Hello All..Newbie Here
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Spindaisy - April 5

Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Heather and I have PCOS. Just looking to make new friends and to learn from all of you. I had a HSG done and the RE told me that my "Plumbing was good" lol.. Had a plan of treatment all laid out when... DH had SA done in March and we found out he has a low count. So we have that to deal with now. Hopefully the urologist can help us out. Anyway just wanted to say hello and to give you all a little back ground on me. Take care and God Bless. :)


tiggerpounce418 - April 6


I also have PCOS. I had the hsg, and both tubes are open as well. DH sperm is good. Good luck with starting the process. Hopefully it won't be too much longer that we will all have our own baby we so desire. Come here anytime for support. This process can be so hard at times.


Spindaisy - April 7

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words. It is so nice to come here and know you are going to get the support you need! I look forward to making many great friends. Thank you again, and God Bless. :)


snindy - April 8

We are here for you any time of the day. Good luck with your journey.




Hi Cindy
I myself am new to the site. To be honest I was looking for some information on Hystosonograms and I came acrossed this site. I am 36 soon to be 37 and already have a daughter from my first marriage she is 18. I got married in October to a wonderful man 7 years younger than me who has no children we would love to have one together however the process hasnt been as easy as i thought. I am going to get a hystosonogram tomorrow to look closer at a fybroid on my uterus and also at a dermoroid cyst I have. And i guess a overall inspection of the reproductive organs. I am so worried that they may find a problem. I feel my age is a factor and really feel time is ticking away for me.
Like I said I am new to this site but from what I have been reading it seems like a wonderful support to women all wanting the same thing... "A Little one"
Best of Luck to you...


WantsBaby2 - April 26

Welcome to the site. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I turned 37 in December and I am also married to a wonderful man 7 years younger.

I had 2 lemon sized fibroid tumors removed last August. (hopefully they haven't come back) We are gearing up for IVF soon. I start some of the meds today.

Good luck with your testing. I hope everything goes well. Keep us posted and let us know what is going on with you! Take care.



snindy - April 26

Trust me, with this new technology that they have, I don't see any problems with them trying to help you out with any obstacles that you come across.

It does take time so the number one thing to do right now is to be patient and don't give up hope.

Any questions that you may have or need any advice, we will be here for you. Even if you have to vent or to cry, we will be right with you through this journey.

Good luck!



Hi Cindy & Wantsbaby2

Went for my test today at the hospital. It was a saline sonogram HSG. I found out both of my fallopian tubes are blocked. I left the hospital feeling like my heart was just ripped out. Although my husband is real supportive I feel like a failure to him, and I am scard I will never be able to give him a baby of his own. The doctor that did my test wasnt real informative he only followed up with "I will give the test results to your doctor in the morning call him to discuss your options." The first thing I did when I got home this evening was get on line to find a message from you both.. Your messages to me lifted my spirits I can't thank you enough. I knew last night when I accidently found this site it was for a reason.. Thanks girls! Gina


ElizabethS - April 27

tickingclock - I just read your posts and can completely understand your emotions. I never knew how much my own fertility played a roll in my identity as a woman and a wife.

I do not have any fallopian tubes due to cysts. We just completed our first round of ivf and ended up pregnant. It for sure was not my ideal way of getting pregnant, but the results are so worth it.

Hang in there. Come to us for support anytime




Thanks for the added lift of hope you gave me. I am so happy for you. I have been reading up on IVF. Once I go over my results with my doctor tomorrow. I will do what ever it takes as well. Your proof that miracles can happen.


shaz - April 27

Spindaisy aound Tickingclock,

Welcome to the site. I am relatively new myself. I have been on IVF for a long time but have been lucky enough to have a five year old daughter from the experience. We have had a few cycles since the birth of Billie and we find out tomorrow if we are pregnant....

Hang in there both of you....No matter how short or how long your journey to create a new life is, it is well worth every minute of it when you hold that baby in your arms.

Take care




Hi wow how exciting for you I want to wish you the best in finding out your test results.. One thing I do admire about you and all these women on this site is your determination and "patience". I havent been trying for nearly as long as some of you. And I know how it plays on your emotions with all the ups & downs. The strength I am hearing in all of you has made me take a step back relax and pray for the best.
Thanks :)



HeatherMac - April 28

My name is Heather, too, and I have PCOS, too! Such a small world.

Spindaisy and Tickingclock - there is hope! There is proof of that on these pages every single day...I am continuously amazed at God's grace every day when I read these posts.

It doesn't matter how long you've been trying or if you've done as much as others on these boards, the pain is still the same...and it's still debilitating. This is the one place you can come where you are completely and totally understood, accepted and encouraged by those who know exactly what you're going through.

There is hope...there is hope every day here. So, come back here often and get the strength you need, vent the anger you can't vent to anyone else, and find friends who are walking this journey along with you.

I wish you - and every wonderful woman on these boards - loads and loads of babydust!!

Keep us posted!!



Spindaisy - April 30

Hello all...I haven't posted in awhile..but wanted to check in...DH went to see a urologist a couple of weeks ago, and we have to go back on the 10th of May for another SA. He said even with the low count that IVF is still possible for us. So fingers crossed and I hope this one comes out alot better! Take care all and I will post real soon! :)


snindy - May 3

My fingers are crossed! Good luck with the journey. :)



Fortyfour - May 3

Goodluck spindaisy, keep in touch with us.


Spindaisy - May 11

Hello everyone..just an update with me. DH and I went to the urologist again today to give a second sample. Well there was 0 sperm. I know the look on my face really made my DH feel bad. I am not mad at him. Just frustrated. Has anyone had this their DH? And if so can it be corrected? We have to go back in 3 to 4 week for him to give another sample. Thank you all in advance for all your help! Take care and God bless you all. :)



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