperm and they were missing the enzyme to break into the egg. They didnt icsi then so we were out of luck. Take care. Bad news is such a shock.


WantsBaby2 - May 13

Sorry about the bad news. It is a huge shock when it comes about. I hope it is something they can work through. They can do so much these days so try not to worry too much until you hear what the docs say about it.



Rebeccs - January 19

[Hello my name is Rebecca, I found this site onlineI have been trying to get a baby. The doctor saids that its my tubes but i don't know what to belive any more. I' am 22 years old the doctor said I have to have the same thing you had done. I :) was just wanting to no what they do to you and dose it hurt thanks for your help Rebecca


Rebecca - January 19

Hello my name is Rebecca my doctor said that my tubes are blocked can you tell me what a HSG is and will it hurt i have been trying to have a baby for 3 years now i'am not on birth control i don;t understand why i can't get that wayi really want a baby more than anything so maybe you can help me whats hsgwhat is that


snindy - January 19

HSG was a little painful for me. they couldn't get that cathader in the first time due to my cervix being bent. But after the 2nd time, they got it in. They pump die into your tubes to see where they are blocked. There is a little cramping. Make your husband go with you to hold your hand. It worked for me. Some women didn't experience any problems.

Good luck


jennysprng - March 4

hi there im also new starting ivf w/ icsi in may dh and i are excited, scared, nervous all of the above. dh sperm count was so low with no mobility/motility that they thought a urologist wouldnt help out so. they basically used the word sterile. he was pretty upset cause he has 6 brothers. dh is a twin and he has younger brothers that are twins all natural i guess we just thought it all work out. i just stumpled upon this site tonight and im so happy i did you all seem so nice and helpfull


snindy - March 6

Welcome to the site,
You will be amazed at the technology they use today for male factors. I'm confident that everything will work out...

I'm praying for you guys.




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